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Chapter: 134

Chapter 134 Gave Me a Chance

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

"| hope you can give me another chance." She took a deep breath and faced the rumors. She walked up to Master Nanshan and bowed deeply.

"I’m sorry! I know it’s a big mistake to be late, but my brother got into a car accident today. I can’t just ignore it."

Xu Wanwan looked at Master Nanshan with sincerity in her eyes.

She had thought that Master Nanshan would be like many artists, with an exaggerated beard and long hair, but when seeing him today, she felt very that she was familiar with him. Master Nanshan was about fifty years old and was wearing a formal Chinese tunic suit, making him look very gentle.

"Miss, I understand your feelings, but I’ve already chosen my disciple." Master Nanshan saw that Xu Wanwan was very sincere, so he said in a tactful tone, "You should go back first." Xu Wanwan furrowed her brows and stood there in a daze for a few seconds. She had no choice but to accept this fact.

She was indeed late, and Master Nanshan had clearly rejected her. It would be insensitive of her if she continued to stay.

Xu Wanwan sighed in her heart. She turned around quietly and prepared to leave.

Xu Yue, who was not far away, saw this scene and was in a good mood.

Hmph, a country bumpkin from the countryside still wants to fight with me?

Xu Yuchu’s car accident was something she had manipulated single-handedly to make Xu Wanwan late for the interview.

As someone who had been working hard using her artistic talent for more than ten years, how could she be inferior to that country bumpkin?

However, she would not give Xu Wanwan even a tiny chance to prevent her from using the power of the Li Corporation as a cheat.

"Teacher, wait!"

Just as Xu Wanwan turned around in disappointment, a familiar voice suddenly rang in her ears.

She looked up and saw Zhou Lin, who was dressed in black, walking toward her.

Xu Wanwan’s eyes were filled with doubt.

Did Zhou Lin call Master Nanshan her teacher just now?

"Xiao Lin, this is an important interview venue. Don’t mess around!" Master Nanshan said sternly.

Zhou Lin walked past Xu Wanwan and deliberately paused for a second to give a sideways glance filled with disdain. She looked at her with disdain in her eyes.

However, when she walked up to Master Nanshan, her tone of voice was regretful as she said, "Teacher, you often say that things in this world can’t be perfect, so you never play by the rules. But why can’t you give that girl a chance?"

Master Nanshan said seriously, "Everyone here knows that I’ve already accepted my last disciple, so there’s no need to give her another chance."

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"But she could be considered to be fated with you, arriving just before you have left. Why don’t you make an exception and give her a chance to show off?" Zhou Lin said, "I don’t think the final result is important. The process is the most important."

Master Nanshan was a man of character. With Zhou Lin as his favorite disciple, he usually indulged her.

He felt that what she said made sense, so he compromised, "You’re right. In our line of work, the most important thing is to be recognized."

Zhou Lin had a smile on her face, and she quickly went back to pull along Xu Wanwan, "You and Master are fated, so show your work."

Xu Wanwan was a little confused as she looked at Zhou Lin, who was kind enough to speak up for her. She really could not figure out what she was thinking. In her impression, Zhou Lin was full of hostility toward her because she liked Li Jingran.

But today, she was speaking up for her. Why was that?

Before Xu Wanwan could figure it out, Zhou Lin had already pulled her to Master Nanshan.

"Alright, hurry up and show the audition piece that you have prepared to Master Nanshan."

Zhou Lin stood at the sides after she said that and looked forward to a good show.

She wanted to see what the little maid that Li Jingran liked was capable of.

She had bumped into her today, so she definitely would not let Xu Wanwan leave with her dignity intact.

A girl who was adopted by the Li family still wanted to be Master Nanshan’s disciple. It was simply wishful thinking!

Once she made a fool of herself, she would probably be too ashamed to face anyone.

Xu Wanwan no longer had any doubts, and her gaze became firm.

No matter what, this was a good opportunity.

She opened the scroll in her hand and said to Master Nanshan in all seriousness, "Master Nanshan, I’ve brought you a painting."

"In my heart, design is a test of a person’s aesthetics and structure. That’s why I’ve only brought a painting. I believe that you can see what I want to show from my painting." Master Nanshan looked at the painting in Xu Wanwan’s hand, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes.

On the scroll, a lifelike giant dragon was hovering in the air, its head spitting out a small stream, and a farmer was pulling on his trouser legs to plant seedlings inside. The dragon’s body was especially realistic, as if she had really seen it before.

Zhou Lin stood to the side and glanced at it curiously.

Just one sweeping glance was enough to make her panic.

Who would have thought that such a high-level painting was actually drawn by a country girl who was still wet behind the ears!

She narrowed her eyes, and her fingertips dug into her flesh.

It seemed that she had really underestimated this girl.

Xu Wanwan was a little nervous. Her hands that were holding the scroll were sweating.

She was not sure if her work would satisfy Master Nanshan.

After waiting quietly for three seconds, just as Xu Wanwan felt that there was no hope for her, she suddenly heard a round of applause.

Master Nanshan stood up, his tone full of surprise. "The meaning of this work is very good!"

Dragons are born from all living things. It was surprising that a young lady could actually portray this thing.

Xu Wanwan was stunned. Seeing Master Nanshan showing approval of her work, the corners of her lips curled up into a smile. "Thank you, Teacher!" She was very observant. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she quickly handed over the personal profile that she had prepared.

"Teacher, this is my personal profile. Please take a look."

After Master Nanshan finished looking through her profile, he learned that she was this year’s top scorer in Science and was also still studying Computer Science in college. The little girl was already outstanding enough, so there was no need for her to acknowledge him as her teacher to obtain something.

Unless she really liked him.

Master Nanshan’s gaze had remained appreciative. "I want to ask you, why do you want to acknowledge me as your teacher?"

Xu Wanwan thought for a few seconds before answering truthfully, "I want to acknowledge you as my master, not for fame or love, but just to help someone and do something meaningful." Master Nanshan: "Little girl, such an answer does not give you additional points."

"Do you know what the students who came here today said?"

Xu Wanwan shook her head.

Master Nanshan smiled and said, "They all told me that they have an absolute love for design and did not tell the truth like you did."

Xu Wanwan said seriously, "Since I really want to learn from a master, then my attitude should be sincere."

Once she said this, the appreciation in Master Nanshan’s eyes grew even stronger.

In this era, everyone wanted to take shortcuts in pursuit of fame and profit; sincerity had become a luxury already.

Zhou Lin’s Master Nanshan was looking at Xu Wanwan with greater appreciation, and she felt dissatisfied. She took a step forward, saying, "Teacher, no matter what kind of profession you are in, you must have love in your heart before you can do it."

Master Nanshan shook his head, "That’s not right. Although there are many talents in all walks of life, there are only a few who truly love talking about it."

"Some people have become stagnant using love as an excuse, refusing to accept suggestions, which is also a big drawback of the design industry. On the contrary, those who have talent can always innovate and design better works."

Zhou Lin choked and said, "This student is indeed very outstanding, but you already have a disciple."

She knew that her teacher lived in seclusion and rarely came out. This time, he only came out because he was bored and wanted to recruit a final disciple to impart his skills..

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