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Chapter: 1813

Your Highness Can You Be More Reliable 2

"Your Highness, Long Yan would not dare…" Sal patiently analyzed the current situation for Shen Yanxiao, and even told her about the strength of the dragons under Long Yan and the number of the undead army.

From this, Shen Yanxiao knew the strength of both sides very well.

"Oh, I see. It seems like I misunderstood Long Yan." Shen Yanxiao suddenly realized.

Sal finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"In that case, let’s hold a banquet tonight and invite Long Yan to participate. Consider it my apology." Shen Yanxiao smiled. Sal was very rational and smart. If she wanted to cause conflict between Sal and Long Yan, it seemed like she could only start with Long Yan.

It did not make sense for His Highness to suddenly be so sensible!

Sal looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise. He did not expect Shen Yanxiao to "know her mistakes and change".

However, this was also good. It was most important to ease the relationship with Long Yan.

After all, they had yet to obtain the exact location of the Dragon Cemetery. If they were to fall out with Long Yan now, it would be a huge loss for the Undead race.

"I’ll go and prepare now!" Sal could hardly wait to leave.

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After Sal left, Shen Yanxiao immediately called for Ye Dou.

* * *

The banquet that was set up to ease the tension began under Sal’s operation. With the extravagant decorations, it could be seen that Sal wanted the relationship between Shen Yanxiao and Long Yang to be eased.

Mingye dressed up and came to the banquet surrounded by royal relatives.

Ye Dou, who had been following Mingye, was squeezed to the periphery by the group of royal relatives. He could only stand in the corner and watch the grand banquet.

Long Yan came late. As the peacemaker, Sal began to work hard to resolve the contradiction between Mingye and Long Yan.

No one noticed that Ye Dou, who had been pushed to the corner, was staring at Long Yan with an exceptionally sharp gaze.

Ye Dou’s fingertips moved slightly, and Mingye, who was sitting directly above him, suddenly said, "This cooperation is good for both of us. Long Yan, I misunderstood you before."

With that said, Mingye raised his glass to Long Yan, who had a taut face.

Long Yan took a deep breath and raised his cup. "Your Highness, what are you saying?"

Mingye smiled and said, "I didn’t expect Long Yan to be so understanding and willing to hand over all the high-level dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent to us. I am very happy about this. Having such a huge army of bone dragons is the best thing for us undeads."

Sal was originally happy that Mingye was sensible, but the more he listened to Mingye’s words, the more uncomfortable he felt.

Long Yan frowned as if he had noticed something.

Mingye continued, "Rest assured that even if our number of bone dragons exceeds the number of dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent in the future, we will not attack our allies."

Mingye spoke with a strong sense of righteousness, but this was not what others thought.

Long Yan was stunned. He never believed in the character of undeads. The promises of undeads were the most worthless things in the world.

At that moment, a thought surfaced in his mind. If he were to hand over all the high-level dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent to the undeads as he had promised, then the high-level bone dragons that the undeads controlled would far exceed his own strength.

Once the undeads counterattacked, he could only wait for death.

Raising a tiger would bring disaster.

A seed of doubt sprouted in Long Yan’s heart.

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