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Chapter: 133

Chapter 133 The Interview Is Over

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Xu Yuchu, however, was no longer a little boy who was at the mercy of others. He frowned and retorted, "Can you not think so badly of others?" After saying that, he did not want to see Xu Yue again and walked into the house.

Xu Yue stood rooted to the ground and watched as Xu Yuchu left her with an impatient face.

She clenched her fists tightly, and a strong hatred surged out of her eyes.

Damn it!

As expected, she was related to Xu Wanwan by blood. The members of the Xu family were all ungrateful wretches!

It was such a shame that she had treated him so well.

Since he did not know what was good for him, don’t blame her for being merciless!

On the weekend, after Xu Wanwan had breakfast, she received Master Nanshan’s interview address.

The interview time was two o’clock in the afternoon.

Xu Wanwan checked the time, and it was only nine o’clock. She could study at home for a while and wait until the afternoon before going out.

After she had lunch, she especially changed into a fresh set of clothes, brought the work for the interview, and then took a taxi.

The interview location was in the famous art museum in A City, which was a long distance from the Li family.

Halfway through the journey, the driver suddenly stepped on the brakes.

Xu Wanwan lost her balance and her whole body was thrown forward.

"Uncle Li, what’s going on ahead?"

"Miss Xu, there seems to be a car accident ahead. We can only wait for a while."

Xu Wanwan turned on her phone and looked at the time. It was already 1:30 p.m. She was a little anxious. "Can we take a detour?"

"This is the only way to the art museum."Uncle Li sighed lightly and opened the car door. "Miss Xu, I’ll go to the front to take a look. Maybe we can leave soon." Xu Wanwan pursed her lips and sat in the car anxiously.

She might as well get out of the car. She walked a few steps forward and saw the place where the accident happened.

A black car ran across the middle of the road and knocked down a young man who was carrying a backpack.

Xu Wanwan looked at the teenager lying on the road and her eyes narrowed.

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This school uniform and this back… surprisingly looked so much like Xu Yuchu.

The surrounding people were discussing animatedly.

"Tsk tsk, how could the person driving be so careless? He actually knocked down a high school student."

"| heard that the person fainted on the spot. Look at the blood on the ground. I don’t know if he can still be saved after being sent to the hospital."

"It seems that the driver of the accident has already fled from his car and escaped. It might be a premeditated murder."

"Sigh, no one dares to call the police. Everyone is afraid of getting into trouble."

Xu Wanwan walked forward in a daze. She wanted to confirm if the young man lying on the ground was Xu Yuchu.

"Miss Xu, it’s too chaotic here. Let’s wait in the car first," Uncle Li could not help but remind Xu Wanwan when he saw her walking near.

Xu Wanwan could no longer hear anything, her breathing gradually became rapid. The more she walked forward, the more she felt that the young man lying on the ground looked like Xu Yuchu. After slowly walking over, Xu Wanwan squatted down and gently probed the head. When she saw the bloody face in front of her, she gasped.

Xu Yuchu’s face was mixed with dried blood. He had fainted on the ground, looking heartbreaking

Xu Wanwan shivered and quickly called the police. She then stumbled and ran to Uncle Li. "Please help me!"

"That’s my brother lying on the ground. Can you help me send him to the hospital?"

Uncle Li frowned. He quickly squatted down and picked Xu Yuchu up, bringing him to the car.

Xu Wanwan also quickly followed him, and the car drove all the way to the hospital.

Xu Yuchu was pushed to the emergency room, and Xu Wanwan anxiously paced back and forth outside the hospital.

"Miss Xu, why don’t you give Mr. Lia call? I’ll send you to the art museum first."

Xu Wanwan turned around to look at the surgery lights, and then looked at the time. It was already past two o’clock, and the interview must have begun.

She had prepared for a period of time to participate in this interview. If she gave up just like that, she would not be satisfied.

Xu Wanwan gripped her phone tightly and walked to the side to call Li Jingran.

As soon as the call was connected, she said quickly, "My brother was knocked down by someone. He’s in the hospital now, but I have to do something very important. Can you take care of him for me?" The person on the other end of the phone pondered for a few seconds and said calmly, "The address."

"We’re at the city hospital. Uncle Li is still here!" Xu Wanwan’s anxious voice carried a hint of crying. "The murderer has run away too. I’ll find someone to settle the score when I come back." Hearing the girl’s voice, Li Jingran could imagine the aggrieved look on her face.

He sighed helplessly.

As expected, she was still a kind-hearted girl. She had already gotten rid of her relationship with the Xu family, but when it came to Xu Yuchu, she was always extra serious. "Don’t worry, tell me where I need to go. I’ll get someone to send you,"Li Jingran asked in a calm voice.

"No need. I’ll think of a way to get there myself!"

Xu Wanwan didn’t want to waste any more time. She hung up the phone and called Li Xuyi again.

"I need your help now. Can you come to the People’s Hospital?" She went straight to the point.

Li Xuyi didn’t hesitate. A while after, he rode his motorcycle to the entrance of the hospital and threw a helmet at her. "Where are you going?"

Xu Wanwan put on the helmet and got on his bike. "Please send me to the art museum as soon as possible."

"No problem. We’ll be there in ten minutes!" Li Xuyi squeezed the throttle and his bike raced away…

Xu Wanwan arrived at the scene of the interview while panting. The interview had already ended.

In the middle of the crowd, Xu Yue held a bouquet of flowers and said with a bright smile, "It’s my honor to be recognized by Teacher Nanshan. I hope that I can learn more skills from Teacher in the future. I also hope that the students who failed to be selected will not be discouraged. One day, we will meet at the peak."

Master Nanshan, who was sitting at the judges’ table, said with an appreciative expression, "Tell me why you want to learn from this Teacher."

"Because I love art and design. To me, this will nourish my spirit and give me motivation to live. By becoming a disciple, I can also learn better skills."

Xu Yue spent more than half an hour saying beautiful words, expressing her love for art to the extreme.

After she finished speaking, the host went on stage. "Our interview this time is about to end. Does anyone have any questions?"

Xu Wanwan stood behind the crowd. She remembered that the Li Corporation urgently needed the design. She clenched her fists and suddenly said, "Sorry, I’m late!" Everyone present turned their heads and looked at Xu Wanwan in confusion.

A hint of nervousness appeared on Xu Yue’s face, but it quickly dissipated.

In front of everyone, she smiled openly and magnanimously. Her eyes were filled with disdain as she looked at Xu Wanwan.

So what if she had rushed over now?

She was already Master Nanshan’s disciple. So what if Xu Wanwan had rushed over now?

The host said seriously, "Our interview has already ended. There’s no need for you to come at this time."

Xu Wanwan still wanted to give it a try.

She had given up too many times, but in this matter, she wanted to use all her might to fight for once..

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