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Chapter: 2882

Went Berserk

The atmosphere in the ninety-ninth heaven was a little out of the ordinary. Many did not realize something was happening and continued cultivating in their own little world. Some had become aware of the changes and looked at Ji Wudao, who was above the Heavenly Palace.

A breeze blew past him, causing ripples to spread across Ji Wudao’s robe. Nowadays, he possessed the noble temperament that was only possible to find on the Heavenly Emperor. He was one of the existences that stood at the peak of the world. In the future, he might even be the one and only.

This was what the world thought, and Ji Wudao thought. He was from the main lineage of the Heavenly Realm, the heir of the Heavenly Emperor, and reigned as the current Heavenly Emperor.

Once upon a time, he thought that after he married Donghuang Diyuan, who was a descendant of the Heavenly Emperor, everything would be perfect and complete. They would be the most enviable couple in the world, a destined pair.

However, Donghuang Diyuan was not a descendant of the Heavenly Emperor.

The real descendant of the Heavenly Emperor may already be on his way here!

Below, clouds and mist tossed and turned as a figure passing through the ninety-ninth heaven and came above it.

When the cultivators in the ninety-ninth heaven saw the appearance of this figure, they were stunned. They were a little surprised how this man could make it here.

The man who arrived was clad in white, so meticulous that he appeared to be untouched by any trace of impurity. His long silvery hair moved with the wind as he stood quietly in the void. He raised his head and looked above the firmament as if he had detected something there.

"Huh?" Many people showed an expression of surprise. Ye Futian’s presence had alarmed the cultivators on the ninety-ninth heaven, and they were all looking at him.

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How come he’s here? everyone secretly marveled. They knew that Ye Futian and Ji Wudao were two exceptional individuals in today’s world. Ji Wudao kept a low profile, and he was slow to reveal his full prowess. Once unleashed, however, his ascension was all but unavoidable, and he became the reigning Heavenly Emperor.

On the other hand, Ye Futian rose to fame in the Original Realm, becoming the Original Realm’s number one genius talent, working hard every step of the way.

The two men were considered two of the most dazzling young men in the world today. No one—not even Donghuang Diyuan, Di Hao, or any others—could compare to them.

Now, why would Ye Futian come here?

However, what was even more uncanny was that Ye Futian in the void and Ji Wudao standing above the Heavenly Palace had the same movements as both men looked up into the sky. This bizarre sight piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Could it have something to do with this piece of the Heavenly Path in the ninety-ninth heaven?

The release of these two men’s perceptions allowed them to connect with the Heavenly Path in the ninety-ninth heaven at the same time. Suddenly, a vision appeared above the firmament. The divine light of law fell from the Heavenly Path and descended on both of them.

At this time, Ye Futian couldn’t care less about Ji Wudao. His entire consciousness was completely immersed in that piece of Heavenly Path as he opened up his heart and mind to resonate with it. Instantly, in that Heavenly Path, a virtual world seemed to have manifested.

His own elusive shadow was there, floating above that slice of Heavenly Path. It seemed as if he was looking for something.

At this time, above the Heavenly Path, a curious force was gathering, and a face appeared.

Ye Futian looked at the face that was slowly coming into view. He clenched his fists. It was a flawless face, gentle as water, tranquil and noble. Just a glance was enough to make him feel comforted.

Looking at this perfect visage, Ye Futian felt only a tinge of sadness. Was this his mother, the most excellent woman in the world, the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor, who wanted to remake the Heavenly Path?

However, this was the first time he saw his mother.

Surrounded by the divine power of this Heavenly Path, Ye Futian felt a very comforting warmth.

He understood that all of this was true, that he was indeed the son of the Sovereign Princess and Donghuang the Great.

"Mother!" Ye Futian called out in a low voice. He reached out with his hand as if to grab that vague shadow. However, even he was not a real figure in this world. He saw the shadow gradually dissipate, but he could still feel the warmth that flowed through his entire body.

At this time, Ye Futian’s own body was bathed in divine glory, and infinite divine brilliance poured down from above that slice of Heavenly Path. It resonated with his body, and the glow of light was illuminated the distance visible to the human eye.


"What’s going on?" The cultivators on the ninety-ninth heaven were shocked when they beheld this wondrous sight. Why was Ye Futian bathed in the divine glory of the Heavenly Path?

They looked at Ji Wudao above the Heavenly Palace and saw that Ji Wudao was also bathed in the divine light of the law, but it was not nearly as brilliant as Ye Futian.

Ji Wudao, whose attention was still focused upon the sky, had a look of sudden understanding in his eyes as he said, "So, I’m just a vessel, is that it?"

Gradually, his eyes were no longer as calm as before but with a bit of cold indifference. He interrogated, "Why choose me if there is him? Why am I here? If I am here, what was the purpose of having him!"

Divine glory continued to pour down, surrounding all around Ji Wudao.

A terrifying aura suddenly erupted from Ji Wudao. At this moment, his aura seemed to have changed. A wild divine power erupted fiercely from him as the devouring power pervaded, swallowing up the divine glory that was sprinkled upon him moments ago.

"Even if you didn’t appreciate me, I will still fulfill your will and replace this heaven," Ji Wudao proclaimed as an even more frightening aura burst from him. In the next moment, he had disappeared directly from the Heavenly Palace.

Bang! A loud noise was heard, and before the people in the ninety-ninth heaven had a chance to react, they saw the divine light surrounding Ye Futian. The world particles circled him, turning into a light screen. Within this light curtain, there was a gigantic handprint. This gigantic handprint was from none other than Ji Wudao.

A terrifying aura emerged from Ji Wudao as his hand seemed to have turned into a terrifying black hole. Suddenly, the light screen around Ye Futian began to disintegrate and collapse. Those world particles were being swallowed up as they surged into the black hole of a vortex. This terrifying devouring power enveloped the boundless space, instantly burying where Ye Futian was. It looked as if Ji Wudao wanted to devour all of it.

"Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method!" The heart of every cultivator was beating wildly. They saw that the space Ye Futian occupied was crumbling and shattering like mad. Everything was about to be engulfed. Even the defense gathered by the World Divine Power could not sustain that devouring power. This was a kind of terrifying divine technique from ancient times—the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method.

It was still a mystery where Ji Wudao actually cultivated this unusual method. The Heavenly Emperor did not cultivate this ability, so he couldn’t have inherited it from the Heaven Realm. This divine method had been taboo, and it was far too terrifying. It could devour the power of the others for his own use.

Ji Wudao’s sudden attack towards Ye Futian and those words he had spoken before seemed to suggest that Ye Futian may have something to do with this slice of Heavenly Path?

They even heard Ji Wudao call himself a disciple and that this slice of the Heavenly Path was not the remnant of the ancient Heavenly Path.

This slice of the Heavenly Path seemed to have chosen Ye Futian between the two, so Ji Wudao went berserk in disappointment, intending to devour Ye Futian directly!

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