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Chapter: 2859

Attacking the Divine Prefecture

"Presumptuous!" The strong cultivators looked at Ji Wudao, who had appeared in the sky.

Even if he was a heavenly emperor of the current world, Ji Wudao was still a junior. Four of the current six emperors were at the Human Divine Palace Spiritual Mountain right now, yet Ji Wudao was so presumptuous. He descended directly and looked down from the heavens as if he was the ruler of the masses.

"Get down here!"

A figure walked out. It was a Great Emperor. He raised his hand and grabbed toward the sky. Instantly, booms filled the air, and horrifying Divine Power burst forth. Supreme might shrouded the sky. The group saw a huge hand grab towards Ji Wudao in the sky.

However, Ji Wudao’s entire body dazzled, and divine light wrapped around him.

Clang! There was the sound of a loud bell. An ancient bell appeared in his divine form. It broke through the air and hit the handprint, actually penetrating it. It shattered the huge handprint and blasted straight toward the Great Emperor who had attacked.

The Great Emperor raised his hand to block it. Instantly, countless huge handprints appeared in the air and blasted toward the ancient bell.

Kaboom… The huge divine bell seemed to overlook the defensive forces and passed straight through them, instantly going toward the Great Emperor. Paired with a huge boom, the strong Great Emperor was forced back, and he let out a muffled grunt.

The bell’s ringing echoed in their ears, filling the air.

"Universe-Breaking Bell!"

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The Human Ancestor looked at it. This was the ability of the ancient Heavenly Emperor, and Ji Wudao had inherited it. He was the heir of the Heaven Realm and also received the inheritance of the Old Heaven Court, so it was normal that he was skilled in the old Heavenly Emperor’s abilities.

It was unexpected that only his incarnation had come, but he could already hurt a Great Emperor instantly.

Ji Wudao was becoming stronger and stronger.

Then Ji Wudao’s figure floated down. He looked to the Human Ancestor and said, "The Human Ancestor is the most ancient Great Emperor in the current world. Many of the things from back then must be related to the Human Ancestor, right?"

The Human Ancestor gazed at Ji Wudao and replied, "Ji Wudao, you received the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method and cultivated it into a demonic technique. You swallow and kill cultivators in the dark and will suffer from the backlash."

"As expected of the Human Ancestor. You are indeed very knowledgeable," Ji Wudao said with a laugh. "However, if we are speaking of backlash, it should be the Human Ancestor instead. I heard that everyone is gathered here today to discuss how to destroy the Divine Prefecture and attack the ninety-nine heavens, so I came to take a look. I, Ji Wudao, will remember everyone present. You all must be more careful when traveling from now on."

Everyone stared at Ji Wudao. He had come as an incarnate and dared to threaten all the emperors. How arrogant and wild!

Everyone here was a top figure in the world.

"Ji Wudao, I still have a question. Did Donghuang ally with you?" the Devil Emperor asked, looking at Ji Wudao. He seemed to want to know the answer.

Before, it had only been a rumor in the Human Realm. No one saw that Ji Wudao was working with Donghuang the Great. Since Ji Wudao came personally, he decided to ask out of curiosity if Donghuang the Great had already become allies with Ji Wudao.

Ji Wudao laughed when he heard this question, and some mockery actually showed on his face. Looking at the Devil Emperor, he said, "That coward Donghuang qualifies to be my ally?"

"Coward Donghuang?!" The strong cultivators were all shocked by Ji Wudao’s crazy words. Donghuang the Great was the most renowned figure in the millennium. He had peerless talent, ruled the Divine Prefecture, and his name was known throughout the world.

And yet, Ji Wudao called Donghuang the Great "Coward Donghuang" today.

This was the first time someone had called Donghuang the Great a coward.

Ye Futian furrowed his brows. Why did Ji Wudao say this?

Was it because of the Sovereign Princess?

Donghuang the Great and the Sovereign Princess were married. Though very few people knew this, Ji Wudao was the heir of the Heaven Realm, so how could he not know?

Also, what connection did Ji Wudao have with the Sovereign Princess?

Ji Wudao had been chosen as the heir of the Heaven Realm many years ago. Could he have been chosen by the Sovereign Princess?

In this case, had Donghuang the Great not allied with Ji Wudao?

Otherwise, there was no reason for Ji Wudao to humiliate Donghuang the Great like this.

"If that is the case, then why are you here?" the Dark Sovereign said, looking at Ji Wudao. "Did you come here to purposely mislead us?"

Many people’s expressions changed. From the Dark Sovereign’s words, it was clear that he would not give up on this mission to attack the Divine Prefecture. Whether the Divine Prefecture had allied with the Heaven Realm was no longer important.

If they thought something, then it was the truth.

"Do you even qualify?" Ji Wudao looked at the Dark Sovereign and responded with a cold smirk, "I came here to notify you all that since you decided to team up against the Heaven Realm, then you should be prepared. When I prove my path, there will be true chaos, and the seven realms will bathe in blood.

"Everyone present must be prepared!"

Ji Wudao spoke arrogantly, and then his figure faded gradually. Finally, he vanished as if he had never appeared in the first place.

Countless gazes on the divine mountains looked toward the vanished figure in silence. No one spoke.

Ji Wudao had come to threaten everyone here.

The day he became the Heavenly Emperor, he would bring chaos to the world. Did Ji Wudao have the ability?

He was not an emperor yet, but he could kill a Great Emperor easily. If he became an emperor, his abilities would probably really be enough to counter the six emperors.

This kind of person was indeed a huge threat. His goal was not only one realm but seven—the entire world. He did not want to rule the world. Instead, he wanted to kill and dye the world with blood.

"In ancient times, there were the Eight Legions under the Heavenly Path, acting as the spokespeople of the Heavenly Path in the world. They ruled the world. Among them, the Deva was the leader of the Eight Legions. The Heavenly Emperor, leader of the Deva, was the top person under the Heavenly Path. He managed the world law for the Heavenly Path. All laws in the world were under his control. He presided over the masses, viewed the people like ants, and thus, in the age after the Heavenly Path, I created the Human Realm to focus on human life. I did not think that after countless years, in current times, the heir of the Heavenly Emperor would be the same. He sees nothing and wants to dye the world with blood, viewing people’s lives as mere weeds."

The Human Ancestor spoke slowly. He no longer had the casual feeling from before and was instead extremely solemn, revealing some shades of coldness. He said, "I became known as the Human Ancestor, so I must do something for the people. It doesn’t matter if Donghuang the Great wants to ally with the Heaven Realm to overthrow the seven realms. After we conquer the Divine Prefecture, we can ask Donghuang what he thinks, if he is willing to ally with us and attack the ninety-nine heavens to destroy the evil Heaven Court of the present day."

The Devil Emperor and others were silent. Ye Futian also listened quietly the entire time and never spoke up. It was not time for him to stand up.

"I invited you all to visit because I hope that you all can have a unified heart. After you return, send armies to the Divine Prefecture together seven days later. Do not hurt the mortals and take down the Domain Chief’s Manors of the 18 domains. Then we will visit the Donghuang Imperial Palace. How about it?" the Human Ancestor asked everyone.

"Sure," the Devil Emperor replied.

"No problem." Everyone nodded in agreement. They would send soldiers to the Divine Prefecture together and prepare to take down the Divine Prefecture!

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