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Chapter: 2860

The Trend

Seeing everyone nod, the Human Ancestor looked toward Ye Futian and said, "Palace Lord Ye, after the battle, you will lead people to rule over the Divine Prefecture. The cultivation of the people of the Divine Prefecture will depend on you from now on."

The gears in Ye Futian’s brain turned, and many ideas appeared in his mind. Still, he could not figure out why the Human Ancestor did this, but he nodded and said, "I will follow the Human Ancestor’s teachings."

"Palace Lord Ye is the top talent of the seven realms and destined to stand at the very peak. It is the fortune of the Divine Prefecture cultivators to have Palace Lord Ye govern the Divine Prefecture," the Human Ancestor continued. "For this mission, it seems at the moment that Palace Lord Ye’s side is the weakest. I will send some people to aid you. In addition, to prevent Donghuang the Great from leading people in a counterattack, you must be careful with the Ye Imperial Palace and leave people there to guard it."

Ye Futian was slightly alarmed inside. The Human Ancestor was thinking carefully for him, but was there an ulterior motive?

Such as watching his movements.

But in the current situation, he was already tied to this war chariot. Even if the Human Ancestor had that ulterior motive, he could not reject him. Plus, there were no problems with the Human Ancestor’s words. Everything seemed logical and very well could happen.

Before he could reply, the Human Ancestor continued, "The Devil Emperor, Sovereign, and Evil Emperor’s forces have developed some Great Emperors in recent years. Will you all also send some people to aid Palace Lord Ye?"

By saying that, he seemed even more to be thinking for Ye Futian.

"Yes." The Devil Emperor nodded in agreement and said, "I will send Great Emperors to the Ye Imperial Palace to coordinate the equilibrium between the forces and attack the Divine Prefecture together."

Ye Futian glanced at the Devil Emperor. Since the Devil Emperor said that, he naturally could not say much else. Nodding, he said, "Thank you, seniors, Human Ancestor and Devil Emperor."

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"In that case, I will not keep you all here anymore," the Human Ancestor said. "Please return and begin preparing."

The set time was very tight. Seven days later, they would attack the Divine Prefecture together.

If they were regular cultivators, seven days would not even be enough for them to travel back, but they were all Great Emperors here—the top beings of the world. Seven days was enough for them.

"In that case, we will start on our way back now," the Devil Emperor said and led the strong cultivators away. The other cultivators began to return as well.

Ye Futian also stood up to bid farewell. This time, everyone was leaving without having stayed for too long.

But this pertained to the order and war of the seven realms, and they had to meet this time to agree.

Thus, the significance of this meeting was not in the duration. Instead, it was that the Great Emperors’ true forms had come here together and created the alliance to attack the Divine Prefecture.

After the strong figures returned, news quickly spread from the Human Realm and dispersed toward the Seven Realms with extremely frightening speed.

All the cultivators of the Seven Realms felt shaken inside instantly.

They knew that the world was going to change.

The order of the Seven Realms would welcome a historical change.

The Human Realm, Devil Realm, Dark World, and Empty Divine Realm would work together to attack the Divine Prefecture. They would destroy the Divine Prefecture first and then attack the ninety-nine heavens of the Heaven Realm.

Was the prediction of the Buddha of Destiny about to come true?

Would the 500-year-long emperor fate of Donghuang the Great come to an end?

They did not expect that the world would change so quickly. The Seven Realms welcomed an unprecedented war.

Ye Futian’s group returned to the Ye Imperial Palace. Then he called the core figures of the Ye Imperial Palace to gather and discuss matters.

Declaring war against the Divine Prefecture was out of the ordinary. No one could predict what consequences there would be. Ye Futian had no choice but to be careful.

"What do you all think?" Ye Futian asked everyone in the grand pavilion.

The cultivators in the main pavilion were all core figures who had followed him from the Ziwei Segmentum.

"We cannot reverse the trend," the West Emperor said. "The Human Ancestor and others are pushing you forward. This is the general trend. Yu Sheng of the Devil Realm has a special relationship with you, and you have some friendship with the Devil Emperor, but he is also part of the trend. There is no choice."

Ye Futian nodded. He also felt that the Devil Emperor wanted him to get involved too.

The four forces—the Human Ancestor, Devil Emperor, Dark Sovereign, and Evil Emperor—formed the trend. Even now, he still felt insignificant and could only go along with the flow, participating in this battle.

Of course, he personally had enough reasons to participate.

In addition, the other side had even given him enough benefits. After conquering the Divine Prefecture, he would rule the Divine Prefecture.

But if this really happened, no one could predict how the world order would change again.

Was it the appearance of the Heavenly Path in the ninety-nine heavens and Ji Wudao that disrupted the equilibrium, causing the Human Ancestor and the others to want to declare war?

"I am a bit worried," Gu Dongliu said.

"Third Brother, speak." Ye Futian looked at Gu Dongliu.

"The Human Ancestor has lived for countless years, and he is unpredictable for us. His current attitude can even make you forget your previous conflicts with the Human Realm," Gu Dongliu said. "He is known as the Human Ancestor, and he is incredibly powerful. He is very benevolent and thinks for all beings in the world, but if he acts differently than how he thinks, then what is he plotting?"

Everyone fell silent at that. Before, they had discussed how the Human Ancestor was, and they returned to this question now.

The Human Ancestor was too hard to predict. They could react to enemies on the surface, but it was too dangerous if the Human Ancestor was setting up a ploy for them.

"I feel that the Human Ancestor is extremely tricky. He must have another ulterior motive. It’s just that we can’t see it," Zhuge Mingyue also said. Her gut instincts told her that the Human Ancestor was definitely not how he acted.

"Have you realized that ever since the Human Ancestor appeared in the Ye Imperial Palace, we lost the initiative?" Gu Dongliu spoke again. "We are just acting according to the Human Ancestor’s wishes. It seems like he has not done anything, but we’re indeed already wrapped in this flood."

Ye Futian nodded. He thought of what the Devil Emperor had said to him years ago. Emperor Ye Qing’s death back then may possibly have the Human Realm’s ideas in it. If this were the case, then the Human Ancestor naturally would not be a benevolent and selfless Great Emperor. He would have his own selfish wishes.

The Human Ancestor had lived for countless years. What were his pursuits?

"The point is that no matter what motive the Human Ancestor has, we are already coerced by the trend," the Supreme Swordlord said. "We must join the war. There is no way out."

Everyone fell silent. This was the main issue, just like when the Human Ancestor had come with the invitation.

"It might not be a bad thing," the West Emperor spoke up. "Perhaps the Human Ancestor only wants to break the equilibrium between the seven realms and thus wants to support us in managing the Divine Prefecture. At least right now, the Human Ancestor has not expressed any ill intentions yet. As for his motive, it’s unclear at the moment."

Ye Futian listened to everyone’s words, and his thoughts became clearer. He nodded slightly and said, "Then we will fight in the battle. What do you all think?"

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