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Chapter: 123

Chapter 123: What’s the Point of Messing Around

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

After all, how could she still face him after confessing such a shameful thing?

Xu Wanwan took a while to suppress her emotions. After that, she continued to read seriously and did not dare to raise her head to look into the man’s eyes again. If he were to find out about it again, she would be so embarrassed.

After a while, Xu Wanwan looked at the words on the page. Her vision was a little blurry. She yawned and propped up her chin as she persevered.

Time trickled by slowly. It was stormy outside, but inside the room, it was quiet and peaceful.

Xu Wanwan liked this kind of atmosphere; hearing the sound of Li Jingran tapping on the keyboard gave her a sense of security.

She was a little tired, so she simply leaned down on the table and closed her eyes.

When Li Jingran finished his work, he took a look at the girl, who had long fallen asleep.

Her small face was nestled on her arms. Her face was flushed, her pink lips were slightly parted, and a small strand of hair brushed across her face. She looked exceptionally cute and well-behaved. The comers of Li Jingran’s lips unconsciously curved upward. He got up and carried the sleeping girl in his arms and returned to the room.

He gently placed the girl on the bed and covered her with the blanket before lying down beside her.

‘That night, Xu Wanwan slept exceptionally peacefully.

‘The next day was a sunny and clear day. When the first ray of sunlight shone through the window, Xu Wanwan opened her eyes in a daze, and as she turned around, she hit someone with her hand. She subconsciously grabbed the man’s chest twice and felt the bouncy skin. She was a little confused.

She remembered that the doll on her bed did not have such a realistic feeling.

So, she slowly moved her hand down and touched it back and forth.

Li Jingran felt the girl’s restless little hands moving around his body. With his body seemingly heating, he frowned and held her arm.

"Why are you moving around?"

Having just woken up, his voice was hoarse and languid. When Xu Wanwan heard his voice, she shivered and immediately opened her eyes.

She stared at the man and asked in surprise, "Why am I here?"

Li Jingran moved her hand away from his body and got up to put on his coat.

"You fell asleep in the study last night."

Xu Wanwan quickly got up from the bed and recalled what she had done just now. Her face was completely red.

"I didn’t do it on purpose!" She jumped down from the bed barefooted and said in a panic, "I was dreaming!"

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LiJingran smiled. "Why are you so excited?"

He bent over and handed her the slippers by the bed.

"The floor is cold, put them on."

Xu Wanwan was even more embarrassed. She stepped on the ground with her toes, put on the slippers, and slipped away.

Li Jingran looked at the girl’s retreating figure and felt happy.

He could still recall the warmth of her palm. This feeling was actually not bad.

After Xu Wanwan’s quick escape, she ran to Li Jingran’s study room and quickly packed her bag.

She washed up casually and rushed downstairs.

"Brother, why did you let Xu Wanwan go back to the Li family house again?!"

Downstairs, Li Xuyi was standing in the middle of the hall, arguing with Li Jingran about something.

"Don’t you know that Dad has a bad heart? If he finds out that you’re with Xu Wanwan again, he’ll definitely be angry!"

LiJingran said coldly, "This is my house. It’s not your place to make decisions."

"But Xu Wanwan used to live in my house!" Li Xuyi was indignant at the thought of this. "How could anyone be like you? How dare you openly snatch her away from me!" "Before you met Xu Wanwan, she was already mine."

"What do you mean by yours? She doesn’t belong to anyone!" Li Xuyi argued indignantly. "Besides, you’re already engaged. Why are you still pestering her?"

Li Xuyi had been studying and living abroad since he was young. His relationship with Li Jingran was not harmonious, so he sometimes did not mince his words. Li Jingran’s expression was extremely cold. "Li Xuyi, you don’t have the right to lecture me."

"From now on, if you continue to meddle in other people’s business, I can guarantee that your club abroad will be completely stopped."

Li Xuyi was not someone to be trifled with. He said hatefully, "As you wish!"

"Tl go tell Dad right now that you’ve brought Xu Wanwan home Again. If you don’t care about his health, then you’ll have to go against me!"

Xu Wanwan had just come downstairs when she heard the intense argument between the two of them. She walked over and stood beside Li Jingran. She said softly, "Li Xuyi, calm down." "It’s one thing to be dissatisfied, but you can’t treat your life as a joke."

Li Xuyi saw Xu Wanwan, and his tone became a little better. "Then you should follow me back obediently. I won’t pursue the matter anymore."

Xu Wanwan frowned and subconsciously looked at Li Jingran.

The next second—

Li Jingran’s big palm grabbed her waist and looked at Li Xuyi. He said coldly, "She’s already mine. Don’t you understand?"

Xu Wanwan blushed, but she didn’t deny it anymore.

She knew that if she continued to deny it, Li Xuyi would definitely have a big fight with Li Jingran.

Then things would be difficult.

"Xu Wanwan, why are you confused again?" Li Xuyi took a deep breath and tried hard to suppress his emotions.

"Have you forgotten that my brother is engaged to someone? Do you want to see him betray his family for you?"

"Besides, even if you follow me, you won’t feel wronged, right? Whatever my brother can give you, I can do it too!"

Seeing that Li Jingran’s face had darkened to the extreme, Xu Wanwan hurriedly stepped forward to block the man and said, "You’ve misunderstood. I don’t have any other intentions toward you, so I won’t go back with you." "As for the matter of me staying in the Li family, I believe that Mr. Li will take care of it. Before that, please don’t do anything out of line."

Hearing the girl’s words, Li Jingran curled his lips in satisfaction.

His efforts in persuading Xu Wanwan were not in vain.

Li Xuyi could do nothing about Xu Wanwan, so he could only vent his anger on Li Jingran.

He glared at Li Jingran and said through gritted teeth, "Since you want to keep Xu Wanwan so badly, then don’t do something like paddling two boats at the same time!" He didn’t believe that Li Jingran could manage to keep Xu Wanwan and appease Zhou Lin’s emotions at the same time.

Women were very stingy. There was no room for two tigers in one mountain. Li Jingran would have to bear the consequences from now on!

Thinking of this, Li Xuyi felt a little better.

Before he left, he softened his tone and said to Xu Wanwan patiently, "Come back to me when you’ve thought it through."

"Lwon’t go back with you."

In front of Li Jingran, Xu Wanwan rejected him without hesitation.

After Li Xuyi left, Li Jingran was in a good mood. He asked unintentionally, "Is what you said true?"

"Yes…" Xu Wanwan was a little embarrassed now. She didn’t look into the man’s eyes and said in a whisper, "It’s true." It was a very soft sound, but it was deeply etched in Li Jingran’s heart.

The corners of his lips twitched slightly. He didn’t want to show how happy he looked, so he pointed at the clock on the wall and pretended to be serious. "You’re going to be late again.."

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