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Chapter: 2853

Great Chaos had Come

Cultivators of the Seven Realms and Gods’ Ruins Continent could all feel the subtleties of the current world. There were some whispers that when the 500th year of the Donghuang Calendar arrived, the Human Realm and Devil World would team up to attack the Divine Prefecture. They would break up Donghuang the Geat’s 500-year rule of the Divine Prefecture and end Donghuang the Great’s emperor’s fate.

Would the prediction from the Buddha of Destiny finally come true?

Other than that, more and more Great Emperor figures appeared in the Gods’ Ruins Continent eve since Huatian the Great. You could also say that they appeared in the Original Realm. They all came by breaking open the space in the same place as Huatian the Great. This created a huge storm in the Gods’ Ruins Continent these days.

Many people guessed that these were all Great Emperors who had survived the collapse of the ancient Heavenly Path. After the Heavenly Path had collapsed, the many gods had died, but some Great Emperors had used unbelievable methods to survive the disaster. They existed in the world in a different form. For example, Great Emperor Ziwei had sealed himself off, Shenyin the Great hid inside a guqin, and various emperors used special items to preserve themselves wholly.

Now, it seemed that some Great Emperors had been exiled after the Heavenly Path had collapsed.

And now, they found the way back and thus began to appear one after another.

In response to this situation, the Human Ancestor sent strong cultivators of the Human Realm to guard the Gods’ Ruins Continent. When an ancient emperor returned, the Human Ancestor would order someone to negotiate with them and bring them to the Human Realm. Some Great Emperors seemed to want to figure out the world’s current situation, so they were willing to follow. However, there were also solitary figures who left by themselves.

One day, an extremely strong aura seemed to spread from somewhere in the Gods’ Ruins Continent—it was still where Huatian the Great had appeared. It shook the hearts of the surrounding strong figures.

"It’s appeared again." Nowadays, people from every realm searched for news here.

"Could it be that Huatian the Great found the coordinate for the others to return?" someone guessed.

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"It could be true. Ever since Huatian the Great returned, more people have been returning."

The strong cultivators were all guessing quietly. There were also cultivators from the Ye Imperial Palace in the crowd. They were responsible for keeping an eye on the situation and reporting it back at any time.

Nowadays, the Ye Imperial Palace was considered an emperor-level force. Thud, they naturally needed to know the news of the outside world.

Boom! Paired with a horrifying beam of divine light, the heavens split apart. Then seven figures appeared at the same time. These seven people had extremely frightening auras. They were all Great Emperors. The strong cultivators were all stunned when they saw this scene, and a storm lifted in their hearts.

Seven. Seven Great Emperors had appeared at once.

The changes in the world were a bit too drastic. Before, there had only been six emperors in the world. Now that the space passageway had opened up, seven emperors could return at once.

This made people wonder just how many Great Emperors had existed during the Age of Gods.

Perhaps some of the Great Emperors of the Ancient God Clans had been at the top level of that era, but they still weren’t strong enough. Only those who could fight against the Heavenly Path or rule the Eight Legions were the true sovereigns of the world.

Or perhaps Great Emperors had different sub-levels, but they were still too far away. They still had not reached the Emperor Plane, so how could they discuss the different levels of Great Emperors?

These seven Great Emperors stood at the dome of the sky. Their auras overtook the world and were incomparable. They even radiated with extremely sharp auras as if they were the rulers of the world. They looked down at the cultivators below. Their divine gazes swept across the cultivators below without holding back.

The people were used to this because this kind of situation had happened many times now. Why would Great Emperors care about cultivators of lower planes? In their eyes, every being below the Great Emperor Plane was like an ant.

A group of people walked out. They bowed toward the seven Great Emperors that had appeared in the sky and said, "Senior, we are from the Human Realm. We are under the Human Ancestor’s orders to invite you all to visit the Human Realm."

The seven Great Emperors looked down at the person from the Human Realm who spoke.

Poof… Their gaze penetrated the space instantly, and a spear nailed the speaker directly into the air. It stabbed through his body. This abrupt scene shocked all the strong figures, and their expressions dropped.

They had started killing without any warning.

This had not happened before. The other Great Emperors who had come were all willing to learn about the situation.

The seven Great Emperors faced different directions and reached out at the same time. The vast and boundless void was instantly shrouded in a horrifying storm. All the cultivators in nearby regions hovered in the air at the same time. They struggled wildly, but they could not break free.

"Go!" They all wanted to escape, including the few cultivators from the Ye Imperial Palace, but that storm covered them completely. They could not block the Divine Power.

"Ah!" There were pained cries. The eyes of the seven Great Emperors turned white. The pure white orbs looked extremely demonic. In that instant, everyone felt that their consciousness was being peeled away. A horrifying strength invaded their minds directly. Before the Great Emperors, they might not even be ants.

A moment later, the seven Great Emperors seemed to have received the memories they wanted. Similar divine light flowed between them, connecting the seven of them. They seemed to be one unit with no distinction between them.

"Ye Imperial Palace!"

The seven people murmured as if their thoughts were connected. The strongest force on this continent was the Ye Imperial Palace.

One cultivator of the Ye Imperial Palace took out a mirror. He used his willpower to put a beam of his consciousness into it. The next moment, there was a poof, and his head was pierced directly. He died on the spot.

The seven Great Emperors gazed around. The poofs kept sounding as one person was killed after another, and their bodies dropped down powerlessly.

The people’s lives were like weeds.

The seven Great Emperors did not even glance at them. They faced the same direction in unison, and then their bodies disappeared. They headed towards the Ye Imperial Palace.

In the Ye Imperial Palace, Fang Gai received the news passed back immediately. He headed towards where Ye Futian was cultivating and woke him up, disrupting Ye Futian’s cultivation voluntarily for the first time.

Ye Futian went before the great pavilion. "Palace Lord," Fang Gai said. "While you were cultivating in seclusion these days, Great Emperors had gradually started breaking open the heavens and entering. Some guess that these are the Great Emperors who became lost after the Heavenly Path had collapsed. They were exiled in the boundless void and finally the way back now.

"Because Great Emperors are returning gradually, all the forces have sent people to investigate. The Ye Imperial Palace did the same. Not too long ago, seven Great Emperors descended from the heavens and killed all cultivators in that region, taking their memories. They’re coming towards the Ye Imperial Palace. I’m afraid they are unfriendly."

"The people of the Ye Imperial Palace were killed too?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes." Fang Gai nodded.

Ye Futian looked into the distance, and murderous intent flashed past his eyes. The unrest of the Seven Realms had not settled yet, but now more Great Emperors were returning from the heavens.

The great chaos had come. The storm was about to start!

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