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Chapter: 351


The Incubus System Chapter 351. Addiction

But just for a second, she took her hand off me and flinched in pain.

"Ouch!" she gritted her teeth, enduring the pain in her abdomen.

"Enough talk." I put my hand behind her and pulled her head closer to me.

"We need to settle this first before worrying about anything else." After those words left my mouth, I bumped my lips against hers. My lips moved to take hers. Once, twice and continued to move as if I spilled our feelings there.

It was a little weird since the kiss felt different than the last time. Indeed there was lust in it, but also relief and happiness, either from me or from her. I was so relieved because I, she, already knew our deepest secret, so there was nothing to hide anymore. Now we could talk about many things, including the political issues and what was happening in this world. That confession had released a bit of my burden.

She tilted her head. Her tongue went into my mouth and danced wildly. Her heart was beating fast to the point I could feel it. Likewise, her body slightly trembled out of nervousness. This was her first experience of having sex while I was in my demonic form so it was a normal thing. Still, the fact she had made up her mind was a good start for us. And I would not back down just because of it. I would prove my every word and fulfill my promise.

"Ah!" She broke our kiss in shock and pulled her body for the same reason when my clothes turned into a dark aura. Instead, I took her hand and made her touch my limp cock, just like when I did the first time with her.

"Make me hard," I demanded in a soft voice before I pulled her again and rammed my lips into hers once more. Without further orders, she moved her hand, tracing my cock with the tips of her fingers in a delicate way and gently brushing it. It was a pleasant thing and it managed to wake my cock slowly.

Didn't stop there, my tail slipped into her dress and found she was not wearing her panties. I didn't expect that and found it sexy. It increased my libido. My tail traced her body from her entrance up to her stomach and slipped into her bra, playing with her nipples alternately.

Releasing my kiss from her, a chuckle came out of my mouth when I found her nipples had hardened and her entrance was getting wet with just that simple touch.

"I don't expect that despite your nervousness, your body is still honest with me. I like it, Mia... It makes me want to f*ck you even more," I whispered in temptation. My smirk also said the same thing.

"Ah!" Without waiting for her answer, I pushed her to the side, sending our bodies falling off the sofa. My hand that was behind her protecting her head hit the floor. Her carpet became our bed.

After I reversed our position, my tail slithered and wriggled in front of her face slowly. Her eyes immediately fell on it.

"You know... I wanted to do this when we played the game. Unfortunately, I can't. But now..." I rolled the tip of my tail and folded the tip inward, making it look like a dildo.

"I will f*ck your both holes until I'm satisfied." It was a threat but I said it was full of seduction, making it sound like any other.

Slowly, the back of my hand stroked her cheek down to her chin. My eyes looked at her as if I was a hungry beast that wanted to swallow its prey whole.

"Lick me, Mia," I whispered as I brought my tail to her lips, clearly showing what I meant.

She nodded. As her eyes stared at my black tail with a foreign gaze, her lips drew closer in hesitation. She started it off with a sweet kiss before she licked it from base to tip. It managed to make me shiver in anticipation of what I would get next.

"Uh... Yes... Give me more," I grunted in a soft voice. I closed my eyes, enjoying all the simple stimulation and my face clearly showed what I felt.

Her eyes widened. From her expression, she was surprised by my reaction to her simple stimulation.

"That sensitive?" she asked.

I opened my eyes and gave her a seductive smirk.

"Um-hm. Make me drown in my lust, Mia. Then I will ease your pain," I demanded.

Mia bit her lip in temptation. Her breasts heaved up and down for the same reason. Her curiosity and her lust were clear from her face ...

She opened her mouth, bringing my tail into it. Like my cock, she licked it, sucked it and rubbed its base with her fingertips gently.

Again, I closed my eyes. My body jolted upon this tasty sensation. I gritted my teeth and a hissing sound came out of my mouth. I could feel all the stimulations were being fired from the tip of my tail all over my body. My body shivered upon it.

"Yes... That's it..." I said in a lustful voice. I moved my tail, stuffing it deeper into her mouth. As if I was fucking her mouth. While her hand didn't stop to rub my cock. With the stimulation coming from my sensitive spots, it made my mating urge rise quickly.

My hand slipped into her dress and ripped her bra roughly in one pull before I played and pinched her hard nipples which were waiting for me like a sweet child.

"Hnnn..." A soft moan and smile on her face clearly showed how much she enjoyed my stimulation. Her eyes were watching every change of my expression and she looked pleased by it. Well, this was the first time she saw a demon in lust, so this was an extraordinary sight for her and it made her lust go crazy.

But only for a moment, I pulled my tail from her mouth.

"I didn't know a demon could be this sexy..." she muttered as soon as she could get her voice out.

"Um-hum. But you should know. Demons love rough play," I warned with a seductive smirk. Then I distanced myself and pulled her. I impatiently took off her dress and tossed her bra to the side. My lips descended once more to hers, but only briefly, it shifted to her neck, shoulder and breast. My tongue licked it. My mouth savored a familiar and delicious pair of soft mounds, letting her sink into my touch.

Her hand that had been on my cock shifted to my waist. Instead, she put her wet entrance in front of it and started to rub it. Her tail wrapped around my legs, showing her desire clearly. While my tail travelled behind her and tickled her butt hole, warning her to prepare for what I wanted to do.

Slowly, my face went up to the side of her ear and whispered.

"I will fill your holes with mine." In one movement, I pushed both of my stakes into her holes. I could feel her tightness. How my cock and my tail fulfill both of them. My push created rough friction that immersed me in pleasure.

'So tight...' I thought. But I kept pushing my way to the deepest part of hers with both of mine. I had to confess double penetration was the best. This is why I did it repeatedly in the previous game. I could say it was so addictive.

Her tightness bit two sensitive parts of my body, making me sink into my desire. No, not only me but also her. She was clearly enjoying all of this. Her body, her mind no longer cared that I am a demon. What was in her eyes was only Damian Lucio... Her lover...

"Ohhh! Ohhhh... Yess!" she shouted with the top of her lugs, jolted in pleasure and raised her head in the mid-air. Her eyes, which were turned upside down, showed clearly how she felt. Her hands hugged me tightly as she planted her nails into my back.

My evil chuckle came out of my mouth. Her expression turned me on like crazy and I was satisfied by it. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing how my woman drowned in lust as a result of my touch. Her pleasure was my pleasure.

"I know you'll like it." I moved my waist and my tail at the same time, thrusting both of her holes in one perfect union. Without hesitation she moved her waist in rhythm with me, climbing the ladder of pleasure with me.

The sound of clashing flesh mixed with ragged breath and our moans filled the room. Her mouth kept calling my name. Our desire filled our bodies as our minds turned blank. What we knew was the pleasure and the pleasant feeling that filled our bodies.

"I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" she screamed. Then a few seconds later, another shout came out of her mouth.

"Ohh---Ohhh! Yesss!!!" she shouted out loud as we reached our climax.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

Weakly, she unwrapped her tail as her body fell on me, even before I pulled my cock and my tail. A kiss landed on my lips before she hugged me again.

"That's the best sex ever..." she whispered.

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