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Chapter: 2857

Human Divine Palace

The Human Ancestor was a being from ancient times. He had lived countless years and was the most ancient Great Emperor. He was not like those ancient emperors who had fallen and then returned. He had always existed in the world.

One could say that the Human Ancestor was the most senior being in the world. He was also the most respected of the six emperors.

With the Human Ancestor’s status, he was really showing respect to Ye Futian by coming personally. Ye Futian was unable to reject him, so he said, "Since the Human Ancestor has invited me, how can I not agree?"

Hearing that Ye Futian agreed, the Human Ancestor smiled and nodded, saying, "In that case, I will wait for Palace Lord Ye to come to the Human Realm."

With that, the auspicious light flashed, and the Human Ancestor’s figure vanished.

Di Hao’s eyes opened. Looking at Ye Futian, he said, "Since Palace Lord Ye has agreed, I will take my leave."

"Be my guest." Ye Futian did not try to stop him. He nodded, and then Di Hao led his men away.

After the cultivators of the Human Realm left, Ye Futian remained on his throne. The people beside him did not leave either. At this time, Ye Futian’s brows furrowed slightly, and he asked, "What do you all think?"

The Human Ancestor had invited him personally to travel to the Human Realm and discuss the grand matter. The so-called grand matter was naturally how to deal with the Heaven Realm and Divine Prefecture.

"The Human Realm has always represented justice in the world. They are also attacking the Heaven Realm and Divine Prefecture under the name of justice, but the six realms all act for their own benefit. I don’t believe in the so-called human justice," the Supreme Swordlord said. "The Human Ancestor had a good relationship with Donghuang the Great before. Now, he suddenly wants to destroy the Divine Prefecture. I’m afraid there are other secrets. It’s not as simple as it seems. The last time Di Hao proposed to Donghuang Diyuan was the Human Ancestor testing Donghuang the Great’s attitude. Their relationship started worsening after that."

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"Correct," Fang Gai said. "The Human Ancestor is the most ancient being in the world now and is unpredictable. No one can see through him. The temperament he shows is peerless too. There are two possibilities for his temperament. One, he is a true sage who is detached from the world. But judging from his past actions, he might not have reached that state yet. If that is not the case, then it is a guise, which is even more frightening." He was analyzing the revered Human Ancestor.

"In the Human Realm, the Human Ancestor’s status is extremely revered. Everyone worships him. His title is the Human Ancestor. No ordinary person can enjoy this title. Could it be possible that he wants to attack the Heaven Realm and Divine Prefecture for the good of the cultivation world?" Lord Taixuan said doubtfully. However, he was only expressing his own views. He did have some suspicions, but he felt that they could not see clearly and did not want to directly accuse the Human Ancestor of being disingenuous.

Perhaps they saw things with a bias because of their conflicts with the Human Realm?

"At most, he is only thinking for the Human Realm," Gu Dongliu said in disagreement. "No matter what the situation with the Human Ancestor is, we must make the trip."

Ye Futian nodded. If the Human Ancestor was a true "sage" with unparalleled benevolence, they had to visit out of respect for the senior. There was nothing wrong with that.

If it was the other possibility, then the Human Ancestor was very calculative. Since he had already come personally with an invitation, Ye Futian would be presumptuous not to go. It would most likely be difficult to counter the Human Ancestor if he attacked directly.

"We will naturally know all of this in the future," Ye Futian said. He must visit the Human Realm.

Year 10,184 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, the Human Realm invited all the emperor-forces to discuss how to deal with the Heaven Realm and Divine Prefecture.

Once news of this spread, countless cultivators traveled to the Human Realm to witness this grandiosity.

Once, the Human Realm was enemies with the Devil World, Empty Divine realm, and Dark World. Unexpectedly, they would sit down together in an alliance. Changes were unpredictable, and anything could happen in the world.

If war erupted this time, what kind of consequences would occur?

Would the Divine Prefecture be destroyed?

The Divine Prefecture should still exist, but it was hard to say whether the Donghuang Imperial Palace would survive.

Human Realm, Human Divine Palace.

It was covered in wispy and spiritual-like clouds. There were many spiritual mountains here with many pavilions on them, wrapped in auspicious clouds. There were even phoenixes and divine birds flying in the mist.

At this moment, many cultivators were traveling through the sky. They rode the divine birds and looked incredibly magical and handsome.

There was a grand feast set up on one of the main mountains. Guests came from all directions and landed in the spiritual mountains. They stood there and looked into the distance, anticipation filling their eyes.

Today, there will be a grand feast of the largest scale in 500 years. Four of the six current emperors might come, and many of the influential figures who had become Great Emperors recently would go too.

At the moment, there were cultivators in different parts of the mountain. Their auras were all immeasurably deep. The cultivators in the Renhuang Plane could only stand at the bottom. They weren’t even qualified to take a seat.

After the world’s drastic changes, the Renhuang Plane was nothing anymore.

Too many strong figures had been created in recent years, whether they had gone through tribulation or were Great Emperors-To-Be.

It was currently the age of the Great Emperors. The Age of Gods had already begun.

Di Hao stood beside the divine throne at the peak of the spiritual mountain. There were countless Great Emperors on either side of him. They were all waiting.

Even the weakest of those figures were in the Great Emperor-To-Be Plane.

Right then, amidst the cultivators below the spiritual mountain, a group of people passed powerfully through the clouds and came straight towards this side. It was Ye Futian’s group. They were the first to arrive.

Many goddesses went forward to welcome them. They bowed in greeting and said, "Palace Lord Ye, welcome."

With that, they led the way, bringing Ye Futian and the others to the region of spiritual mountains and led them to sit in one section.

"Palace Lord Ye." Di Hao nodded slightly at Ye Futian and the others. Ye Futian also nodded in response but did not say anything else. They sat down quietly and started waiting there.

They were not the stars of the show this time. The Six Emperors were coming, so he was only a junior.

Boom… Terrifying devilish might descended from the dome of the sky. Then beams of devilish light appeared. A group of strong figures abruptly appeared atop the spiritual peak. The strong figures of the Devil Realm’s Devil Imperial Palace had arrived. The leader had aggressive might. It was the Devil Emperor who had come personally.

"Greetings, Devil Emperor." Di Hao and the others bowed in greeting.

"Greetings, Devil Emperor," countless cultivators atop and below the spiritual mountain greeted at the same time, bowing down. The six current emperors were the topmost existence in the world. Everyone held great respect and reverence for the six emperors.

The Devil Emperor did not speak. He strode forward directly, leading the strong figures of the Devil Realm toward somewhere. His eyes glanced at Ye Futian.

"Senior Devil Emperor." Ye Futian rose and bowed from a distance. The Devil Emperor nodded slightly, and then his gaze moved away!

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