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Chapter: 129

Chapter 129: When Are You Getting Married?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Lin Jianan sat up, her hands propped up on the table, and said gloomily, "The food in the school cafeteria is not very good recently. I still like to eat the food cooked by our chef." "Then I’ll buy some snacks for you later."

After Xu Wanwan said that, she walked out of the classroom alone.

Although the food in the cafeteria was not good, there was still a long class in the afternoon. If she did not eat her fill, her physical strength would not be able to take it.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Xu?"

Xu Wanwan had just walked out of the classroom when a neatly dressed auntie walked over. She was carrying a few insulated boxes in her hands as she asked with a smile on her face. Xu Wanwan was stunned for a moment. "I am, you’re looking for me—"

The lady immediately used a familiar accent when speaking with Xu Wanwan. "Miss Xu, you’re even more beautiful than in the photo!"

When Xu Wanwan heard this familiar accent, she was even more confused.

When she had been living in the countryside, she had heard this accent.

As the aunt spoke, she handed over the insulated box in her hand, "Miss Xu, this is the food that Director Li asked me to deliver to you."

"You’re telling me that Mr. Li asked you to deliver this?" Xu Wanwan was shocked and hesitantly took over a few insulated boxes.

"Yes, I made all the dishes from my hometown today. You will definitely like them!"

"Is this also Mr. Li’s idea?"

"Yes, Mr. Li was worried that you don’t eat well at school, so he asked me to bring you food every day." The aunt wiped the sweat on her forehead and said seriously, "I used to run a restaurant in my hometown. It was Mr. Li who sent someone to invite me over and cook for you last night." Xu Wanwan stood in the empty corridor with a thermos in her hand. It was as if a warm spring breeze was blowing in her heart.

She could not feel anything else but the warmth that surrounded her heart.

When she returned to the classroom, the words of the auntie were still ringing in her ears.

She remembered that she had eaten at Li Jingran’s office yesterday. In order to cater to her tastes, he had ordered everything that she liked.

Yesterday, she had just casually said that the school’s food was not to her taste, and he had specially asked someone from her hometown to cook for her.

He never mentioned these small details, but he did everything.

Xu Wanwan placed the thermos bucket on the table. When she opened it, she could see three compartments. There were meat and vegetables, and the other thermos bucket was filled with hot soup. A tempting aroma assaulted her nose. Lin Jianan, who had been resting on the table, could not help but sit up.

"Wanwan, where did you buy it? It smells so good!"

Xu Wanwan said calmly, "Yesterday, I mentioned that the school’s food was not to my liking, and then Mr. Li asked someone to send these to me."

"Damn! Big Boss Li is too good to you!"

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Lin Jianan exclaimed, "I’ve been nagging my parents many times that the school’s food is not good, but all they thought was that I can’t endure hardship."

"Look at Big Boss Li! He’s really good to you. You only said one sentence, and he brought you food the next day."

Xu Wanwan’s lips curled up into a sweet smile. "He’s really good to me."

"Then when do you plan to get married? Graduation?"

Xu Wanwan almost choked in one breath. "What did you say?"

Lin Jianan perked up. "Getting married! He’s so good to you, don’t you want to marry him?"

"But we don’t have the kind of relationship you think we have," Xu Wanwan explained seriously. "I can only be considered his adopted sister. We can’t get married."

"You’re not related by blood, why can’t you get married? As long as you like each other, you can fall in love."

A trace of panic flashed across Xu Wanwan’s eyes. She could only lower her head to hide her embarrassment. "I’ve never thought about this."

Worried that Lin Jianan would continue asking, Xu Wanwan stuffed her chopsticks into Lin Jianan’s hands. "You didn’t eat lunch either, let’s eat together."

With something to eat, Lin Jianan temporarily forgot about this topic.

She casually picked up a small piece of rib and ate it until her eyebrows shot up. "It’s really awesome!"

"Wanwan, please go back and ask Big Boss Li where he hired the chef. I’ll get my parents to hire him too."

Xu Wanwan scooped a bowl of soup for herself and took a sip. Her heart was warm. "He found a chef from my hometown. If you want to hire her, it might be a little troublesome."

Lin Jianan was so envious that she could not eat.

"Forget it. I really don’t want to eat dog food anymore. Boohoo.

Xu Wanwan:

After school, Xu Wanwan and Lin Jianan passed by the Art Department and overheard what they were talking about.

"Did you guys hear? Other than the Design Department and the Art Department, there’s also the Computer Science Department that went to join in the fun."

"No way, a Computer Science student is doing design? I really don’t know what they can design with such a wide range of majors—a code?"

"Hahahaha, I just think it’s funny. She’s so unscrupulous just to become famous. She wants to join in any fun."

"That’s right. I think this mentorship opportunity was prepared for our Art Department. I didn’t expect that there would still be people who would overestimate themselves." ‘When Xu Wanwan heard these words, suspicion gradually formed in her heart.

She had only taught herself design. Compared to her professional classmates, she was much inferior.

Master Nanshan was such a powerful person. Would he acknowledge her?

"Is it that funny? If you guys are powerful, then so be it. Why are you laughing at others?"

"Hmph, I think you guys are even worse than Wanwan. It’s still uncertain who Master Nanshan will take as his disciple in the end. Aren’t you guys being too arrogant a little too early?" Just as she was feeling down, Lin Jianan tightened her grip on her hand and rushed forward to argue with those people.

Seeing that she was about to argue with a group of people, Xu Wanwan could not help but say, "Jianan, forget it. There’s no need to argue with them."

"There’s no need indeed. They are not worthy to be your opponents at all!"

Lin Jianan grabbed Xu Wanwan’s hand. "Wanwan, let’s go!"

The two of them walked out of the school gate quickly. Lin Jianan was still angry about what had happened just now. Xu Wanwan knew that she was speaking up for her, so she said guiltily, "Thank you for speaking up for me just now. Let me treat you to milk tea." "Okay! I heard that First High School has a very good milk tea shop. Let’s go and have a taste together?"

Xu Wanwan usually did not like to run so far away, but today was different. She nodded. "Okay."

They took the car to the opposite side of the First High School. Lin Jianan led Xu Wanwan to the milk tea shop and ordered two cups of drinks.

The interior of the shop was exquisitely decorated, making people feel comfortable looking at it.

Xu Wanwan took a sip of the milk tea, and a fragrant and sweet smell burst out of her mouth. The corners of her lips curled up. "It’s really delicious."

"This cup of mine is also delicious. You have to come often in the future!" Lin Jianan said with a satisfied look.

After Lin Jianan said that, she saw from the corner of her eyes a thin youth walking past the entrance of the milk tea shop. Behind him were a few tattooed social youths, and these people seemed to not have any good intentions.

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