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Chapter: 2855

Shocking the World with One Spear

Ye Futian saw the divine matrix in the dome of the sky. He lifted his hand and pushed his palm toward the upper sky. In an instant, boundless divine light shone through. A divine seal appeared in the dome of the sky. It was a rectangular divine seal. This divine seal expanded with crazy speed and resonated with Ye Futian’s body.

Boom! In an instant, divine light pierced the heavens. The rectangular divine seal covered the vast space, transforming into a boundless divine matrix. When the divine print rotated, there were beautiful beams of runes and worlds on the surface.

Before, when Ye Futian had been cultivating in seclusion, the Micro Heavenly Path had created a divine seal. It was named the Heaven Seal. After that, Ye Futian had comprehended a divine technique from the Heaven Seal, which was the World Divine Seal seen now.

The runes seemed like they would jump out; they contained the immense might of Divine Power. When the judgment of light from the divine matrix in the sky descended, the entire world roared.

Countless beams of judgment light fell at once, landing on the World Divine Seal. Many frightening dark cracks appeared in the heavens like space was being ripped apart. It was exceedingly horrifying, like the true doomsday.

Countless beams of judgement light hit the World Divine Seal and penetrated it bit by bit. However, it could not truly destroy it directly.

"Palace Lord Ye has become stronger."

All of the cultivators below were stunned. He actually blocked such a terrifying attack. It was apparent how strong Ye Futian was nowadays. This was an alliance of seven Great Emperors, and each of them was stronger than Haotian the Great.

The cultivators could not even imagine what level their attack was. It was out of their knowledge range.

Ye Futian lifted a hand and slapped the boundless World Divine Seal forward. Instantly, countless ancient runes peeled off from the boundless World Divine Seal and blasted toward the dome of the heaven.

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The seven Great Emperors’ white orbs shot down to the lower sky. They reached out at the same time, moving in unison, and the divine matrix in the dome of the sky shot out frightening weapons. Seven long spears appeared in their hands.

The long spears radiated with peerless light of judgment. They were huge, like the spears of true gods of judgement. Wielding the spears, they headed down the sky, transforming into seven beams of divine light. In that instant, more beautiful light burst from the divine matrix and shot down murderously toward the World Divine Seal below.

At the same time that they extracted the spears, Ye Futian also extended his arm. Infinite Heaven Slaying Divine Swords were formed around him, and a spear also appeared in his hands.

White robe fluttering, silver hair dancing, Ye Futian looked like a true god of the world with his long spear. The cultivators below looked at his backside and felt that Ye Futian was indomitable at this moment. So what if there were seven gods of judgment?

Countless people clenched their fists and felt their hot blood thundering inside. The fear they felt before transformed into anticipation. They were anticipating Ye Futian’s most epic battle.

Ye Futian’s arm moved slightly. The moment the divine attack from the seven Great Emperors fell, the infinite Heaven Slaying Divine Swords rose against the tide, blazing toward the upper sky. At the same time, his body transformed into a beam of light that streaked upward.

Bang! The instant that the seven Great Emperors attacked, billions of beams of judgment descended onto the World Divine Seal at the same time. The divine seal was destroyed instantly. The seven judgment gods carried infinite judgment light and continued down, annihilating the sky and judging the masses, slaying all cultivators below them.

But at almost the same time, infinite Heaven Slaying Divine Swords shot up into the sky, crashing against the judgment light. That moment, it was like the world was about to be destroyed.

Of course, the true battle was between the seven gods and Ye Futian themselves.

The seven judgment gods used their spears to seal the void and attack Ye Futian. They wanted to bring him to justice.

But at this time, Ye Futian also stabbed with the spear in his hand.

The spear’s blow was shocking.

Spear techniques buried the sky!

A muffled sound spread from the void. Countless beams of judgment light shot down, attacking Ye Futian with extreme murderous strength. But the moment that Ye Futian thrust his spear, the time and space seemed to be distorted. It swallowed up the world. The storm of distortion that exploded instantly could pulverize everything, and the billions of beams of judgment light were swallowed by the storm of distortion.

The spears of the seven judgment gods shattered. The huge spears of judgment were torn into countless pieces and swept into the time and space vortex. Their bodies shone with extreme divine light. They seemed to sense the danger and wanted to escape from the storm of distortion. The force of judgment was combatted by Ye Futian’s spear.

Boom… With that huge boom, the world split apart. The seven judgment gods’ bodies were ripped apart. Ye Futian’s long spear was like a black hole, instantly swallowing everything, including the other party’s destructive attack.

The seven heavenly emperors’ bodies twisted and disappeared the next moment, reduced to nothingness.

The spear swept past, and Ye Futian’s body appeared in the upper sky. Everything in his path was turned to dust. The doomsday-like light of judgment vanished without a trace, and the divine matrix in the dome of the sky had scattered. It was as if it had never existed before.

In that vast space, only Ye Futian’s figure was standing in the heavens. His white robes fluttered, and his long silver hair danced in the windstorm. Everyone looked at him, and it seemed that every strand of his hair was clear. He was a god, a true heavenly god. Every strand of hair could be a weapon.

He killed seven Great Emperors with one spear!

This kind of action had never been heard of before, but they all witnessed it today. The cultivators outside the Ye Imperial Palace were all lucky to have seen this extremely stunning scene.

This memory would accompany them forever, unable to be erased. Countless years later, they would still be hotblooded and excited when thinking back to this scene, feeling very proud to have witnessed this battle of Ye Futian’s that shocked the world.

In the present world, everyone’s attention was attracted by the current heavenly emperor. They had forgotten that in the Original Realm, there was a monstrous figure who topped the generation with his peerless talent and had no match to date.

In today’s battle, he killed seven emperors with one spear. Who could match him?

Ye Futian was their religion and their god!

It was not just the others. Even the core figures of the Ye Imperial Palace were stunned by this spear, too shocked to speak. This spear attack was too beautiful. It killed seven emperors. Under the spear, the seven domineering gods of judgment did not even have the chance to escape and were killed on the spot. They probably never thought that they would die directly here.

"I missed the last era, but I am fortunate to witness this era," the Supreme Swordlord murmured. A smile appeared in his eyes. He had missed the stunning figures of the previous era, but he witnessed Ye Futian’s path to the top with his own eyes.

Before, he had said that the heavenly princess had been peerless, and the world was not as colorful without her.

The Original Realm would be lonely without Ye Futian!

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