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Chapter: 2879

You ve Met Her

Donghuang had abdicated. And now, a new emperor was born!

The land of the Divine Prefecture and the 18 domains were located on an infinite continent, where many living beings resided. All of them looked up into the sky to hear that voice resounding above the firmament. It sounded as if it came from outside the world. The voice was that of Donghuang the Great.

This voice was like thunder, and no matter what any cultivator was doing on the mainland of the Divine Prefecture, they stopped at this moment. Their hearts trembled violently.

At this moment, the entire Divine Prefecture was greeted by a moment of absolute silence.

No one spoke, no one cultivated, and no one fought.

But after a brief moment of dead silence, there was an uproar.

What was happening?

Donghuang the Great had abdicated his throne and gave it to Ye Futian.

As far as they knew, not so long ago, the Human Ancestor, along with the Devil Emperor, the Evil Emperor, and the Dark Sovereign, launched an attack on the Divine Prefecture. Ye Futian had also led the forces from Ye Imperial Palace to participate. They didn’t understand why there would be such a huge change.

Now, Ye Futian was about to inherit the throne of the Divine Prefecture!

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There were some unknown factors behind Emperor Ye Qing’s death back then. Donghuang the Great had no choice but to do what he did. But what could be the reason for him to pass the throne on to Ye Futian? Or, did Donghuang the Great, out of guilt, return the throne to the rightful heir of Emperor Ye Qing?!

Numerous people were speculating and talking. This thunderbolt had stunned everyone and turned their world upside down so that they couldn’t react for a while. Everything was happening so fast that no one expected it.

"The sky is changing!" someone marveled as they looked at the sky.

In the Divine Prefecture, the sky had changed.

It was just the Divine Prefecture, but perhaps the whole era was about to change.

The transition of power this time in the Divine Prefecture was more than what met the eye.

If the cultivators in the 18 domains of the Divine Prefecture were shocked to this degree, one could only imagine the reactions from the cultivators inside Donghuang Imperial Palace at the moment.

The core members inside Donghuang Imperial Palace were shocked by this voice, including even the direct disciples of Donghuang the Great himself.

Countless people looked up at the highest point of the imperial palace, and they were speechless. However, after a while, a few elders showed a look of sudden realization. It was no wonder Ye Futian was able to survive until now. Some of the doubts in their hearts were cleared up at this moment.

Nonetheless, some did not look so pleased.

For example, the four ancient emperors of the four Ancient God Clans.

Haotian The Great, Yuanshi the Great, Wuliang the Great, and the Heavenly Emperor Jiang all paled. No wonder Donghuang the Great had allowed Ye Futian to roam upon the land in Divine Prefecture doing whatever he wanted. At this moment, the truth dawned upon them, and they realized everything was over for them.

Everything was over!

They did not get to see Ye Futian’s death as they wanted. Instead, they were witnessing his inheriting the throne of the Divine Prefecture. This time, they didn’t even have a chance to resist.

Not only them, but some had made life difficult for Ye Futian in the 18 domains, such as the Domain Chief of the West Sea Domain and the Domain Chief of Shangqing Domain. It was true that they had greatly improved their strengths, but before Ye Futian, they were nothing. More importantly, now that Ye Futian was to inherit the throne, they would be under his command.

This was some devastating news to them!

The Devil Emperor raised his head and looked in the direction of Donghuang the Great. Suddenly, he laughed. He remembered the last time he came to Donghuang Imperial Palace to get some information from Donghuang the Great; they had chatted while Ye Futian was fighting Haotian the Great and Yuanshi the Great at the same time. He asked Donghuang the Great about Ye Futian, and Donghuang the Great admitted that he had bested Ye Futian.

Later, he asked Donghuang if he felt guilty enough to return the throne to Emperor Ye Qing’s heir. Donghuang the Great replied that there was some guilt, but not what he initially thought.

Indeed, things were more intriguing and interesting than the Devil Emperor had imagined. It could be said that it had not ceased to surprise him!

"For this day, you people planned for 200 years, and Emperor Ye Qing was willing to die for it. This is your belief," the Devil Emperor said with mockery in his eyes. "Even Yu Sheng is no more than just a part of your plan, a mere a tool. You mean to tell me that everything was done only to assist Ye Futian?"

Yu Sheng looked at his father. What the Devil Emperor said was indeed what his father had told all along ever since he was young. He was born for Ye Futian, born to be a general to assist Ye Futian.

At this moment, he was rather hoping for a different answer.

"No." His father looked at Yu Sheng and continued, "Of course not. Yu Sheng will be the creator of history. He will become the controller of the future orders between heaven and earth, ruling over all the demons in the world. Futian has always treated him like a brother."

"Is that so?" The Devil Emperor’s eyes were full of sarcasm, and those dark eyes seemed to see through everything. He said, "Someone who was born with a mission, only born to fulfill your beliefs… If he is not a pawn of yours, then what do you call him?"

"As for ruling over the demons in the world, he can do that himself without bowing down and surrendering to anyone else." Yu Sheng’s father didn’t argue. He had lied to appease Yu Sheng.

What the Devil Emperor said was right—Yu Sheng was born with a purpose. But it was not just Yu Sheng, but Donghuang Diyuan, too. They were both born to help Ye Futian.

This reality would be cruel for Yu Sheng to accept, but some things must be accepted despite the personal sacrifice.

Even Emperor Ye Qing was willing to die for it!

"The blood of demons has always flowed inside of you, and for a cold-blooded and ruthless man like you to fulfill your beliefs no matter the cost, her influence on you must have been extraordinary," the Devil Emperor remarked in a low voice. He was truly curious to know what kind of person the Dark Sovereign was that she could make Donghuang the Great, Emperor Ye Qing, and his own younger brother work together to do her bidding.

Having said that, the Devil Emperor turned around and said, "Let’s go."

Yu Sheng looked at his father and hesitated for a few moments. Then he, too, turned around and followed the Devil Emperor.

Watching Yu Sheng’s departing figure, his father did not show the slightest sign of worry. He knew that Yu Sheng hated him and had hated him since he was a youth.

Yu Sheng could hate him, and he was willing to bear all the hatred from Yu Sheng.

But over the years, he had come to realize one thing—no matter how much Yu Sheng hated him, when Ye Futian appeared in front of Yu Sheng, Yu Sheng would make his own decision.

Some people were impossible for him to hate.

He turned around and walked inside Donghuang Imperial Palace.

At this time, inside Donghuang Imperial Palace, there were already many people heading in that direction.

They were on their way to greet the New Emperor!

Beneath the divine throne was Ye Futian. He raised his head to look at Donghuang the Great, who was on the stairs. Even at this moment, he still hadn’t recovered. Everything that happened was too shocking for him. Over the past 200 years, he was living in a gigantic web of lies.

Donghuang the Great wanted to use that strike to make up for his guilt towards Ye Futian. But he knew that it was not his fault. So whose fault was it?

Donghuang the Great stood quietly next to the divine throne, not urging him. He looked at him calmly, waiting for Ye Futian to step onto the divine throne that belonged to him.

"Is she still around?" Ye Futian asked as he looked up at Donghuang the Great.

Naturally, Donghuang the Great knew very well who Ye Futian was referring to.

"Yes, she is always around, waiting for you. You have already met her!" Emperor Donghuang said as he returned Ye Futian’s gaze.

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