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Chapter: 126

Chapter 126: Buying Snacks for You

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

After she finished speaking, she looked at Li Jingran with a smile. "Jingran, don’t you agree?"

Zhou Lin was confident that she could hold onto Li Jingran. She believed that he would not turn his back on Father Li and ignore him.

He could only abandon Xu Wanwan.

The only person who could truly stay by his side from the beginning to the end could only be her.

‘When Zhou Lin thought of this, she became complacent.

‘The next second, Li Jingran took out a document from his briefcase and threw it in front of her. A hint of sarcasm flashed across his thin lips, "My parents still don’t know that you had a child. Do you think they’ll still trust you if they know about this?" Xu Wanwan looked up in surprise, her eyes full of disbelief when she looked at Zhou Lin.

Who would have thought that this well-dressed and beautiful woman with a good figure had given birth to a child?

Zhou Lin completely froze. She panicked and snatched the document in front of her, her hands trembling violently as she looked at the detailed investigation information on it. She lowered her eyes and quickly thought of a countermeasure.

‘When she raised her eyes again, she had concealed the panic in her eyes well. The smile on her red lips was even more seductive. "I really didn’t expect that Director Li has such a hobby of investigating people." Li Jingran ignored her and said coldly, "You should know what to do now?"

"The investigation is really detailed." Zhou Lin chuckled, and a hint of coldness flashed in her eyes. "I didn’t think that Director Li’s methods were good at first, but now it seems that you’re really brilliant." Zhou Lin put down the document in her hand, and her expression suddenly became serious. "What do you want me to do?"

"Break off the engagement."

LiJingran said coldly, "Then you’ll have to mention this with the old man."

Zhou Lin frowned slightly. No matter how calm she was, she couldn’t sit still anymore.

What a good tactic!

In order to be together with Xu Wanwan, he actually forced her to bring it up with the old man!

"What if I don’t?" Zhou Lin asked unwillingly.

"Then I can only personally hand this over to the old man." Li Jingran’s expression was cold. "It’s only a matter of time before the engagement is broken off."

Zhou Lin’s fingers dug into her flesh. She suppressed her displeasure and the corners of her mouth curled into an unnatural smile. "I give you my promise!"

"Tl personally tell Uncle. Even if the engagement is annulled, we can still be friends in the future."

After saying that, she stood up with her bag in hand. She looked at Xu Wanwan with hatred in her eyes and left while gritting her teeth.

Xu Wanwan frowned and looked at Li Jingran in confusion.

"Miss Xu, I’ve solved all the problems." Li Jingran’s cold face was gone, and his thin lips curled up.

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He had done everything he had promised her.

‘There would only be one mistress in the Li family. From the moment he agreed to let Xu Wanwan stay in, he had already decided on her.

Even if she did not like him anymore, she would still be a member of the Li family.

Xu Wanwan was slightly touched. She said softly, "But you broke off the engagement with Zhou Lin because of me. Won’t you be at a disadvantage?"

She also knew that wealthy families were very realistic. Many people got married for benefits.

If Li Jingran were to end up with Zhou Lin, the Li Corporation would be able to join forces with the Zhou Corporation. Whatever they did would be smoother.

But she couldn’t help him so much when he broke off the engagement for her.

Li Jingran saw that the girl was worried and asked in a low voice, "Aren’t you happy?"

"It’s not that…" Xu Wanwan lowered her head, and her voice was a little tense. "I’m afraid that I’ll become a burden to you."

"After all, I don’t have an illustrious background, so I can’t help you as much as Zhou Lin."

Li Jingran sighed in his heart when he heard the girl’s soft and soft voice.

"What else do you think I can’t get?"

Xu Wanwan’s eyes flickered and she shook her head. "There doesn’t seem to be anything else…"

"So, why must you help me?" Li Jingran said patiently, "Can’t I just help you?"

"But you’ve helped me many times. I don’t want to keep giving you trouble." Xu Wanwan lowered her eyes, feeling a little guilty.

‘What kind of virtue and ability does she have to have met such a good person?

LiJingran chuckled. "Don’t think too much. I’ll definitely do what I promised to protect you."

Xu Wanwan’s eyes were hot, and her heart felt like it was on fire.

She had walked alone for more than ten years in extreme cold, and she had never experienced the feeling of being taken to heart.

"Mmm! I’ll become stronger too. When I have the ability, I’ll protect you too!"

Li Jingran looked at the girl’s serious and cute little face, and the corners of his lips unconsciously curled up. "Okay."

The next day after school, Xu Wanwan went to the supermarket.

She pushed the shopping cart and picked fresh vegetables in the vegetable section, preparing to cook a sumptuous dinner for Li Jingran in the evening.

Once she had come back, she heard from Aunt Zhang that Li Jingran had not eaten properly for a while.

She put the water-dripping broccoli into the shopping cart and was about to push it forward when her cellphone suddenly rang in her pocket.

She took it out and saw that it was a call from Li Jingran.


A familiar voice came from the other end of the phone. "Is school over?"

"Yes!" Xu Wanwan held the phone and replied as she walked, "I’m at the supermarket. I’ll be home soon."

"Oh, right. Did you call me for something?"

"Ineed a document, it might be in your schoolbag," Li Jingran said lightly.

"Oh, okay." Xu Wanwan clutched the phone with her shoulder, took off her schoolbag, and looked around. Sure enough, she saw an investment contract among her books. "L found it, I’ll send it to you right away."

Li Jingran let out a sigh of relief. "Okay, be careful on the road."

Xu Wanwan pushed the cart to the snack area of the supermarket. Suddenly, she asked, "Um, do you have anything you want to eat?"

The phone paused for a few seconds. Then, a man’s smiling voice came from the other end.

"Why? Are you going to buy me snacks?"

Xu Wanwan was seen through. She nodded seriously. "Well, what do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you!"

She said it with such gusto that Li Jingran laughed faintly when he heard her.

Everyone in the meeting room was scared speechless by his mysterious smile.

Li Jingran’s tone had nevertheless turned me gentler. "No need, it’s fine as long as you’re there."

After hanging up the phone, Xu Wanwan still felt that it might not be too good to not buy anything. She casually took two bags of biscuits and some drinks to appease her hunger. After paying the bill, she went out to the supermarket and hailed a taxi and went straight to Li Corporation.

Xu Wanwan had not come to the company for a long time, but she had stayed in the company for a period of time before. She found Li Jingran’s office with ease. She lifted the stuff in her hands and knocked on the door carefully.

"Come in."

Xu Wanwan pushed the door open with one hand and squeezed in with the stuff in her hands. When she saw that Li Jingran was talking to Secretary Lin about something, she greeted him with a smile and went to the back to wait obediently. Li Jingran glanced at the girl and said calmly, "Come here."

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips and walked over obediently with the stuff in her hands.. "Aren’t you guys busy?"

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