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Chapter: 374

Game Arcade Adventure I

The Incubus System Chapter 374. Game Arcade Adventure I

After another 15 minutes of pointless talking and nonsense guesses, I somehow managed to make him believe that my departure had nothing to do with yesterday's events and what I did was not dangerous.

Then I picked up Celia to go with Tiffany, Emma and Olivia to Peace Blossom Square. Unlike the previous hellish shopping session, this time, our hang out was much more fun. We spent time trying new things either for me or for them. Like visiting the new gelato shop, trying popular cupcakes at a famous bakery and the new flavor of bubble tea. With my previous financial situation, Celia and I couldn't do this. While, because of their busy schedules, Emma and Tiffany also couldn't do it. As for Olivia, she rarely visited this kind of place since she was too busy with her family affair. To be sure, we had to avoid Ruby's cafe.

Another funny thing, sometimes our presence attracted several people's attention, especially men. Well, I was the only man among those women, so they gave me envious looks. But that usually didn't long since Olivia simply chased them away with her death glare.

The next place was a game center. It felt like it had been forever since I went to this place with Celia. The last time I and Larry visited this place was 2 years ago.

The roar of the car engine that came out of the four arcade racing car machines pierced in my ears. Tiffany, Emma, Olivia and I sat on them. Our feet hit the pedal and our hands were on the wheels.

'Scary...' I thought. An awkward smile on my lips as my eyes glanced at Emma, Tiffany and Olivia by my side. Their eyes stared intently at the screen, watching how their cars hit each other. I bet Celia, who was standing behind me, also thought the same thing since she couldn't help but smile awkwardly.

"It's that all you got?!" Olivia said as she turned her wheel to the left to hit Tiffany's car.

"Ha! Missed!" Tiffany teased with a triumphant smile since she managed to avoid Olivia's car.

Their taunts were answered by the turbo engine roar of Emma's car.

"Bye, guys~," she said with a triumphant smile since her car was near the finish line.

While my car was in 5th rank, far behind them.

'I just found out they could be this competitive.' But I was glad they seemed to be enjoying their time.

"Just take it easy. It's just a game," I said once the game was over. We got off the machines and decided to go to another game.

"What are you talking about? That's the reason why we do what we want to do. Because games are not real," Olivia explained.

"She's right. We can do whatever we want in the games," said Emma.

Well, that made sense.

"Guys, should we try shooting games?" said Tiffany.

"Let's go!" they said excitedly.

This time, we approached a zombie shooting machine. Since there were only 4 guns there, I decided to give this turn to Celia. The shooting game was not as competitive as a racing game. They even had to work together to clear all the stages. So Celia would enjoy it. At least that was what I thought, sadly... I was wrong.

"Why do I always miss my targets? Is there a problem with my gun?" Celia complained in panic. Her finger pressed the trigger repeatedly yet the 'miss' announcement kept appearing below her point score. Meanwhile, the others managed to kill the zombies in one shot. Well, I didn't know if this was related or not. But since Olivia was a martial arts expert, she had good reflexes. And the others were demon hunters so I expected no less from them.

I facepalmed myself since the problem was not on her gun. But it was her who mistook another's gun target point as hers.

"Celia, your target point is the red dot. Concentrate," said Tiffany. Her hand was busy pressing the trigger. The others also had said the same thing over and over again, but it seemed that Celia was still confused by that.

Since Celia looked panicked, I decided to help her.

"Hold your shot. You're just wasting your ammo," I said. Celia followed my words and handed the gun to me. But instead of taking it, I simply stood behind her and helped her to aim at the right target.

"Pull the trigger," I said.

She did as I said and her first perfect shot appeared below her score. After that, her score started to rise as we killed the zombies one by one. Once she got used to it, I pointed at her target point.

"See that red dot? Just concentrate on that," I instructed. After that, I released my grip slowly, letting her continue the game by herself. Although not as perfect as before, she could do it much better than before.

"So what's next?" Olivia said with a satisfied smile. Somehow, they managed to finish the game with just a few credits.

"How about that?" Celia pointed to a row of claw crane machines not far from us. In just one glance, I knew why she chose that.

"Do you want the pink bear?" I asked.

"Yes. Can you take it for me?" She looked at me with puppy-like eyes.

"I will try." I had always avoided the claw crane machine since it was the hardest game for me. But with my Demonic eyes, I should be able to pinpoint my target easily.

After inserting the coin, I moved the analog. My eyes looked at the claw and the pink bear alternately. The others were waiting for me in the back out of curiosity. Once the claw was in the right position, I pressed the button. The claw went down and picked up the pink bear.

'Hell yeah,' I grinned happily. Unfortunately, before it reached the hole, the bear fell.

"Loser~" The cute girl's voice came from the machine. But somehow that sounded annoying.

"What?" I grumbled in disbelief. It didn't have any obstacles, yet the bear slipped off of it for no reason.

"Well, getting a doll from this machine isn't that easy." Olivia's voice came from my side.

Without saying anything, I put in another coin.

"One more try. I'm sure I can get it this time." The doll fell right on the side of the hole. It was so close so I was sure of that. Again, unfortunately... I was wrong.

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