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Chapter: 2431

Battle of Brain and Braun

Ye Futian turned and left. The group left the place in a flying boat with extreme speed.

Great Elder Motian was cunning and extremely cautious. If they threatened him with someone else and he decided to start a battle, the outcome would be tough to predict. To be safe, Ye Futian decided to give up and not make a move against him.

After they left, on Motian Palace of Motian Mountain stood a middle-aged man in golden robes. His expression was very solemn. One figure after another landed around him and said, "Great Elder, do we just let them go?"

Great Elder Motian looked into the distance at the person leaving. That was the frame of a Great Emperor… Of course, he wouldn’t let him go so easily.

Ye Futian drove the flying boat as they traveled through the clouds. His spiritual soul was still inside the body of Shenjia the Great. Little Ling asked, "Master, why aren’t you coming out?"

"It’s not time yet," Ye Futian answered. The flying boat’s speed was astonishing, yet Ye Futian abruptly stopped the boat and let it levitate atop the misty clouds after a while. Shenjia the Great’s brows locked tight together, and he said coldly, "Senior, what is the meaning of this?"

Clearly, he sensed that Great Elder Motian was following him from afar. If it wasn’t for his sharp senses, he might not even realize that the Great Elder was behind. Great Elder Motian had intentionally hidden his aura and followed from an extreme distance, yet he still sensed it.

In the distance, it was still just Great Elder Motian’s face. His real body couldn’t be seen and was hidden as always. The face realized that Ye Futian had found out, so it stopped camouflaging itself and released a very faint aura that prompted the clouds to roll and ripple. A face appeared above Ye Futian. Great Elder Motian said, "I didn’t have anything to do. Since our dear little friend came from so far away, I thought I could see you guys off."

"Thank you very much, Senior. Having Mo Yunzi see us off is more than enough. No need to trouble you," Ye Futian said. The Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird was already controlled, so he was naturally familiar with the Six Desires Heaven.

He was cautious toward this Great Elder Motian previously, which was why his spiritual soul remained inside the body of Shenjia the Great. Still, he didn’t expect him to actually follow them.

"No worries, I’m also a little curious. Your spiritual soul left your body to control the divine body of the Great Emperor. That puts a great burden on you, right? Don’t you feel deep spiritual exhaustion? I thought this might not be good for you in the long run," Great Elder Motian probed. He obviously understood the crucial part of this, which is why he followed him all the way here. The moment Ye Futian could no longer handle the exhaustion, how would these Renhuang level cultivators be able to stop him?

Previously when Ye Futian attacked, he could feel path-obliterating power and sensed danger. He wasn’t confident in starting a battle back then, so he decided to let Ye Futian leave. But as long as Ye Futian’s spiritual soul returned to his own body, who would be able to stop him?

This divine body would naturally become his.

He wasn’t in a hurry. To be safe, he was willing to wait until Ye Futian exhausted himself completely without doing anything else.

Ye Futian was rather helpless as well. The opponent was far too cautious. It would be extremely difficult to eliminate him in an instant, and there would be huge backlash the moment he slipped up. After all, a full-force attack from a Tribulation Plane cultivator would be quite a problem for Jieyu and the others.

But if he allowed this to continue, the dangers would become even greater. He couldn’t keep going forever, and Great Elder Motian was clearly a very patient person who wouldn’t mind continuing to spend as much time as needed on him.

"Well, senior doesn’t need to concern yourself with that." Ye Futian’s voice turned cold; he seemed agitated. This emotion was, of course, captured by Great Elder Motian. He snickered inside and didn’t get anxious, continuing to wait for the right opportunity.

"Let’s go," Ye Futian said in a composed voice as he straightened his sleeves. The group started moving forward again. At the same time, Ye Futian started to analyze Great Elder Motian using the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird’s memories.

"If you want to attack, I’ll try my best to block his strike," Hua Jieyu transmitted her voice to Ye Futian. She clearly understood that Great Elder Motian was taking advantage of their weaker position to pin Ye Futian down. This would prevent him from committing fully to a battle with him.

Otherwise, if Ye Futian had nothing else to worry about, he would fight him head-on.

"All right, no rush. Let me think of a solution," Ye Futian replied. His brain ran like an engine as he thought about how to deal with Great Elder Motian.

As time passed, Ye Futian appeared to be more and more anxious, and the divine might of the Great Path started to erupt from him and embrace Hua Jieyu and the others within. Afterward, Shenjia the Great’s body flew through the void and toward the back. Its speed was so great that it was as though it turned into a sword as it flew.

Boom! A deafening noise erupted and sent tremors through the skies, countless Gold Great Palm Seals were crushed and destroyed, and the divine frame traveled forward through the void. Right then, numerous golden eyes appeared in front of it as a terrifying Devouring Power descended upon them, attempting to reel in the divine frame.

Shenjia the Great’s body once again pierced through it and continued forward, striking the face projection, yet it still wasn’t Great Elder Motian’s real body. From afar, several terrifying auras appeared. Ye Futian’s eye’s turned cold. He asked, "Senior, what do you really want?"

His voice was laced with agitation as well as a tinge of anger.

"You spiritual soul. Leave the divine frame of the great emperor and hand over the divine frame to me, and then I’ll let you guys leave. After all, there are no major grudges between you and me," Great Elder Motian said.

Ye Futian pondered for a while. He appeared to be struggling internally. He then said, "We’re willing to return senior’s mount as well."

Great Elder Motian was silent for a while, and then he smiled and replied, "I was planning to give it to you as a gift, but since you’re this courteous, I suppose I can take it back."

Ye Futian must be doing this because he was afraid that he wouldn’t let them go, and of course, he would be willing to grant his wish.

"This divine frame is the body of Shenjia the Great from the ancient era. It’s very difficult to control. Do be careful with it," Ye Futian reminded the Great Elder, which prompted a marveled expression to flash across the face projection in the void. He then said, "I got it."

"I have just one more request. Can my friends leave first?" Ye Futian asked.

From afar, Great Elder Motian was thinking. He said, "I’m sure you are aware that if I continued to follow you, sooner or later, you wouldn’t be able to handle it. If you’re planning to play any tricks…"

Yet, in actual fact, Great Elder Motian was sneering inside. So what if he let them go first? Did Ye Futian really think that he had no other way to track them?

Every last one of them could forget about escaping.

"I understand," Ye Futian replied.

"In that case, let them leave first." Great Elder Motian’s voice sounded. Ye Futian nodded and said, "You guys leave first."

"No." Hua Jieyu and the others appeared hesitant.

"Master," Fang Cun and the students called out as well.

"I’m not leaving," Little Ling said. Ye Futian didn’t tell them about the plan, so these younger cultivators’ responses were all out of genuine concern. How would they know that Ye Futian and Great Elder Motian were both planning their own schemes, both trying to deceive each other!

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