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Chapter: 349

Tong Yan was too annoyed. After sitting down, he took out his mobile phone to read the news. While chatting with Wei Lan, Xu Xinduo came over with a notebook and put it on Tong Yan’s desk, "These are the notes that I organised."

Tong Yan extended his hand and looked at it. Seeing that Xu Xinduo was going to leave, he immediately reached out and grabbed her wrist, "You have to tell me about it, right?"

"It’s all written here clearly; you can understand just by looking at it."

Tong Yan still didn’t want to let Xu Xinduo go,so he stood up and let Xu Xinduo sit in his chair.

Xu Xinduo was quite surprised to see Tong Yan’s chair placement, but she sat down after a moment.

Then, she saw Tong Yan squatting beside the table with his hands on the edge of the table as he said pitifully, "It’s rare for you to come to me for once, so can’t you just explain a little? I’ve been isolated since I came to this class and there’s no one to talk to, sigh."

After Tong Yan finished speaking, all the students sitting around Tong Yan were shocked. This sentence was… too fake, right? Did he not have a conscience?

Li Xinning especially, was super baffled. He said that he was annoyed when she spoke to Tong Yan, yet he turned his head and said that to Xu Xinduo?

What is a double standard?

Was this a double standard?

Xu Xinduo opened the notebook and asked, "Which one did you not master well?"

"None of them are good."

"Then which part do you think it’s not possible to lose points?"

Tong Yan took a look at the notebook and then replied, "Maths, I don’t lose much points in mathematics."

"Then what do you want me to say?"

"A few words?"

Xu Xinduo reluctantly opened the notes, moved her position and said to Tong Yan, "My brother and I have studied it— this is generally a compulsory test and the question types are changeable. I have sorted out a few questions from the previous years’ papers; they’re at the back. See if you can answer them later,"

"Mm, okay."

Xu Xinduo had no work arrangements today, so she stayed at the school for evening classes and planned to go home by car after the classes were over.

She obtained special approval from the school. The security guard at the door knew Xu Xinduo and would open the door for her every time.

On this day, she left the school as usual, but she received a message from Wei Lan halfway through: [Master Duo, brother Yan suddenly had a fight with Shen Zhuhang.]

Wei Lan: [Fighting in the Advanced Class is easily going to get him kicked out.]

Xu Xinduo was startled when she saw the text and asked De Yu to rush to the school. When she got there, she jumped in from the wall where Tong Yan had told her of the last time.

This time, she jumped over in a hurry. When she jumped down, she felt her ankle being in a slightly uncomfortable state. After taking two steps without delay, she paced towards the location Wei Lan spoke of.

After evening classes, the school was unusually quiet. Most of the students gathered near the dormitory or the cafeteria, so the back of the school was silent, like a hibernating bear. She could even hear her own pants as she ran and the ruffling sounds of her coat swayed amidst the cold wind.

The location was at the external stairs of the school’s multimedia building. The external stairs were usually used for the convenience of transporting large objects, but mostly, it was in a state of abandonment.

The walls and stairs have experienced both strong wind and blazing sunlight. The walls were mottled and the creeping vines were spreading arrogantly. The stairs were occasionally cleaned by the students on duty and there are always traces of burnt cigarette butts in the stairwell, which became a blind spot for students to gather occasionally.

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