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Chapter: 128

Chapter 128: Catered to Her Tastes

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Later on, she couldn’t get used to eating these things, so she liked to cook some down-to-earth food, such as hot pot, spicy hot pot, simmer-fried pork chops, red braised pork, and so on. She was then praised by Li Jingran for cooking delicious food later on, so she often cooked these things. Maybe his tastes had really changed now.

Xu Wanwan ate her fill during this meal. It had been a long time since she had eaten such an appetizing meal in school.

"You’re not eating?"

Li Jingran saw that the girl had put down her chopsticks and handed him a napkin.

"Tm already very full." Xu Wanwan took the napkin and wiped the corner of her lips, saying seriously, "I’ve never eaten so much in school."

"The food in school is not appetizing?"

"A little, but I’m not that pretentious. If you don’t want to eat, just eat a little less."

Li Jingran frowned. "Why haven’t I heard you say that before?"

This girl had told him to eat well, but he couldn’t even do that.

"Because these are very small matters. I don’t need to tell you," Xu Wanwan said innocently.

Li Jingran’s eyes darkened.

Small matters in her eyes were big things to him.

After dinner, Xu Wanwan said goodbye to Li Jingran. She put on her backpack and prepared to leave the company.

When she reached the corner of the staff corridor, she heard Secretary Lin talking to a food delivery aunt.

"Auntie, the dishes were cooked well today. Director Li is very satisfied. From now on, I’ll be ordering from your house."

"It’s good that the boss is satisfied, but Director Li had never ordered these dishes before. Why did his taste change today?"

"Director Li ordered this for his little friend. Of course, he has to cater to her taste."

"ayo, look at my stupid brain. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Director Li is in a relationship, right? Does his girlfriend look good? What else does the little girl like to eat? You have to tell me, ah." "Auntie, you just have to do your own thing. If Director Li finds out that we’re gossiping about him, he won’t be happy."

"Okay, okay, okay. I’ll be leaving first."

The auntie pushed the dining cart and was about to walk over. Xu Wanwan was so scared that she quickly walked forward.

She only calmed down after she entered the elevator, but her brows were still slightly furrowed.

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She was really stupid.

How could two people’s tastes be assimilated?

Li Jingran was obviously worried that she would not be used to eating, so he especially ordered those for her.

But her reaction was really slow; she was really confused.

‘Thinking of this, Xu Wanwan felt a little guilty.

Next time, she would cook Western food for Li Jingran to suit his taste.

‘When she walked out of the company and stood by the roadside to hail a cab, she felt inexplicably happy.

It was such a warm feeling when someone was being thoughtful.

Not far away, Xu Yue was hiding in a corner with headphones on. As she watched Xu Wanwan’s back as she got into the car, the corners of her lips curled into a cold smile.

The monitor placed on Xu Wanwan’s body was a good thing. It had brought her a good idea so quickly.

Wasn’t it just Master Nanshan’s design?

She had grown up learning art since she was a child. She could definitely become Master Nanshan’s disciple.

‘When that time came, the Xu Corporation would be able to use this design to invest in top construction companies, and the Xu family’s industries would naturally be revived.

"Wanwan, have you heard? The most powerful design master in the industry is recruiting closed-door disciples!"

As soon as Xu Wanwan arrived at the school, she was shocked by Lin Jianan’s excited voice.

She nodded slightly. "Yes, I saw it on the Internet yesterday."

"Let me tell you, many people in the school have signed up, especially students who specialize in design and art. They all want to become Master Nanshan’s disciple."

Lin Jianan said excitedly, "The main reason is that becoming Master Nanshan’s disciple will be a great help in finding a job in the future after graduating. Moreover, your reputation in society will soar." After all, Master Nanshan was one of the best masters in the industry. Being able to become his disciple meant that one’s own strength was high, and there will be more choices when getting a job in the future. Xu Wanwan pursed her lips, feeling a little uncertain. "That… I’ve also signed up."

"Ah?" Lin Jianan said in surprise, "Wanwan, you’re already the top scorer in Science. Do you still want to learn art from a Master?"

In her heart, Xu Wanwan was already very outstanding. Even if she had played in university for a few years, she would still have a better starting point than most people after graduation. Xu Wanwan said truthfully, "I don’t want to be an apprentice to a master. It’s Li Corporation that needs Master Nanshan’s design, so I want to become Master’s apprentice."

"Lunderstand. You want to be an apprentice to Master Nanshan and then let him help you design the Blueprint?"

Xu Wanwan nodded. "Yes!"

Lin Jiannan exclaimed, "As expected of you. Others are begging to be learn from a master, but you actually want Master Nanshan to work for you."

"Its… right."

After all, her motive was not that simple. Even if she wanted to be his apprentice, it was to help Li Jingran.


Lin Jianan paused for a moment, then smiled as she encouraged her, "I believe you can definitely do it! You’re so outstanding, Master Nanshan will definitely appreciate you."

"Tm not sure either, I hope so." Xu Wanwan smiled faintly.

At this moment, someone in the class heard their conversation and couldn’t help but mock them.

"Class Monitor, I advise you to give up on this idea. Although your results are excellent, you don’t know anything about design."

"That’s right. You’re our class monitor, you have to take the lead. If you lose the election, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?"

"And I heard that there are hundreds of applicants from the Design Department. That’s not your major, how could you beat them?"

"The Computer Science Department has nothing to do with art. Everyone here doesn’t dare to register. Class Monitor, don’t join the hustle."

‘The Study Committee Member couldn’t help but say, "Our class is about to have a professional test. As learning cadres, it’s better for us not to join in the fun and spoil the students."

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly. She didn’t know why they were so against her personal matters, but she wasn’t angry and gave a faint smile. "Thank you for your reminder, but this is my own matter. I can make my own decisions."

"That’s right. You guys are in charge of the world, don’t tell me you have to be in charge of Wanwan’s personal matters?" Lin Jianan spoke up for her. "What does Wanwan’s registration have to do with you guys?"

"You’re really worrying about nothing. If you have the time, you might as well read a few more books."

Study Committee Member: "You! Forget it, we’re too lazy to care! Class Monitor, do whatever you want as long as you don’t embarrass our class."

Xu Wanwan’s gaze turned cold. "It’s true that I’m the Class Monitor, but I’m not wrong to pursue what I want to do."

‘The Study Committee Member was at a loss for words. He did not say anything else and left with his classmates in a huff.

During lunch, Lin Jianan lay on the table, unwilling to move. "Wanwan, you can eat alone today. I don’t have an appetite."

"What’s wrong? is your stomach uncomfortable?" Xu Wanwan looked nervous… "Do you want me to go to the infirmary with you?"

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