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Chapter: 2878

New Emperor of the Divine Prefecture

Outside the Donghuang Imperial Palace, many top figures in the Divine Prefecture had gathered. The cultivators of the 18 Domains, and the Great Emperors from the Ancient God Clans, such as several Great Emperors who had grievances with Ye Futian, were all looking inside, wondering if a conclusion had been reached.

This time, Ye Futian had so boldly stepped into the imperial palace. Perhaps it would be the end for him.

It was high time for Ye Futian to fall!

Likewise, the Devil Emperor did not leave, but he was not able to enter Donghuang Imperial Palace.

He wanted to know the answer badly because this matter involved one of his closest relatives.

As he gave a glance into the distance, at the highest point of Donghuang Imperial Palace, the Devil Emperor whispered, "Is the truth about to be revealed?"

He seemed to be talking to himself, but it was also as if he was asking the Buddha, who was in front of him.

The Buddha did not respond but stood there, quiet.

At this moment, someone walked out of Donghuang Imperial Palace. The Devil Emperor was not surprised when he saw this man, as if he was expecting him. On the other hand, Yu Sheng sharpened his eyes, and there was a strong sense of shock.

What was happening?

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The man walked with purpose until he approached the Devil Emperor. The two men stared into each other’s eyes, each assessing the other.

"You’ve come," the Devil Emperor uttered in a low voice. At this moment, his voice sounded extraordinarily calm.

The man looked at the Devil Emperor briefly, then directed his attention to Yu Sheng behind him.

"What’s going on?" Yu Sheng asked, his voice slightly trembling. His father was the man who walked out of Donghuang Imperial Palace.

Who would tell him what happened?

The man who appeared was none other than Yu Sheng’s own father, Ye Futian’s godfather, and the younger brother of the Devil Emperor of the Devil World, also known as a traitor to the Devil World.

"Yu Sheng, you have done very well over the years," his father said to him. "As for the reason behind all this, you will know soon enough."

The Devil Emperor had a sarcastic look when he heard these words, and it was not clear who he was mocking. He stared at his younger brother, who was in front of him and said, "So, Donghuang has never betrayed his beliefs, and he did not betray Emperor Ye Qing. Donghuang Diyuan is just a decoy, isn’t that right?"

What a great conspiracy. Even the likes of him had been kept in the dark.

Although he had his doubts, he still felt that Ye Futian must be in the role of an avenger.

It wasn’t until recently that he began to wonder about Ye Futian’s real identity, hence the battle of the six emperors. He thought everything would come to an end and that Ye Futian’s identity would change nothing no matter what it was. But the battle of the six emperors could not end this era.

And Ye Futian stepped into Donghuang Imperial Palace.

When he saw no response from the man, the Devil Emperor continued, "Who are you loyal to? Donghuang, Emperor Ye Qing, or both of them?!"

"Neither," Yu Sheng’s father replied.

The Devil Emperor was stunned for a moment; then, he laughed as if he understood something. He remarked, "I see. I didn’t expect her to have such power over you all, connecting you. The Divine, the Buddha, and the Devil have all participated. She was a remarkable woman indeed."

The "Divine," naturally, referred to the Divine Prefecture, Donghuang the Great, and Emperor Ye Qing.

The "Buddha," of course, referred to the World of Buddhism—the Lord of all Buddhas.

The "Devil" was his own brother.

They had no connection and may have even been on the opposite sides. But they ended up here together because they had stayed true to the same belief.

It was all because of her that they were under the command of Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing.

"They are loyal to their own beliefs," the Buddha added from the side.

"Belief?" The Devil Emperor said sarcastically, "Look at the state the world is in, and what difference does it make? You care and pity the world, but who will pity you? For the sake of the so-called world, you can abandon your own people, betray your own flesh and blood, and kill your own clan. In his eyes, was your son even ever your own?

"Who is Yu Sheng in your eyes?" The Devil Emperor fixed on his brother and continued pressing, "Have you ever felt guilty about this—asking the heir of the Devil World, your own child, to be loyal to the others and serve another?!"

