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Chapter: 1091

Too Polite

Currently, Ren Xiaosu, Melgor, and the sheeple were at the border of the Gobi. They could be considered to have already entered the territory of the Kingdom of Sorcerers. Based on Melgor's estimation, they would arrive in York County after traveling another 100 kilometers in the northwest direction.

Yellow sand and gravel covered the terrain they were traveling on at this moment, and the short shrubs here resembled large mushrooms growing on the ground.

Ren Xiaosu quickly gave chase in the direction where the enemy had fled. The enemy was also very cautious. After failing to sneak attack from the shadows, they had instantly chosen to retreat.

This piqued Ren Xiaosu's interest. So it turned out there were also such highly skilled combatants among the sorcerers who were much stronger than Melgor.

Logically speaking, how could the Magi that had continually warred against Fortress 178 be pushovers like sheep? Surely there had to be a lot of crocodiles hidden among them.

The sorcerer fled south at a pace that was even faster than Ren Xiaosu imagined. He must have used some kind of sorcery to increase his speed.

But no matter how fast the other party ran, he was still only a sorcerer. Bit by bit, Ren Xiaosu came into sight of his back once more.

He saw that the attacker was dressed in a tight-fitting outfit with bandages wrapped firmly around his legs. He was also wearing soft leather armor and a hood to hide his face. This person did not look like a sorcerer at all, but more like an assassin.

The bandage wraps on his legs had a very useful purpose. They were usually used to prevent the veins in the lower limbs from swelling after extended traveling on foot. Furthermore, it helped prevent snakes and scorpions from crawling into the pants during their travels and also prevented mosquitoes from biting them.

This left Ren Xiaosu a little surprised. So it turned out there were actually combat sorcerers in the Kingdom of Sorcerers?

They were probably the ones who carried out the dirty work for the magus order!

When the sorcerer saw Ren Xiaosu pursuing him relentlessly, he took out his Eye of True Sight he had tucked in his waist belt and started chanting.

In an instant, a four-meter wall of flames suddenly appeared in front of Ren Xiaosu.

The raging flames were burning, and the extremely high temperature caused the surrounding shrubs to instantly go ablaze.

But when Ren Xiaosu reached the foot of the flame wall, he did not intend to dodge it at all. Instead, he leaped over it with all his might!

When the sorcerer turned around and saw this, he was shocked. Was this even a normal person? He had not seen this young man use any spells, so how did he leap over the wall of flames purely with his physical strength?

But to Ren Xiaosu, such a feat was really easy.

The sorcerer was secretly shocked and decided to use sorcery to quickly shake off Ren Xiaosu. In his opinion, the young man behind him was a little strange. There was no need for him to stay here and fight to the death.

Hang on! When the combat sorcerer turned around again, he saw Ren Xiaosu take out a black Eye of True Sight from somewhere.

Black! Eye of True Sight!

The combat sorcerer was shocked. How could the black Eye of True Sight appear in the hands of a young man he had never seen before?

Just as he was about to have another look to confirm, he heard Ren Xiaosu shout behind him, "May you be prosperous!

"Happy New Year!

"I wish you happiness!

"May all your wishes come true!

"May you get everything you desire!

"Bountiful blessings!

"Live a long life!"

The combat sorcerer was confused. 'Aren't you being too polite?!'

Seeing Ren Xiaosu shooting off a mouthful of blessings, the combat sorcerer was stunned on the spot.

He had clearly sneak attacked the other party, so why was he wishing him all those blessings? But the problem was that the blessings were way too random. What the heck was with "bountiful blessings" and "live a long life"? Did you just learn how to offer well wishes or something?

The combat sorcerer wondered if the other party was trying to express reconciliation, and that he actually did not wish to fight him to the death.

He hesitated for a second before saying loudly, "I wish you happiness too!"

As his words trailed off, he felt the ground beneath his feet disappear. Then he fell into quicksand.

The combat sorcerer was stunned once more. Wait a minute, this was actual sorcery. But why didn't he hear the other party reciting any incantations just now?

No, those blessings were actually his incantations!

He was actually fucking reciting incantations?

The combat sorcerer swore this was the first time in his life that he had heard such polite incantations!

Someone was actually able to use the Central Plains' language to recite incantations, and he even obtained a black Eye of True Sight? In that instant, a train of chaotic thoughts went through the combat sorcerer's mind. However, he did not have time to think about this anymore. He could only see a dazzling array of spells flying around him like someone was setting off fireworks while he fell quickly into the depths of the quicksand.

The combat sorcerer held his Eye of True Sight tightly in his hand and started reciting an incantation. Suddenly, a huge rock appeared under his feet and forcefully pushed him out of the quicksand.

Sudden Stalagmite!

This combat sorcerer was really quite outstanding at adapting. Sudden Stalagmite was normally a spell used to kill enemies, but he actually used it here to negate the power of the quicksand.

But before he could get back up, the combat sorcerer felt an icy weapon pressing against his neck.

The other party was wearing a white mask and holding a long black saber in his hand.

Ren Xiaosu came up to the combat sorcerer with a smile. "Your name?"

"Woz," the combat sorcerer answered calmly.

"What're you doing here? Who's the mastermind?" Ren Xiaosu asked again.

"Someone offered a bounty to kill Melgor. I only take missions; I don't ask who the employer is," the combat sorcerer said.

"Eh, are you a bounty hunter?" Ren Xiaosu wondered, "Wasn't the mission given to you by the magus order?"

"I'm not affiliated with the magus order," Woz said calmly.

These words left Ren Xiaosu completely stunned. Could it be that there were other sorcerers who operated outside of the magus order? Ren Xiaosu pondered it for a couple seconds before asking, "Are y'all holding onto Eyes of True Sight that weren't retrieved by the magus order?"

"That's right," answered Woz.

Ren Xiaosu nodded. That was right. The magus order had never allowed any low-ranking sorcerers to pass down their Eyes of True Sight through inheritance. But over the years, there should have been some that slipped through their net.

With these thoughts, "Old Xu" slashed Woz's carotid artery and let his blood flow freely onto the Gobi desert.

This person had witnessed Ren Xiaosu's secret, so he could not let him live.

Moreover, Ren Xiaosu took the Eye of True Sight Woz had been holding tightly in hand and got an idea. 'Who should I give this Eye of True Sight to?'

The first stone would definitely have to be given to P5092. The genius military commander was a treasure for the Northwest, so he should have a few more tricks up his sleeve to defend himself.

Actually, according to Ren Xiaosu's plan, he should give the first stone to Yang Xiaojin. But on second thought, he felt it would not be too late to make plans for that after he got his hands on the other two black Eyes of True Sight.

Ren Xiaosu turned around and went back to where Melgor and the others were. But Melgor was running towards him worriedly as though he had come to support him in battle.

When Melgor saw Ren Xiaosu, he hurriedly asked, "How are you? Are you injured?"

"No." Ren Xiaosu shook his head with a smile.

"What about the sorcerer?" Melgor wondered.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't catch up and allowed him to escape," Ren Xiaosu said a little regretfully. He could not say he had already killed him as that would expose how strong he was. Besides, he did not want to hand over the Eye of True Sight he had taken from Woz.

Melgor comforted him, "What's there to be sorry about? It's only natural that you can't catch up to a sorcerer.. But if you did, it would've only put you in more danger."

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