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Chapter: 352

A Demon With A Heart

The Incubus System Chapter 352. A Demon With A Heart

"As I said, I knew you'd like it..." I whispered. Without waiting for a reply from her, I pulled my cock and my tail before I brought her on the sofa.

Seeing her condition, I decided to get her a glass of water. But when I was about to get it, her hands pulled me back.

"Don't leave me," she said in a spoiled tone.

"I just wanted to get a drink for you," I said.

"I don't need that. Just stay with me..." she asked.

"Fine." After that answer, I lay there even though the sofa felt cramped for both of us. She hugged me intimately and shifted her body on top of me, making me her bed. Our hands hugged each other's bodies.

Minutes passed as we enjoyed all the rest of the pleasure left in our bodies. My cum trickled down to her thighs and dripped down her sofa, showing how much I had shot it into her hole. But she didn't care.

"Having sex with a demon... I must be crazy..." she said in a weak voice. Well, I couldn't deny that since if I was human, I would think the same thing as her.

I grabbed her chin and tilted it at me, making her face me.

"You've given your loyalty to me, remember? That's even crazier than just having sex with me," I reminded her and it showed how far she had given herself to me.

"And I won't let you go..." I added with a seductive smirk.

She pouted upon my words.

"Don't scare me."

To which I replied with a short chuckle.

"I'm not scaring you. It's a real thing. You are my partner, there's no way I will let you go and waste you," I showed no ill intent from my words.

A smile on her lips as she rested her head on my chest again. While my hand shifted to her hair.

"Can all demons speak sweet words like you?" she teased.

"All lust demons can do it. But not all of them can keep their words." My mind went back to what happened to the real Myra and how she did everything for that Incubus which ended in disappointment.

"Some are cruel enough to deceive their women and lead them to their doom." My disappointment and anger were evident in the tone of my voice. Although I knew Myra did it because she was crazy about that Incubus, that didn't cover the fact that she killed my father.

"That bad?" she said in surprise.

It reminded me of what happened to the maid.

"Actually, some are worse than death," I said bluntly. This morning I asked Ivy how the maid was and she said Miranda's condition was much better, indicating that my Manipulation skill was successful. But that didn't mean she had fully recovered. Ivy said Miranda had been stupefied since that night and had eaten very little. Ivy had taken her off duty for a while and asked her friend to accompany her. But Ivy didn't allow Miranda to leave the mansion to prevent her from being reckless. Besides, I was sure she still wanted to be a demon hunter.

"What about you?" she asked. Her voice sounded more gloomy.

"I already said I will not hurt my beloved one. I will not waste people who give their loyalty to me..." I said sincerely. My mom's betrayal taught me that loyalty was expensive and priceless. That was the reason I felt a little sorry for Myra when I found her lover betrayed her. Unfortunately, forgiving her was impossible for me.

"Besides... I'm sure you already know about it from my other partners," I said again. It was an undeniable fact that how they smile, laugh and serve me came from the deepest of their hearts.

"Yea... We talked a lot in the last game. That's why I didn't realize your true identity. I thought all demons are evil. Who knows some of them are different from the others." A long breath escaped her mouth.

"But on second thought, not all humans are good people either. Some are as bad as demons. In the end... Good or bad, all is determined by each other's hearts. A demon with a heart may be better than a heartless human ... "

Her last sentence managed to bring a smile to my lips.

'A demon with a heart... That doesn't sound too bad.'


02.16 PM

I was at her house entrance and was about to leave when she hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you for easing my pain, Damian or... Should I call you Ethan from now on?" she asked. We had put on our clothes and I had deactivated my Demonic Form. Besides that, we had also cleaned up all the mess. Well, not all of it... Since we couldn't remove my sperm stain on her sofa completely. But she said she would try to remove it later.

"Damian, Ethan, is the same to me. Just make sure you call me based on my appearance when we meet outside," I said.

"Okay." She opened the door for me.

"Bye, Damian," she said, waving her hand with a sweet smile.

"Bye." I walked out of her house. My eyes swept around me to make sure Ruby wasn't around. After I made sure everything was safe, I quickened my pace and entered my house.

At the entrance, Celia, and my servants greeted me with a smile.

"Congratulations!" they said excitedly.

"This way all your partners already know about your identity," added Yuffy.

"Thank you," I said. I cancelled my incubus form and returned to my human form.

"Did she say anything about our relationship?" Celia asked curiously. Mia had known us for a long time so Celia's guess our relationship would have shocked her.

"She didn't say anything. Actually--- She was more shocked by the fact that I was the demon prince and I had slept with Lilieth," I said.

"That's good then..." Her face showed a strange expression between disappointment and relief.

While my servants looked at us in confusion.

"I don't understand what's the big deal?" said Luna in confusion.

"Me neither. The human world surely has a lot of rules," Yuffy replied with a shrug.

While I could only reply to them with an awkward smile. Since if they knew about the light dimension's rules, I bet they would scream in surprise.

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