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Chapter: 344

The person who took the initiative to speak to her felt bored with Mu Qingyao’s lack of response, so she stopped chatting with her.

Mu Qingyao pretended to be calm and continued reading, but she was truly aggravated. On one hand, there was Xu Xinduo; on the other hand, Li Xinning was going to come back— how annoying.

It seemed like Li Xinning was not completely hopeless as she was quite hard-working recently.

However, if she became Tong Yan’s deskmate and had Gu Jue sit in front of her, wouldn’t this green tea become a Mary Sue character and start performing her show?

She took out her phone and looked at her WeChat list. Shen Zhuhang had not been in touch with her for a week.

After Li Xinning left the Advanced Class, she continued to pester Shen Zhuhang, crying in front of him and putting on an innocent look. Shen Zhuhang took this trick seriously and fell for it, so he felt bad for her and thought that Mu Qingyao was a vicious person.

After thinking about it, she still sent a message to Shen Zhuhang: [I am in the top ten in the ranks this time, I got 8th.]

After a long time, Shen Zhuhang replied: [After Li Xinning returns to the Advanced Class, can you be a bit nicer to her?]

Upon seeing Shen Zhuhang’s reply, Mu Qingyao was instantly disgusted to the extreme.

She always felt that Shen Zhuhang had taken the script of a random cliche male lead from some kind of bitter drama and quoted it all day. She was the evil fiance in the script and Li Xinning was the ‘pure’ little white flower who took away his soul.

She used to feel pretty good about it when she was with Shen Zhuhang, but recently, she was absolutely disgusted with his attitude, even to the point where she thought that she was blind when they were together.

She now figured out that the more average a guy was, the more he would feel good about himself. As a result, he would feel like he was welcomed around the world.

If Li Xinning didn’t hate me, would she have liked this pig?

This pig took advantage of Li Xinning because she hated me. Didn’t Li Xinning feel disgusted when she was humped by this pig?

What a sacrifice just to bring me down!

Thinking of this, Mu Qingyao became even more enraged.

The more someone was like Tong Yan, a young master who had been liked since he was a child, the more devoted a man would turn out to be. They were not driven by flattery and they knew that being adored was just a norm for them. Plus, people like them could reject their dislikes quickly without any hesitation.

On the contrary, a boy like Shen Zhuhang would just flirt with a girl like Li Xinning. And now, he even had the audacity to ask Mu Qingyao to be nicer to her?

This act of bullying seemed to be a bit ironic, didn’t it?

Imagine your fiance telling you to be nice to his mistress?

Could this scum of a man be any more despicable?

Mu Qingyao typed and replied: [I have always been good to her, but she doesn’t like me very much. I really don’t know what she said to you, but it makes me so sad to know that you’re treating me like this.]

Shen Zhuhang edited his words for a long time before replying to her by typing: [I hope nothing more will happen then.]

Mu Qingyao put down her mobile phone and leaned on her chin. Thinking about the fact that Li Xinning would be deskmates with Tong Yan, she would be everything but courteous. Mu Qingyao wondered if she could take advantage of the situation.

The issue couldn’t be said from her mouth, but she could get the word out to Shen Zhuhang’s ears. From there, he would find out about Li Xinning’s true personality.

Ah, this is so annoying; why is Xu Xinduo capable of attracting boys like Tong Yan?

Why wasn’t there someone like Gu Jue or a scumbag like Shen Zhuhang by her side?

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