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Chapter: 354

Tong Yan let go of Shen Zhuhang and shook the ‘misfortune’ out of his hand, not wanting to be unlucky due to touching him. Then, he pushed Xu Xinduo’s shoulders and walked downstairs.

Wei Lan and Su Wei didn’t live on campus. Today, Wei Lan and the new school girl had a good chat near the automatic vending machine. Su Wei was with him when, coincidentally, this happened.

Moreover, Tong Yan and Shen Zhuhang didn’t fight much. Wei Lan saw that Shen Zhuhang was dragged out like a chicken by Tong Yan, so he quickly sent a message to Xu Xinduo, deliberately exaggerating the story.

Seeing that Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo went to the men’s dorms together, Wei Lan nudged Su Wei out with a smirk. Fearing that Shen Zhuhang would cause even more trouble, Wei Lan dragged him out as well.

Wei Lan laughed inwardly, buddy, this is all I can do to help you.

Xu Xinduo was familiar with Tong Yan’s bedroom.

After she went in, she took out the ointment from the bag, unscrewed the lid and dipped a little bit of it with her fingers. Then, she leaned over to apply the medicine on Tong Yan.

Tong Yan leaned down cooperatively, and after the medicine was applied to the corner of his mouth, Tong Yan showed her his arm and asked her to help apply the medicine there as well.

"Does it hurt?" Xu Xinduo looked at him and asked.

"It hurts! So give it a little rub," Tong Yan didn’t take it seriously at all.

Xu Xinduo applied the medicine on him to ensure that it could improve the blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

Then, she sat down and took off her shoes to look at her ankle. There was no problem with it, apparently; she was just a little uncomfortable.

Tong Yan noticed her behaviour and asked, "What’s wrong with your foot? Is it swollen?"

"It doesn’t count; it’s just that I was in a hurry when I jumped over the wall and I didn’t land properly."

Tong Yan held her foot to help her move her ankle. He asked softly, "Does it hurt?"

"Slightly painful, but it’s nothing major."

"You shouldn’t leave today then, stay with me. I’m worried about you jumping out by yourself," Tong Yan was very persistent about this matter.

"No," Xu Xinduo immediately put on her socks and refused resolutely.

"Are you that afraid of me? Afraid that I will eat you?"

"I’m also afraid of myself. I can’t control myself when I see you."

"I’m just existing, what are you controlling yourself for?"

Xu Xinduo looked up at Tong Yan. Then, she reached out and patted Tong Yan’s clothes as if there was something dirty on them.

Tong Yan looked down and saw that there was nothing on the clothes.

Xu Xinduo still swiped and patted the fabric with disgust for a long time before she said unhappily, "How annoying, you talked with Li Xinning for so long."

"Oh… are you jealous?" Tong Yan raised his eyebrows with a smile.

"Yes, I’m jealous!" Xu Xinduo admitted frankly before she kissed Tong Yan’s mouth, "You are mine."

Tong Yan almost floated with the intensity of the kiss. He leaned over and hugged Xu Xinduo without letting her go. He then buried his head in the crook of Xu Xinduo’s neck, acting like a coquettish big dog.

Xu Xinduo still pushed him away cruelly, "Don’t seduce me. I can’t stand it anymore, I’m leaving."

"Your stupid contract is so annoying— can’t we just do it secretly and not let anyone find out about it?"

"I’m a human with a guilty conscience," Xu Xinduo pointed to her heart, "Besides, you were the one who said that you wanted to chase me, so chase me well and don’t give up halfway."

"Okay, I’ll keep chasing."

Xu Xinduo finally left the school accompanied by Tong Yan.

Xu Xinduo’s ankle was uncomfortable, so Tong Yan first held her leg and lifted her up. Then, he jumped up on the wall before jumping down, followed by Xu Xinduo.

When Xu Xinduo landed safely, Tong Yan watched her get into the car before going back.

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