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Chapter: 417

Wait for Yan Xu s Death

Mo Junyang turned the tables almost without effort.

Yan Xu was scared out of wits and didn’t know why he became an underdog even though he had gained the upper hand earlier. He knelt in front of Mo Junyang and cried sadly, starting to repent.

"Your Excellency, please spare me. I was brainless only for a moment, and I didn’t want to take your life. Please spare my life. I beg you."

Yan Xu kowtowed with clear sounds, and only judging from the sounds, people knew that he admitted his fault "sincerely", which could make others feel cold on the backs.

Unfortunately, after he did everything, the repentance was useless, and nobody would feel sad for him.

All people watched coldly and waited to see how Yan Xu would die.

Yan Xu cried his heart out. If he weren’t afraid that he would be kicked away by Mo Junyang, he must have rushed to the imperial envoy and hugged his thigh. Fortunately, he didn’t do that. Otherwise, Mo Junyang might kick him to death.

However, after he cried for a long time, he didn’t get the response as he had expected, but many people sneered at him.

All people around looked at him, as if watching the performance of a clown on the stage. They didn’t have pity for him but took him as a laughingstock.

Even though Yan Xu was thick-skinned, he felt embarrassed at the moment. He got up from the ground suddenly and didn’t look weak or beg for mercy anymore. He returned conceited and shouted at Mo Junyang, "Mo Junyang, even though you are King Rui’s heir, so what? There are rules in the country and every family. I am free from corruption as an official and care about the common people. There are public praise and evidence in Jiangzhou. Even if you are crazy about making outstanding achievements, don’t try to start with me."

He made a highfalutin speech with sufficient reasons, as if it were true.

Shi Qingxue wanted to throw up when she heard that and thought, "I have seen some shameless people, yet I have never seen anybody so shameless."

Only the gold, silver and treasure in front of them meant that Yan Xu was not innocent, but he even had the face to say that he was free from corruption and served the common people wholeheartedly.

Shi Qingxue was furious and conveniently picked up a gold ingot to smash Yan Xu when he was talking boastfully.

She aimed at him before attacking and hit his mouth full of shit.


Yan Xu gasped after being smashed and hurriedly covered his mouth, while he felt some stinky and hot liquid erupting from his nose. He raised his head and wiped it. Then he saw that his hand was full of blood.

Shi Qingxue hit him and made his nose bleed.

Yan Xu got angry in an instant and glared at Shi Qingxue. "Lady Qingxue, I respect you as you are the fiancee of King Rui’s heir, so I am polite and tolerant to you all the time, but it doesn’t mean that I fear you."

Shi Qingxue wasn’t afraid of Yan Xu’s empty show of strength. She raised her chin and snorted, seeming to say, "If you are capable, come over."


Yan Xu was provoked and irritated, yet before he vented it out, Mo Junyang picked up a gold ingot from the big box.

He tossed it upward randomly and then caught it, seeming to play a children’s game, but his eyes falling on Yan Xu were like needlepoints which stabbed him to feel the pain in the bone.

Yan Xu realized more clearly than ever that it was a silent threat. As long as he dared to say more to Shi Qingxue, the "hidden weapon" in Mo Junyang’s hand would smash him and make him lose his teeth.

They didn’t talk about who was right. Under Mo Junyang’s deterrent, Yan Xu shut up obediently and didn’t dare to provoke Shi Qingxue.

However, he still insisted that he was a good official.

If he was asked, "Where are the gold, silver and jewelry in front of them from", he would answer that the common people in Jiangzhou gave them to him willingly as they respected and supported this official.

It was stipulated in the rules of Mo Dynasty that the official couldn’t exploit the common people, but they were not forbidden to accept the gifts from the common people.

Even though some of Yan Xu’s methods were not proper, it was understandable, and the imperial envoy Mo Junyang didn’t need to discipline him.

When Mo Junyang listened to Yan Xu’s casual nonsense, he didn’t get mad but pulled Shi Qingxue to sit at the square table again, saying slowly, "So it was not your idea to provide porridge for the common people in Jiangzhou and make them infected with the so-called epidemic?"

Seeing that Yan Xu turned red and then ghastly pale with fear, Shi Qingxue felt that she had vented her spleen.

Yan Xu, such a guy who always resorted to sophistry should be nailed to a chopping block to death in the most direct way, so he wouldn’t be able to struggle.

Yan Xu was really terrified. He hadn’t expected that the conspiracy he thought perfect would be found and exposed by Mo Junyang easily. And judging from the young man’s calm expression, he had evidence apparently.

So was he dying?

Nevertheless, soon he suddenly realized that Mo Junyang had no evidence, so he couldn’t act rashly.

Yan Xu gritted his teeth and wiped his face, forcing himself to speak calmly. "You have no evidence. Don’t trick me. I won’t admit anything without evidence…"

"Lord Yan, you want the evidence. Aren’t I a witness in the flesh?" Before Yan Xu finished his words, another forceful male voice interrupted and scared Yan Xu to lose his courage again that he had finally plucked up.

Yan Xu looked back in panic, to see that a middle-aged man strode to the light from the darkness, revealing a cold and familiar face.


Yan Xu screamed and sat on the ground again, as if he saw a ghost. He trembled and pointed to the middle-aged man. "Ye…Ye Zhirong!"

The middle-aged man Ye Zhirong showed a forced smile to Yan Xu and said with sarcasm, "Lord Yan, long time no see. Do you still remember me?"

"Didn’t…you…die? Why…why are you…here?"

Yan Xu quivered with fear like a sieve again and even stuttered.

