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Chapter: 2861

Eve of War

The strong cultivators all fell silent when they heard Ye Futian’s words. This war was a war that affected the strongest figures in the seven realms. It was a true peak battle. No one could make a complete prediction beforehand.

No one was clear about the Six Emperors’ abilities or who was weaker and who was stronger.

"From the surface, if the Human Ancestor’s four Great Emperor forces ally to attack the Donghuang Imperial Palace, then it’s a crushing defeat. No matter how strong Donghuang the Great is, he can’t be stronger than four emperors," the West Emperor said. "Judging from Ji Wudao’s words, he looks at Donghuang the Great with scorn. Perhaps he won’t participate in the battle due to the wife of Donghuang the Great. Then the only variable would be the Buddhists, whether the Western Heaven Buddhists would get involved or not."

Many years ago, the two sides might have reached an equilibrium and thus had 500 years of peace. The Devil Emperor, Dark Sovereign, and Evil Emperor were on one side. The other side was the Human Ancestor, The Buddha, and Donghuang the Great.

But now, the equilibrium has been broken. The Human Ancestor wanted to attack Donghuang the Great.

Ye Futian thought back to when he had cultivated in the Buddhist sect. There were some bad people in the Buddhist sect, but overall, they were very friendly to Ye Futian. The Buddha must have taught Donghuang the Great back then, too, so they had a special relationship.

Plus, the Buddha of Destiny had also appeared to stop the war between the seven realms. It was evident that the Buddhists did not wish for war. Many of the Great Buddhas were compassionate, so it was not clear if the Buddhists would directly participate in the battle. However, many Great Buddhas did not wish for this battle to decimate the beings of the cultivation world.

"Whether the Buddhists participate or not, the Divine Prefecture’s strength has still weakened, unless Donghuang the Great decides to go all out and abandon the Divine Prefecture," Gu Dongliu said. "In that case, it would also be a catastrophe for the Human Realm’s four forces unless the four emperors can kill Donghuang the Great directly."

"In terms of overall strength, we are the weakest party. We can’t avoid participating in the battle, but we shouldn’t attract hatred. If Donghuang the Great targets the Ye Imperial Palace and attacks, it’ll be a catastrophe."

Ye Futian nodded. He had to consider this point.

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If the four Great Emperor forces and the Ye Imperial Palace attacked the Divine Prefecture simultaneously, Donghuang the Great could indeed choose to go down with the ship.

"Follow the four emperors," Zhuge Mingyue said. "Do whatever they do."

"I wonder if there’ll be a chance to see Master." Gu Dongliu gazed into the distance. It had been years since Mr. Du of the Cottage was taken away by Donghuang Diyuan. They had no way of knowing if he was still alive and well.

They might find the answer if they could step foot in the Donghuang Imperial Palace during this battle.

"Palace Lord!" someone outside the pavilion called at this moment. "Palace Lord, cultivators from the Human Realm have come."

"They’ve come so fast." Ye Futian lifted his head and looked outside. They had just returned, and the Human Realm’s strong figures had already come. It seemed that they had been ordered immediately to come.

"Welcome," Ye Futian said. Then he rose and walked down from the divine throne, saying, "Let’s go welcome them."

Everyone nodded and headed out. They walked out from the grand pavilion and looked down the steps. They saw a group of people coming over from a distance. They were very fast. They came up along the sky stairwell and stopped below after getting closer. "We were ordered here by the Human Ancestor to aid Palace Lord Ye," they said to Ye Futian.

"You all have worked hard." Ye Futian’s eyes swept over the people below. There were six people in total, and all of them were Great Emperors. He had not even seen many of them before and was unfamiliar with them.

This scene shocked Ye Futian too. The richness of the Human Realm intimidated him a little.

Had he seen the most vital parts of each realm before?

These past years, ancient emperors came back gradually, but the Human Realm could easily send six Great Emperors here. This was extremely generous.

"You all came from afar. I will have people help you rest and notify you when we embark," Ye Futian continued saying. The six all nodded, and one person said, "We will listen to Palace Lord Ye’s arrangements."

Fang Gai walked out and led the six Great Emperors to leave this place. Ye Futian watched them leave and had a thoughtful expression.

These Great Emperors were so cooperative with him. What exactly did the Human Ancestor want?

After a while, the Devil World also sent two Great Emperors here. Now, eight Great Emperors had come to the Ye Imperial Palace.

The Dark World and Empty Divine World did not send anyone. Perhaps they thought it was enough for the Human Realm and Devil World to send people.

Next, he had to arrange the people who would fight in the battle. Ye Futian naturally had to bring the core combat force with him. In addition, there were his friends and family. Should he keep them with him or leave them in the Ye Imperial Palace?

Six Great Emperors had come from the Human Realm, and two had come from the Devil World. Their opinion was for the Human Realm to leave two Great Emperors, and Devil World leave one to help Ye Futian guard the Ye Imperial Palace. The other Great Emperors would follow him to fight the Divine Prefecture. This way, they could also catch up to the steps of the Human Realm and Devil World.

However, Ye Futian had no way of knowing if they wanted to monitor him. If they had these thoughts, then if something happened to him on the battlefield, the people here would probably be subject to the outsiders, and he would not be able to act freely on the battlefield.

While the various realms were preparing to attack the Divine Prefecture, the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture also received this news. The entire Divine Prefecture was shaken, and everyone was anxious.

Four Great Emperor forces would unite. Would the Divine Prefecture change its ruler this time?

They heard that the Human Ancestor appointed Ye Futian to govern the Divine Prefecture and inherit the mantle of Emperor Ye Qing.

Would all of this happen?

It seemed quite peaceful in the Donghuang Imperial Palace. Everything was normal; it seemed like nothing was out of the ordinary.

At this time, Donghuang the Great sat cross-legged in his cultivation zone. There was a chessboard before him. He was playing chess by himself, analyzing the game.

Right then, a cultivator appeared before him. He was soundless as if arising out of nowhere.

"Is there no other choice?" that person looked at Donghuang the Great and asked.

Donghuang the Great was silent. He continued to play chess and then shook his head, saying, "No. The result is set. This is the only step to take."

"Okay, I will arrange it." The comer nodded slightly.

Donghuang the Great lifted his head and looked at the person. "Be careful," he said.

"Understood," the other replied. Then he turned and left, quickly disappearing without a trace.

Donghuang the Great lowered his head and continued to play chess. After a long while, the board seemed to turn into a dead end. He could not put down the piece in his hand, and then he said in a low voice, "This is the only step that can be taken."

With that, he waved his hand, and the chessboard disappeared. He stood up and turned around, walking in one direction. His backside had a feeling of determination!

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