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Chapter: 349

The Princess and The Demon Prince I

The Incubus System Chapter 349. The Princess and The Demon Prince I

Ethan's PoV

[Demon's Rule has been successfully done.]

[Congratulations! Now, Mia Ashelis is completely yours! ]

[Mia Ashelis' strength has increased by 30%]

I released my kiss and pulled myself away from her. At the same time, the wind from my wings blew across the room as I opened them. I had no other choice but to cover ourselves with my wings since I didn't use any skills to bind her. At least, I had to do something to make her stay or lessen her desire to run away.

"Does this mean I'm already yours?" she asked with a flushed face. She looked much calmer now. It seemed my skill also calmed her mind since we could feel each other when we bound ourselves with this skill.

"Yes. I'm really grateful that you want to trust me, Mia. As my promise, I will explain everything to you," I said and it came from the bottom of my heart. I was so relieved since this meant, all my partners already know who I am. This way, I didn't have to play hide and seek anymore and could tell them everything.

"Let's move to the sofa. It's a bit weird if we are talking about important things here," she said, pointing to her long sofa in the middle of the living room which was a little messy because of the wind from my wings.

As she said, we moved to the sofa and sat there side by side. Still, there was a gap between us, showing that there was still a bit of fear in her.

"Do I need to return to Damian?" I asked, trying to comfort her. Maybe that would make her feel better.

"It's fine. This is your original form, right? I need to get used to it." Her voice was still stammered like before but I knew she was trying to calm herself down. It was not easy for her and I was aware of it.

"Since you want to familiarise yourself with me..." I extended my hand to her. My gaze showed my request to take it.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you," I reassuranced. I understood her doubt, since how I made her take my contract was different from the others. Moreover, I had never fought in front of her eyes with this form and what she knew about the great demon was only based on the news and TV. She was good enough to accept me as the real me. Well, the love meter showed her feelings accurately. It seemed that, it was the main reason why I couldn't use my Demon's Rule on someone with a love meter below 6/10. Because it was the minimum requirement to accept me.

Swallowing her saliva, she took my hand in hesitation. Then in one movement, I pulled her to me, making her fall in my arms. My hands were on her waist. She was shocked by it but I quickly calmed her down.

"It's okay. I won't hurt you..." I whispered. My eyes fell on her face which was only a few centimetres in front of me and a seductive smirk on my lips.

"You said you wanted to explain everything to me," she reminded me. Her heavy breath sounded clearly in my ears.

"Yes. And this position is perfect for that," I said with a casual tone.

"You will explain to me in this position?" she repeated. I could feel her heart beating fast.

"Um-hum. This way... You can tell if I'm lying to you or not. And I..." My hand shifted to her cheek, my fingers moved slowly tucking her hair behind her ear.

"Can get a closer look at your face. Isn't that great?" It was a seduction but also a real thing.

She was speechless. Her pupils moved side to side, trying to find a gap from my view. But all she got was my gaze fixed on her.

"Besides... Many things might surprise you. At least I want to make you stay calm," I added.

Again she swallowed hard, to the point I could hear it.

"Fine... Now tell me about you and my Kingdom's secret."

"Sure." After that answer, I explained what I know about her kingdom, especially about the angel and the crystal. About the fact that her kingdom's main commodity was the magic power that was taken by force from a high angel. Also about how a human named Ethan turned into an Incubus named Damian, not even the Prince of the dark dimension. Aside from that, I also told her what happened between the dark dimension and the human world. From the cracks, my partners and servants and a bit about the demon hunter association, especially about Mrs Clea.

As time passed, I felt she was much calmer and more comfortable with me. It was clear from her gesture and how she nested comfortably near me. Her hands hugged me. Occasionally, she touched my demonic features. My horns and wings. She also seemed grateful after she found out, it was me who made the phenomenon every night and the contract would not only have benefits for me but it would also protect her from harm. This was also one of my main purposes why I used this contract on her. I would be going to the dark dimension soon, at least, I had to give protection to all my partners before leaving them. I didn't want what happened to Olivia and Camila to happen to her.

We spent over an hour just explaining all this. Our position changed, from sitting down to lying on the sofa. While she lay on top of me. Her head rested comfortably on my shoulder and her hand rested on my chest. In contrast to our relaxed gesture, our conversation sounded very serious. Especially, when Mia explained how the main commodity could affect all kinds of aspects in her kingdom. It was definitely not going to be that easy. This was an angel versus millions of her people.

My hand moved to stroke her hair slowly. But my mind, my brain was working hard to figure out how I could solve it. A lot of things crossed my mind, but in the end, I always hit a dead end or a fatal side effect. What I could think was we had to replace her kingdom's main commodity in the future. But it was not something that could be achieved for a year or two. We needed a long process and a lot of approval. Not only from higher up but also from her people.

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