Ye Zhirong snorted and stared at Yan Xu, like a poisonous snake. "How would I be willing to die before I drag you down to hell?"

Yan Xu noticed the killing intent in Ye Zhirong’s words and felt more scared. He moved backward desperately to hide himself and howled crazily, "A wrong has its instigator, and a debt has its lender. I didn’t kill you. Go away. Don’t get close to me. If you want to take revenge, go and find the one who tried to kill you. It’s none of my business."

Yan Xu spoke too emotionally. In the end, his eyes rolled unexpectedly, and he fell on the ground.

He remained still, like a dead person.

Not to mention that the onlookers present didn’t react, even Ye Zhirong was dumbfounded.

Yan Xu looked aggressive and could make a false countercharge boldly even when he failed in assassinating Mo Junyang. Why was he scared to a coma after saying only a few words as soon as he saw Ye Zhirong?

It was so incredible.

Wei Ziye walked to Yan Xu and squatted to check his breath. Yan Xu was still breathing and wasn’t scared to death.

All people sighed with relief.

It was fine that Yan Xu wasn’t scared to death. Otherwise, this asshole had died so easily without suffering.

Shi Qingxue turned to Ye Zhirong. It appeared that this man was forty to fifty years old, with a square face. He looked dignified and decent, not like a corrupt official who would flatter the superiors and victimize the common people.

She had thought that this Rank-6 supervisor might have been framed. When she saw the man in the flesh, she was more confident about her guess.

However, she didn’t know what had happened to this man in Jiangzhou and forced him to hide.

Why did he come out to confront Yan Xu willingly all of a sudden?

Shi Qingxue knew that it must have something to do with Mo Junyang and Yan Xu’s conflict, but she was clear that it was not the main reason.

Otherwise, when Mo Junyang just came to Jiangzhou, Ye Zhirong should have come out to say that he was wronged and expose Yan Xu’s evil deeds.

"I told Ziye to send a message to the people in Black Water Stockaded Village that if Ye Zhirong didn’t show up, I would let Yan Xu deal with Ye Zhixin," Mo Junyang whispered in Shi Qingxue’s ear. Obviously, he had guessed what confused her.

Shi Qingxue understood it.

Ye Zhirong could hide himself in safety under the force of Yan Xu, and perhaps only a stockaded village with brigands could make somebody "disappear" without a sound.

Mrs. Ye had died, and Ye Zhirong had only one family member left, his daughter Ye Zhixin, so he wouldn’t be willing to make this child fall into the hands of his enemy and suffer a living death.

To say the least, even if Ye Zhirong was afraid of death and cruel to abandon his daughter, somebody else couldn’t be so heartless.

Qingxue was not blind, so she naturally noticed the fake assistant and real brigand Xiao Qijun’s special feelings for Ye Zhixin. Since Xiao Qijun dared to protect Ye Zhirong at the risk of going against the government, it could be seen that he loved Ye Zhixin a lot. How would he watch her in danger and do nothing?

Therefore, Ye Zhirong came in the end anyway.

Shi Qingxue didn’t think that there was something wrong with Mo Junyang’s method. She just rubbed her nose tip in embarrassment and hesitated for a long time. Then she couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, "Are you willing to make Ye Zhixin a bait?"

She had tried to speak calmly, yet after she said that, she realized that what she said was jealous.

Before Mo Junyang answered, Shi Qingxue buried her face in his arms shyly and pretended to be an ostrich.


Mo Junyang’s Adam’s apple trembled slightly, and he chuckled with pleasure.

He whispered in Shi Qingxue’s ear, "Don’t you know the only thing that I am unwilling to give up?"

Shi Qingxue’s ears were burning hot, and her heart trembled. She thought that it was improper that they flirted under the watchful eyes of all people, but on second thought, she didn’t care about anything as Mo Junyang stayed with her.

It was fine if they laughed at them. She didn’t care.

Shi Qingxue buried her hot face in Mo Junyang’s shoulder, showing no interest in anything outside, like an ostrich.

They couldn’t talk about it at daytime or at night…

The person they talked about soon showed up in front of them.

Ye Zhixin saw Ye Zhirong, and her face was full of tears instantly. She rushed to him and sobbed. "Father, it’s really you? I thought that I would never see you. Father…"

The scene that the father and daughter met was touching.

Unfortunately, the others present were hard-hearted except the father and daughter, and they wouldn’t show any emotions.

Mo Junyang waited a moment and saw that the father and daughter didn’t have a sense of time but talked endlessly, so he finally got impatient.

"Ye Zhirong, you said that you refused to say anything as you didn’t see your daughter. Now she has been brought for you, so shouldn’t you say what I want to know?"

Ye Zhirong concealed his sad expression and bowed to Mo Junyang, saying, "Your Excellency, please keep calm. I will say it as I promised."

He turned to Ye Zhixin and pulled her aside, asking in a low voice, "Where is the stuff?"

Ye Zhixin’s joyful expression turned into fear at once, and she avoided Ye Zhirong’s eyes, stuttering for a long time.

After Ye Zhirong asked repeatedly, she gritted her teeth and confessed, "I have lost it."

Seeing that Ye Zhirong was going to look terrible, Ye Zhixin was scared and tears fell from her eyes. She shouted pitifully, "Father, I didn’t mean it. Please don’t get mad at me, okay? I didn’t do it intentionally. I…I just…"

Ye Zhixin spoke incoherently, while Ye Zhirong’s tense face showed that he was in a bad mood even though he didn’t say anything unpleasant as he always loved his daughter.

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