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Chapter: 132

Chapter 132: You’re Getting Married?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Li Jingran slowly started the car and looked ahead, his thin lips curving into a smile. "Miss Xu, have you forgotten? It’s late autumn now."

Xu Wanwan looked down at her thick sweater, and her face became even hotter.

She said in a panic, "Maybe I was a little excited just now. It’s not hot anymore!"

After she said that, she closed the window.

‘The car drove slowly in the night, and the atmosphere in the car was a little subtle.

Xu Wanwan was worried that the man would misunderstand something, so she kept silent, but her emotions were very complicated.

Li Jingran looked sideways at the girl and saw that she was sitting upright. His slightly pursed lips revealed a trace of seriousness.

He suddenly wanted to tease her.

"Lheard from your friend that you’re getting married?"

Xu Wanwan’s entire body heated up. "You… who did you hear it from?"

Li Jingran chuckled. He had been walking behind her and had clearly heard what Lin Jianan had said to Xu Wanwan.

‘At such a close distance, any normal person could hear it.

Did she think there was something wrong with his ears?

However, Li Jingran still followed her words and said, "I overheard it by accident."

Xu Wanwan clutched the cuffs of her sweater tightly and frowned, her brain racing as she thought about how to explain this matter to Li Jingran. "You haven’t answered my question," Li Jingran said seriously in a low voice.

"It’s not what you think!" Xu Wanwan took a deep breath and made up a random excuse. "I’m only eighteen years old, how can I get married?" Even if she wanted to get married, she could only do so after she reached the legal age.

Li Jingran continued, "Really?"

Xu Wanwan felt a little guilty and explained slowly, "Actually, I’m a fan… I just casually said that I want to marry my idol. It’s just a joke."

"Then, your idol’s surname is also Li?" Li Jingran asked with interest.

Xu Wanwan was stunned. She turned to look at him, her heart long since feeling frenzied beyond recognition.

Did he hear what Lin Jianan had said?

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In order to cover up her embarrassment, Xu Wanwan had to nod her head. "Yes! I have a singer I like very much whose surname is Li!"

"Then what’s his name?"

Xu Wanwan creased her brows. She just wanted to find a hole to burrow into.

She did not pay usually attention to the entertainment industry, so how would she know which singers had the surname Li?

"Hmm… are you interested in these things too?" Xu Wanwan, as if a guest who turned into a host, intended to change the subject. "Are you also a fan of celebrities? By the way, what’s the name of the celebrity you like?" In order to avoid being questioned by the man, she thought she was smart enough to ask him a few questions.

Li Jingran, who was not in a hurry, said, "I don’t follow celebrities."

"Tm just curious, why does the celebrity you like have the same name as me?"

Xu Wanwan’s eyes widened. She just wanted to get out of the car and find a place to hide.

He must have heard everything Lin Jianan said!

"Well, my friend likes to joke. Don’t be angry, ah." Xu Wanwan lowered her head and meekly explained, "I know it’s disrespectful to you, so I’ll explain it to her later." "That way, she won’t misunderstand us."

Li Jingran’s expression turned a few degrees cold. "Does that mean that Miss Xu thinks it’s inappropriate to marry me?"

Xu Wanwan was completely dumbfounded.

Heaven and earth, when had she ever said something like that!

"No, no, no. How is that possible?" Xu Wanwan smiled and said with an inexplicable seriousness, "An outstanding person like you must have many pursuers. How could I possibly think that you’re not good?" The air was quiet for a few seconds, and the car stopped at a traffic light intersection.

Li Jingran paused for a few seconds, and with the help of the dim yellow streetlights, he could clearly see Xu Wanwan’s beautiful side profile. "Since I’m so good, why doesn’t Miss Xu consider marrying me?"

The man’s cold voice was like a gust of wind blowing into Xu Wanwan’s heart.

Her eyes were dazed, and she subconsciously suspected that there was something wrong with her ears.

But this was not a dream.

He had said it so clearly, how could she have misheard him?

It took Xu Wanwan five full seconds to realize that she had fallen too deep into character.

They were just hypothetically discussing this problem, and it had nothing to do with who she was really going to marry.

"Have you forgotten that we are siblings?"

Xu Wanwan gently reminded the man as she looked at him, "My friends just think that we’re very close, so they misunderstood."

"Plus, you’re usually so good to me. My friends all know what you’ve done for me."

Li Jingran’s eyes darkened. "Well, do you like ones who are older than you?"

Xu Wanwan didn’t understand what he meant, so she said without thinking, "I do!"

"I often hear people around me say that older people take care of people and that they are considerate and caring. The older people are also more mature and can also take on the responsibilities of the family." After she finished speaking, Li Jingran’s mood became even brighter.

‘The comers of his lips curled up slightly, and there was a hint of meaning in his words. "It’s good that you like it."

At the Xu family home.

Xu Yue greeted Xu Yuchu at the door and said with a smile, "Yuchu, I think I saw Sister Wanwan just now. What did you guys talk about?"

Xu Yuchu looked at Xu Yue with a somewhat distant gaze. "Shouldn’t Sister be concerned about why I came back so late?"

"Yuchu, you’re already so old. Sister believes that you can definitely take care of yourself," Xu Yue said indifferently. "Compared to your matters, I’m more concerned about your Sister Wanwan." "Mom and Dad both miss her very much, so you must tell me what she said to you just now."

Xu Yuchu said in disgust, "Why do you say that you’re concerned about Sister Wanwan, but you’re actually not doing anything?"

If they really couldn’t let go of Xu Wanwan, the Xu family would have long thought of all ways to make up for it.

But up until now, the Xu family had done nothing. They would only show up when Xu Wanwan was needed.

"If families have to calculate their benefits so clearly, can they still be called family?"

Xu Yue frowned and was very unhappy.

‘What a good Xu Yuchu. As expected, he was born from the same mother as Xu Wanwan.

No matter how much she loved him, it was useless. His heart was always on Xu Wanwan’s side.

She had heard clearly through the listening device just now that Xu Wanwan had sent Xu Yuchu home, and this little bit of service, he remembered it quite clearly. As for what Xu Wanwan had said to him after she got out of the car, there was no sound recorded on the monitor.

Xu Yue quickly concealed the displeasure in her eyes and acted like a caring big sister. "Yuchu, did Sister Wanwan send you home? She must have felt that the outside world was not as good as home, so she sent you home." She wanted to let Xu Yuchu know that everything Xu Wanwan did to him had a motive.

Once he discovers Xu Wanwan’s purpose, would he be moved by her small kindness?

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