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Chapter: 2883

Fair Fight

In the ninety-ninth heaven, all eyes were on the battlefield.

Ji Wudao, the reigning Heavenly Emperor, was known as the most enchanting existence in his generation of the Seven Realms; he was the one and only.

His best record was made not too long ago. He had infiltrated the divine palace, slaughtered, and devoured several emperors. He managed to retreat successfully and returned to the ninety-ninth heaven safely. Even though he had leveraged the power of the Heavenly Path, it was still a shocking feat.

Ye Futian was the former king of the Original Realm. However, after the great changes in the world, the Original Realm was no longer what it was before. Even though cultivators from the Seven Realms have all arrived, Ye Futian was still the number one genius talent in the Original Realm, the founder of Ye Imperial Palace.

His best war record was the obliteration of seven Great Emperors in one strike.

The two were said to be the two most powerful genius talents in the world, and at this moment, they were both here for war.

Was this battle a duel between the Seven Realms’ two most powerful genius talents?

Whoever won would be the number one genius talent in all of the world.

Everyone understood that although they had not yet proved their way as the Great Emperor, they were enough to be considered emperors. Ordinary Great Emperors were not enough to contend with the likes of them at all.

Above them, there were only the six emperors who reigned higher than they did.

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On the battlefield, the terrifying power of the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method erupted, and Ye Futian’s Divine Prefecture defense kept collapsing and shattering. He was about to be swallowed up by Ji Wudao, whose handprint was like a bottomless black hole.

Boom… The horrific divine power rushed towards the black hole frantically. Ye Futian’s divine power exploded as his body tossed and roared. The divine power teared out from his body fiercely, dived into that engulfing black hole.

That divine power contained the Heaven Slaying Divine Power within, and its power of attack was unparalleled. It turned into a storm of destruction and pierced into the black hole, but he only heard the sounds of thunder coming from the black hole. It was a ponderous thud that rendered Ye Futian’s Heaven Slaying Divine Power like a rock that sank into the ocean, falling without a trace.

The terrifying black hole storm of vortex kept rolling towards Ye Futian, trying to engulf him. Accompanied by the eruption of this terrifying force, the vast and boundless space gathered into currents which were then swept into the black hole. Even this corner of the sky seemed to be on the verge of being swallowed up.

Further away, some cultivators who were watching the battle on the ninety-ninth heaven were unexpectedly swept by the current of the vortex and were instantly drawn into it, heading deeper inside.

"What kind of terrifying power is this?" The cultivator in another direction looked at the imagery in front of him in total shock. Even the sky above them was about to be swallowed up. When the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method was at full power, a handprint turned into a black hole, and that terrifying dark vortex was capable of swallowing up the heavens.

"Heavenly Emperor, have mercy on us!" Some cultivators caught up in the storm roared, but it was of no use. At this moment, Ji Wudao’s heart was cold as ice, and there was only murderous intent. He only wanted to devour Ye Futian, swallowing his existence.

Some cultivators were directly sucked inside the storm before they could even let out a scream; it was a terribly scary sight.

Boom! Ye Futian made those particles suddenly grow, each turning into a starry world of its own, letting out violent roars. They smashed directly at Ji Wudao.

This starry world was boundless and massive, and all the cultivators had made themselves scarce. There was no expression on Ji Wudao’s face, and his palm seemed to have turned into an infinite black hole. It was as if there was another world inside of it. It was like the Great Path Divine Realm, which instantly sucked the massive starry world into it.

The starry world collapsed and pulverized at an unimaginable speed and was swallowed up. The outcome still had not changed.

A terrifying devouring power swallowed Ye Futian into the black hole, causing Ye Futian’s long hair to fly wildly in the wind. His clothes fluttered as they were making a whistling sound.

Buzz! A boundless and gigantic long spear condensed into being. This long spear was conceived by the terrifying divine power. With a thought, his body was sucked inside the storm along with the long spear in his hand. Together, they slammed into the storm.

But the spear was rapidly expanding, slamming directly into the storm, and pierced into it. In an instant, a terrifying explosion was heard as the storm was collapsing and shattering. And the black hole formed by the handprint was destroyed.

But even so, it made everyone tremble with fear. They couldn’t believe just a handprint could contain such terrifying power.

Ji Wudao was just getting started, and his strength had not fully exploded.

"Divine power derived from the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method?" Ye Futian looked at Ji Wudao and asked, "What kind of divine power is this?"

"Black Hole!" Ji Wudao stared at Ye Futian and replied, "You are her descendant. If you are willing to surrender to me, I don’t have to kill you. I will finish her work, and you will assist me."

"You have gone on a crooked path," Ye Futian responded. "Come out and fight."

As soon as Ye Futian’s voice faded, he stepped out and left here directly. Fighting here would be disastrous for those who cultivated in the ninety-ninth heaven.

Ji Wudao was in possession of the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method, which helped him advance rapidly. He was one of the most powerful beings in the world, and his potential was terrifying.

However, it was also because of this Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method that Ji Wudao’s path was destined to go astray. He could devour the others for his own cultivation. When they were on the Gods’ Ruins Continent, Ji Wudao had a lot of blood on his hands. He killed many cultivators who had plundered and taken the lives of the others, swallowing the inheritances these cultivators had acquired inside the relics.

More importantly, Ye Futian could feel that Ji Wudao had a stubborn personality and had an unusually high opinion of himself. To achieve his goals, he would do anything. In addition to the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method that he cultivated, he might be a disaster waiting to happen in the cultivation world.

The two of them were destined not able to coexist.

When Ji Wudao saw that Ye Futian left voluntarily and gave up his advantage here, he looked up at the sky and said, "Since he wants a fair fight, I will allow it and spare his life."

When he finished, his figure also disappeared, as he was chasing after Ye Futian.

After Ye Futian left the ninety-ninth heaven in the Heavenly Realm, he went through the passageway in the Heaven Realm to get to the Original Realm and then came to the space of the void amid the boundless starry sky.

The infinite space of the void was silent. There were no traces of any cultivators here. Some starry continents could be seen in the distance, but they were continents where no one was cultivating.

Ye Futian then turned around, facing the area below, waiting for Ji Wudao to get there.

Soon, a figure appeared below, turning into a flash of lightning as it climbed upward. It was Ji Wudao.

Buzz! The moment Ye Futian’s mind moved, an extremely bright golden light screen appeared above the sky. It covered the sky and the sun, as well as the boundless space. It was as if it had transformed into a terrifying divine matrix of swordsmanship.

An extremely frightening sharp aura descended from above, and countless rays of light were falling. Every ray of light contained the power to slay heaven, directly attacking Ji Wudao, who was coming in for the kill.

Divine light circulated around Ji Wudao, and the Nine Dragons True Qi was released. He was bathing in the divine power of destruction, yet he was unmoved.

"A lot of these abilities were given to you by your mother. Today, I will use these abilities to defeat you!" Ji Wudao looked up at Ye Futian and roared, unparalleled confidence within himself!

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