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Chapter: 124

Chapter 124: So Cold and Aloof

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Xu Wanwan was startled.

She was going to be late again!

She had been late many times during this period, and if this continued, the professor would be unhappy with her.

Xu Wanwan did not have time to think too much. She put on her backpack and was about to run out.

She had just taken two steps when her wrist was suddenly pulled back.

Li Jingran grabbed the girl’s arm with his big hand and said calmly, "I’ll pick you up after school."

"Ah? But it’s Uncle Li who picks me up after school every time."

Uncle Li was the Li family’s chauffeur and was responsible for picking Xu Wanwan up and dropping her off at school.

Li Jingran did not explain the reason. "Wait for me after school."

"Um… okay." Xu Wanwan pursed her lips and looked up at the time, afraid that she would be late.

Li Jingran saw the girl’s anxious look and laughed lightly before letting go of her hand.

Xu Wanwan smiled at the man and said goodbye. Then, she jogged all the way to the car.

By the time she reached school, the self-study class had already ended.

Lin Jianan drowsily lay on the table. When she saw Xu Wanwan being busy, she could not help but ask, "Wanwan, are you still taking care of that scumbag?"

"No," Xu Wanwan was in a good mood today. The corners of her lips curled up slightly. "I’m going home."

"Phew, that’s good."

Lin Jianan stood up and flipped open her textbook. As she read, she said, "I just felt that that scumbag was up to no good. When I came to school this morning, I even saw…"

‘As she spoke, she paused.

"What did you see this morning?" Xu Wanwan asked in confusion.

Lin Jianan was a little angry. "I clearly saw that scumbag walking with your younger sister this morning!"

"Lwas so angry at that time. He still had the nerve to say that he was seriously ill. How could he have the face to lie to you like that?"

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Xu Wanwan’s expression turned cold. "I’ve already exposed his lie."

"But didn’t he say that he liked you? Why did he still want to get involved with your sister?"

"Anyway, I don’t like him. Their matters have nothing to do with me." When Xu Wanwan talked about this matter, her expression was so cold that it was as if she had become a different person.

She did not need to think to know why.

Xu Yue must have been chased out by the Xu family, so she could only plead with Zhao Zixuan for Xu Mingcheng’s matter.

However, she did not think that Xu Yue was pleading out of kindness. If she were really treating Xu Mingcheng as a family member, she would not have instigated him to drink and drive.

She went to plead for mercy this time because she wanted to continue staying in the Xu family and had no choice but to take measures.

‘The Xu family.

Xu Yue ran into a wall at Zhao Zixuan’s place and went back. Then, she was viciously scolded by Xu Zhongyi.

She really had no choice but to kneel on the ground and threaten him with one last move, "Father, now that Big Brother has been locked up, it’s impossible for him to come out in a short period of time."

"The Xu family’s business is already on the verge of collapse. Right now, there’s an urgent need for someone to save it. If you chase me away, no one will continue to work for the Xu family in the future."

Xu Zhongyi was so angry that he was trembling, "I think you’re doing this on purpose! We previously agreed that we could resurrect Xu family’s business within a month, but it’s already been half a month, and we haven’t accomplished anything useful. How dare you say this to me!"

"Hmph, we’ve been supporting her since she was young. Other than playing the piano and singing, what else can she do?" Sun Yuelan mocked disdainfully, "Do you think she can be like Xu Wanwan? Not only can she establish herself in the Li family, but she can also make Li Jingran work for her willingly?"

Xu Yue clenched her fists tightly. "Mom, Xu Wanwan is just from the countryside. How can she compare to me?"

"I’ve been groomed and raised by you. Can’t you trust me just this once? I can guarantee that I can definitely do what Xu Wanwan can do!"

She was unconvinced and was unwilling to accept it.

How could a country bumpkin like Xu Wanwan obtain these things but not her?

‘When Sun Yuelan heard this, her attitude inexplicably became a little better. "Forget it. No matter what, you grew up by our side. Even if you made a mistake, you’re still more noble than Xu Wan." "Mom, I knew you wouldn’t be angry with me."

"Please rest assured. I’ll definitely work hard in the future to let the Xu family live a better life."

Xu Yue held Sun Yuelan in one hand and Xu Zhongyi in the other, fawning over them with a smile on her face.

Not far away, Xu Yuchu was hiding in a corner. When he saw Xu Yue’s flattering smile, he couldn’t help but frown.

In his heart, Xu Yue had always been a generous and understanding sister. However, the incident at home this time gradually changed his view.

He gradually realized the favoritism of his parents.

Xu Yue could be forgiven for all her wrongdoings, but Xu Wanwan didn’t do anything and had to be kicked out of the Xu family…

After school, Xu Wanwan thought of the promise that she made with Li Jingran. She walked very quickly and even put on a hat, afraid that her classmates would see her get into Li Jingran’s luxury car. When she walked out of the school gate, she realized that all she did was for nothing.

Li Jingran was standing in the middle of the crowd, wearing a custom-made suit that looked very charming on him. He was tall and slender, his long legs were thin and straight, and his temperament was noble and cold.

He had one hand in his pocket, and the profile of his side face was hard and upright. Beneath his high-bridged nose, his thin lips maintained a straight curve, looking as if no one was allowed to approach.

It was currently evening, and the afterglow of the setting sun just happened to fall on the man’s shoulder, making him look particularly eye-catching.

Especially with his height of nearly 1.9 meters, it was impossible for him to keep a low profile.

"Hey, hey, do you guys see the man ina suit in front of us? He’s so handsome!" A girl walked past and exclaimed.

"When did our school have such an attractive man? He looks so tempting, he’s practically the uncle type that I like!" Another girl said excitedly.

"Then why are you still standing there? Hurry up and chase after him. As long as you take the initiative, there might be a story."

"Me? Forget it… I feel like he’s not easy to talk to. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he was rejected?"

"So what? It’s okay to chase after him boldly. Besides, you’re not doing anything else, you’re just going to ask for his contact information."

The other girl was moved by her good friend’s persuasion. She finally mustered up her courage and walked toward Li Jingran with the phone in her hand.

Xu Wanwan’s footsteps stopped for a moment. She could only stand aside awkwardly and wait.

Seeing the girl walking toward Li Jingran with a phone in her hand, Xu Wanwan became nervous.

From a short distance away, she saw the girl carefully hand over her contact information, but Li Jingran did not even look at her. The expression on the side of his face was still cold.

The girl’s face gradually darkened. She awkwardly withdrew her hand, turned around, and ran away.

Xu Wanwan frowned as well.

Did he have to be so cold?

He did not even say a word of rejection. This would hurt the girl’s heart.

Xu Wanwan walked towards the man, her small face showing a hint of dissatisfaction. "I think what you did just now was not good.."

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