Hearing all this, Yu Sheng naturally understood something.

So, was this the truth?

He, who had never been moved by anything, trembled at this moment. He looked at his own father. As strong as he had been, at this moment, his eyes were fragile. This was his father.

"Yu Sheng," his father looked at him, "never forget the beliefs you hold dear to you, and don’t forget everything that you two have experienced."

The Devil Emperor suddenly laughed sarcastically.

"Indeed, in your eyes, Yu Sheng is nothing more than a pawn, born to serve." The Devil Emperor continued sarcastically, "What kind of spell did she put on you to make all of you agree to do this?"

Images appeared in his mind, and his cold heart felt some warmth at this moment. There was a strong admiration that could be detected in those dark eyes of his. Her magic could only be known by those who had come in contact with her and those who knew her.

She was a person who was pure to the extreme, someone who thought only of the others, with no pretense whatsoever.

For her ideas and her beliefs, he could sacrifice everything, even his own life.

After she fell, Ye Futian became his belief.

Therefore, he considered himself a slave.

Ye Futian was the one who would take over her scepter and realize her will.

"Devil Emperor." At this moment, the Buddha, who was on the other side, said, "The world needs a change. If someone supreme is to emerge, everything in the Devil World can also be changed, and the Devil’s Abyss will be emptied."

"Are you trying to convince me?" The Devil Emperor looked at the Buddha and said, "If people in the world have reached the state of supremacy in cultivation, how do you expect them to remember their original intentions? Power corrupts all. When you have control over the world, everything will naturally operate according to your will. The Heavenly Path in ancient times were as such, and it will be no exception in the future."

"That’s your belief, not mine."

"You don’t understand her, and you understand Donghuang even less," the Buddha said.

"Buddhism sympathizes with the world and wants to educate all beings. But were there any fewer scumbags in Buddhism than in any other sect? Why can’t Buddhism educate one’s own?" asked the Devil Emperor most sarcastically.

"Nothing you said is wrong, but there are always some people who are different. She was part of the past; let’s put her aside for the time being. However, do you understand Donghuang himself?" asked the Buddha.

"A coward like Ji Wudao alleged, or a determined person who endured humiliation and burdened with doing what’s right?" the Devil Emperor retorted mockingly.

"Among the six superpowers of Buddhism, Omniscient and Elimination of Outflows are the most difficult to cultivate. In terms of the prerequisites for cultivation, Elimination of Outflows has the most stringent requirement," The Buddha said slowly. "Do you know what kind of people may cultivate the Elimination of Outflows?"

"The Buddha said that when all karma is cut off, those who are no longer bound by life and death may cultivate the Elimination of Outflows. People in this state of mind have long since ceased to consider their own life and death, no longer coveting anything for themselves. Only by putting all this aside can he accomplish the Elimination of Outflows. Today, everything that Donghuang did was for that belief."

"So, does this mean that The Buddha is selfish inside?" The Devil Emperor was unmoved.

"Amitabha," the Buddha clasped his hands together and said. "I’m ashamed to say that I work for merit!"

"Seeing one’s nature by discovering one’s heart. The Buddha is blunt enough," the Devil Emperor responded coldly.

Just as they were speaking, a splendid divine light radiated from Donghuang Imperial Palace, covering the entire boundless void and quickly spreading to the entire imperial city.

The Devil Emperor looked up over there, just as all the cultivators in the Imperial City looked in the same direction.

The Domain Chief’s Manors of the 18 Domains in the Divine Prefecture and those ancient emperors focused their attention there.

There, they seemed to see the figure of Donghuang the Great, who stood in front of the divine throne, bathed in divine glory as he faced the world.

"From today onward, Ye Futian will inherit the throne of the Divine Prefecture and will be titled ‘Futian the Great.’ He will be the New Emperor who will rule all of the Divine Prefecture!" said a voice that came from the Donghuang Imperial Palace, ringing throughout the land of the Divine Prefecture!

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