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Chapter: 2858

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Not long after the Devil Emperor arrived, two strong auras descended at the same time. Dark divine light fell from the top of the sky, transforming it into a passageway. A group of strong cultivators walked out from it.

And on the other end, there was a golden space passageway. It was like a spatial door had opened. Similarly, a group of strong cultivators walked out from it.

The Dark Court and Empty Mountain cultivators had arrived.

"Greetings, Sovereign and Evil Emperor."

The strong cultivators rose and bowed again, greeting the two standing at the peak—the Dark Sovereign, the ruler of the Dark Court, and the Evil Emperor, ruler of the Empty Divine Realm.

Even for Ye Futian, this was his first time seeing their true forms. He had lived in the Dark Court previously, but he had not seen the Dark Sovereign’s true form either.

At this time, the Dark Sovereign was wrapped in black fog, giving people a doubtful feeling. He also had a silver mask on his face. His entire being was hidden in the nothingness.

The Evil Emperor was slender and had defined facial features. He looked to be in his forties. Just by standing there casually, he gave off an extraordinary feeling. There seemed to be an arrogant air about him. He did not even look at the people. He just scanned the Devil Emperor’s side, found his spot, and took a seat.

"They’ve all arrived."

This feast was mainly for the Devil Emperor, Dark Sovereign, and Evil Emperor. The three supreme figures had all come personally. This was unprecedented in the past 500 years. Only the Human Ancestor made these three Great Emperors come in their true forms.

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Auspicious light shimmered in the air above the divine throne on the spiritual mountain. The brilliant light shone, enveloping all of the ancient peaks. A figure appeared in the Human Divine Palace, and then he came to the divine throne. It was the Human Ancestor’s true form.

"I am very touched that my old friends were willing to come for me," the Human Ancestor said, smiling at the figures. "The last time we gathered like this must be 500 years ago."

At that time, when the world was in chaos, they had gathered before it was resolved. Ever since then, the Seven Realms had been at peace for countless years, and war had not appeared again.

At present, four of the six emperors of the world appeared here.

There was also Ye Futian of the Original Realm.

"The situation of the Seven Realms has changed. Since the Human Ancestor invited us, we also would like to hear your thoughts," the Evil Emperor said. His voice was distant, and he sounded very conceited.

"You all know of the changes of the Seven Realms. There is no need to speak further about it. The Heavenly Path wants to use Ji Wudao to return and rule over the world again. Donghuang’s stance is unclear, but he may partner with the Heaven Realm. Ji Wudao has shown his feelings for Donghuang Diyuan countless times, wanting to make her the Empress. If Ji Wudao succeeds, the Seven Realms will not exist anymore."

The Human Ancestor’s voice was ethereal as he slowly continued, "This time, the other side has plotted for many years while keeping us in the dark. Thus, I invited you all here. I hope to destroy the Donghuang Imperial Palace first and take care of Ji Wudao after. What do you all think?"

"If they become allies, won’t Donghuang go to the Heaven Realm? If the Heavenly Path helps Donghuang, I’m afraid it won’t be straightforward," the Devil Emperor stated, seeming to want to test the Human Ancestor with his words.

"Donghuang has ruled the Divine Prefecture for 500 years. I am sure you all are clear on how significant the Divine Prefecture is to him. If he is willing to abandon the Divine Prefecture and be with Ji Wudao in the Heaven Realm, then he will be giving up the foundations of the Divine Prefecture," the Human Ancestor replied. "Little friend Ye is the descendant of Emperor Ye Qing and extremely talented. He also has old rivalries with Donghuang the Great. It’s quite suitable for him to inherit Emperor Ye Qing’s foundations. What do you all think about handing the Divine Prefecture to little friend Ye?"

Ye Futian’s expression was surprised. He did not think that the Human Ancestor would show such friendliness and give him the Divine Prefecture to rule.

"I agree," the Devil Emperor was the first to nod and agree. He said, "Emperor Ye Qing was one of the creators of the Divine Prefecture. it is legitimate for Ye Futian to inherit the Divine Prefecture."

"I have no objections to little friend Ye inheriting the Divine Prefecture." The Dark Sovereign also agreed. The Evil Emperor did not speak, so everyone looked at him and the Human Ancestor, "The Evil Emperor doesn’t speak, so I will take it as a yes."

The group’s casual conversation seemed to determine that the Divine Prefecture would be under Ye Futian’s rule.


Ye Futian did not speak, but some ideas grew in his mind. The Buddha of Destiny predicted that Donghuang the Great’s emperor fate would last 500 years. Would this be refuted this time?

Would he inherit the position of Donghuang the Great?

If the four realms’ alliance attacked the Divine Prefecture, what would the Buddhist’s stance be?

Would they be bystanders, or would they get involved to aid Donghuang?

"After we conquer the Divine Prefecture, the next target would be the Heaven Realm. The day we conquer it would be the day we decode the mystery of the Heavenly Path and destroy it to prevent any remaining threats. As for the Heavenly Realm, the Human Realm will not touch it. Devil Emperor, Dark Sovereign, if you wish to invade it, you are free to do so," the Human Ancestor said as if he was not interested in the Heaven Realm territory.

The Devil Emperor had always wanted to break out of the Devil Realm so that he would let them.

"I want the Original Realm," the Dark Sovereign said. Ye Futian glanced at him. The Dark Sovereign’s wish was to have darkness envelope the entire world.

The Original Realm was the origin of the world. The Dark Sovereign must have ulterior motives if he wanted to control the Original Realm.

"Sovereign, you’re clear about the changes in the Original Realm nowadays. I’m afraid it won’t be so easy to control the Original Realm," the Human Ancestor said.

"It would be fine as long as you all do not interfere," the Dark Sovereign continued. "I will send people to the Original Realm. If there is trouble, we will resolve it ourselves."

"What about the Empty Divine Realm?" asked the Evil Emperor spoke up at this time. These people were splitting up the territory but seemed to have forgotten him.

They were not interested in the Divine Prefecture, but the Great Emperors seemed very interested in the Original Realm.

Ye Futian thought that he was the ruler of the Original Realm and had risen in the Original Realm. The others all agreed to put him into the Divine Prefecture; they probably wanted him to separate from the Original Realm.

However, if they conquered the Divine Prefecture and destroyed the Heaven Realm, the relationships between these Great Emperor forces probably would not be so amicable anymore. Other conflicts would arise.

The Human Realm had always been unfriendly with the Devil Realm and the other two worlds.

"You all are having fun," came a voice came from the distance. The Human Ancestor and others furrowed their brows slightly and looked into the distance.

The voice traveled from outside the Human Divine Palace’s spiritual mountain. They did not pay attention, but just now, after the voice traveled over, an extremely aggressive aura also spread over. Many figures shot into the sky from the spiritual mountain. The strong figures beside the Human Ancestor also stepped forward. At the same time, shocking auras emanated from various directions.

However, the Human Ancestor raised his arm, stopping everyone. Then an intense beam of light shot over from a distance. It was extremely blinding.

The next moment, an extraordinary figure appeared in the heavens before the spiritual mountain.

Everyone’s eyes were on him, staring icily. Murderous intent swept through.

The strongest forces of the world were gathered here today. Four of the six emperors were here, and yet someone still dared to stand in the heavens and look down at them. It was such presumptuousness.

Other than Ji Wudao, there was no other person like this in the current world. However, it was not his true form!

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