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Chapter: 2863

Revelation Divine Matrix

After Ye Futian led the strong figures of the Ye Imperial palace into the Divine Prefecture, they headed straight to the Nantian Domain of the 18 domains.

Clearly, he had not forgotten Haotian the Great and the others. Since they chose to attack the 18 domains, then his first choice would be the Nantian Domain.

Haotian the Great and the others were in the Haotian Sect of the Nantian Domain. If he attacked the Domain Chief’s Manor, would Haotian the Great’s group participate in the battle?

The mighty group of strong figures started for the Nantian Domain. There were Great Emperors, so they were extremely fast, passing through the space without stopping.

Not too long after, they descended into the Nantian Domain. But the moment they arrived in the Nantian Domain, an intense beam of light suddenly lit up from the Chief’s Manor of the Nantian Domain. The pillar of light shot into the clouds, shocking all the cultivators in Nantian City.

Ye Futian saw the beam of light from afar that reached for the sky, and his brows furrowed slightly.

After that, strange movements came from the mirror. Ye Futian took it out and heard the Devil Emperor say, "The Domain Chief’s Manor used a spatial Divine Matrix to leave as soon as we descended. They must have gone to the Donghuang Imperial Palace. They probably destroyed the transmission formation directly and then fled to the Divine Prefecture’s imperial city."

"Yes." The others nodded. They all encountered the same situation. The Domain Chief’s Manors of the 18 domains chose to evacuate instead of fighting them in the chief’s manors.

At this time, inside the Divine Prefecture’s Donghuang Imperial Palace, Donghuang the Great rose from his divine throne. He took a step forward and appeared outside the Donghuang Imperial Palace. He sat cross-legged above the imperial city.

The mighty group of strong figures behind Donghuang the Great trained their eyes on his figure. Then Donghuang the Great extended a hand and waved it. Instantly, countless beams of divine light converged in the heavens, transforming into instrument strings. They gathered before Donghuang the Great and materialized into a divine guqin.

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After that, everyone watched Donghuang the Great sit down, extend his ten fingers, and strum the strings.

"The Great Emperor has not played a musical piece in so many years," someone murmured behind him. They were extremely shocked inside. At this moment, Donghuang the Great’s long black hair fluttered in the wind. He was ineffably elegant.

The music rang out, instantly drawing people into a miraculous artistic conception.

It was the divine piece—Ukiyo!

Donghuang the Great personally performed Ukiyo.

When Ukiyo rang out, the heavens moved. The countless cultivators in the entire imperial city heard the music. At that moment, they all raised their heads and looked in that direction. They seemed to see an elegant figure; it was Donghuang the Great.

That day, all the realms united to attack the Divine Prefecture. Donghuang the Great played Ukiyo at the imperial palace.

The clouds changed in the heavens, and infinite divine light fell. A magical force appeared in the world. When the divine light shone down, all the cultivators in the imperial city felt that the power of their Great Path was restricted.

"With Ukiyo, laws no more!" many cultivators murmured. What was Donghuang the Great doing?

They looked up at the changes in the heavens, and their hearts trembled violently. Waves of shock went through their hearts.

The sky above their heads had changed. It was enveloped in divine light, and endless streams of rune light actually flowed through. It transformed into a Super Divine Matrix that covered the sky.

At present, all the beings were under this sky and this Divine Matrix. They bathed in the light of the Divine Matrix, and their Great Paths were sealed off.

Many people reached out, wanting to release the power of their Great Paths, but they found that they could not at all. It was completely sealed off. An invisible force appeared in the world, sealing everything.

"Why is His Majesty sealing the imperial city?" someone asked quietly, looking up to the sky. They did not believe that Donghuang the Great would do anything to them, but they did not understand why he was doing this.

"His Majesty is not only sealing the imperial city, of course." An elder looked up to the sky with fierce shock in his eyes. He said, "His Majesty wants to seal the entire Divine Prefecture!"

How big was the Divine Prefecture?

There were 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture. Each domain had countless cultivation continents. Most continents had billions of cultivators.

The vastness of the Divine Prefecture was unimaginable.

But at this moment, the skies above all the continents in the Divine Prefecture were changing. That horrifying divine light spread with frightening speed through the entire Divine Prefecture.

The strong figures of the Human Realm were currently at the Taichu Domain. The Human Ancestor furrowed his brows now. He heard the music. Then a beam of divine light flashed past the heavens. That instant, the heavens transformed into a Divine Matrix. Countless beams of divine light fell from the sky, suddenly sealing off the Divine Power of the cultivators behind him.

"What’s going on?" someone asked. Despite being a Great Emperor, even he felt that his Divine Power was sealed off and restricted.

"What is this?!" People gradually began to speak out. Their expressions were all extremely shocked. Raising their heads, the guqin music streamed into their ears, causing them to enter Ukiyo’s artistic conception too. That moment, they realized that it was Donghuang the Great playing the music.

The Human Ancestor looked up at the sky. His eyes were extremely sharp.

This Divine Matrix was going to envelop the entire Divine Prefecture.

Or perhaps, the entire world.

"Revelation Divine Matrix!" the Human Ancestor whispered, looking up. As expected, Donghuang the Great had not wasted his 500 years of cultivation.

At the same time, the same scene happened where the Devil Emperor, Evil Emperor, Dark Sovereign, and Ye Futian were. The Revelation Divine Matrix enveloped the sky, turning the entire sky into a Divine Matrix.

The cultivators of the Divine Prefecture were all shocked. All of them seemed to have been handicapped. When the divine light of the Revelation Divine Matrix fell, no one could be spared.

The Human Ancestor and others’ eyes penetrated the vast space. They saw Donghuang the Great playing the piece in the Donghuang Imperial Palace. He sat cross-legged and moved his hands. Instantly, the instrument strings flew out from his fingers, abruptly transforming into terrifyingly sharp swords.

The divine swords broke through the space, crossing the void directly. The Human Ancestor’s group was faraway in the Taichu Domain, but divine swords suddenly appeared above their heads. One became two; two became three… Infinite Tianxing Divine Swords were formed. They rained down from the sky, shooting toward the Human Ancestor and others.

The cultivators below the Human Ancestor were all trembling. Under the Revelation Divine Matrix, they were all restricted, and now, the Tianxing Divine Swords were attacking. If no one could block the swords, they would die without a doubt.

This was the power of a top Great Emperor. They could not counter it at all. Billions of cultivators could die in an instant.

The Human Ancestor raised his palm. Instantly, a boundlessly massive silhouette of the Human God appeared in the heavens. It covered the sky and wrapped around the strong cultivators. It raised its palm against the endless divine swords and destroyed them.

Similar scenes were happening simultaneously in other places.

Where Ye Futian was, divine swords also came murderously at them. The Revelation Divine Matrix had fallen on him, wanting to seal off his Divine Power. But when the divine swords came, he still took a step forward and pushed his hands out. Boundless Divine Power broke through the constraints, and countless fists blasted at the divine swords, pulverizing them.

However, Ye Futian did not feel any pride. Donghuang the Great was faraway in the Donghuang Imperial Palace, but he could remotely send down the Divine Matrix and make such powerful attacks. Exactly how strong was Donghuang the Great?

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