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Chapter: 353

Shen Zhuhang listened on the side. He was obsessed before, but now he had awakened. After listening to them, he fully understood.

Since Xu Xinduo arrived at the Mu family, Mu Qingyao has been instilling false statements in him, making him feel that the Mu family was being too much. He was brainwashed to accept the fact that Xu Xinduo, the adopted daughter, was also very inauthentic. Mu Qingyao was bullied by her adopted sister, so she was just a frail and innocent little girl.

At that time, Shen Zhuhang felt that Mu Qingyao was his fiance, so he had a role to protect her.

Previously, Li Xinning reminded him before and let him know that he was being used. He stayed away from Mu Qingyao for a while, but now it seemed like Mu Qingyao was not going to let him go. Mu Qingyao knew his characteristics, so he knew that the incident today was deliberately instigated by her.

"Are you actually from the Mu family?" Shen Zhuhang suddenly asked Xu Xinduo a question.

Xu Xinduo was caught off guard by this question. She hesitated for a moment and then sighed, "Probably not."


Then Xu Xinduo said affirmatively, "Mm, not by blood. I have nothing to do with that family."

Shen Zhuhang looked at Xu Xinduo and frowned. Obviously, Xu Xinduo denied it, but Shen Zhuhang seemed to have guessed that there was something about that answer that didn’t sit right with him, so he continued to jest, "Can the Mu family really pull off such a feat? All this just because of a marriage contract?"

Xu Xinduo sighed indifferently, "Who knows…"

"I will break off the marriage with the Mu family."

Xu Xinduo suddenly smiled, "I really will miss you and Mu Qingyao getting along well like peas in a pod."

Shen Zhuhang naturally knew what Xu Xinduo meant— her implication was that a b*tch and a mutt would go well together.

He also knew that he was quite a jerk all along, so he didn’t deny it and continued, "I will stay away from these two women. I admit that I am stupid, so I will stay away and I will find someone who is equally stupid in the future to be my girlfriend."

Xu Xinduo still remembered that Shen Zhuhang had slapped Mu Qingyao and she couldn’t help but cough, "Don’t harm other girls; it’s pitiful when you think about it."

Looking at Xu Xinduo’s mocking appearance, Shen Zhuhang sneered and said, "Do you know that my mother likes you? She always thinks that the little girl that Yin Hua adores must have something special. She even wanted to change my partner in marriage. If you think that the other girls are going to be in a pitiful state with me, why don’t you be by my side?"

Xu Xinduo immediately became angry when she heard this.

Tong Yan was faster than Xu Xinduo as he stretched out his hand to clamp Shen Zhuhang’s chin. His eyes were fierce and his voice seemed to be squeezed out between his back molars, "Are you delusional?"

Shen Zhuhang was disheartened at this time, but he really wanted to be beaten; maybe then, he would forget about the pain in his heart.

He looked at the two people in front of him with a wry smile and suddenly envied the fact that the pair was protecting each other. Even if they were not actually together, they still had a very tacit relationship.

He looked at Xu Xinduo and asked, "How can I fight back?"

Xu Xinduo asked coldly, "Who are you trying to fight back?"

"The two of them."

Wei Lan couldn’t listen to him anymore. He felt like Shen Zhuhang was absolutely useless and helpless, so said from the sides, "Is it that difficult? Go and tell Li Xinning that it was Mu Qingyao who instigated you to beat Tong Yan; go to Mu Qingyao’s side and continue to defend Li Xinning. Show that you love Li Xinning deeply and then, the two of them will fight. Then, you can find your stupid girls in the net that you casted and flock around outside the net. With so many other fish outside the world, life would be a bliss by then."

Shen Zhuhang’s eyes relaxed as if he was persuaded.

Then, Wei Lan said again, "But I advise you not to think about our Master Duo. Otherwise, someone will take away your net and make you wish you were dead."

Shen Zhuhang looked at Tong Yan before he nodded.

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