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Chapter: 356

This was a good thing for Xu Xinduo. After all, she didn’t want Shen Zhuhang to even have a chance at considering her as a marriage partner. So, it would be a better option to stabilise the marriage contract between Shen Zhuhang and Mu Qingyao. This way, she could have less troubles and her days would be much better too.

Father Mu was a little hesitant.

He really desperately wanted to maintain a relationship with the Shen family as he had a project that needed help from them. They agreed to help initially, but after that, they kept delaying the signing of the contract. Either they’d nitpick and point out ‘errors’ in the contract, or they would say that things required more deliberation. Regardless of which method they used, they just wouldn’t sign the contract at all.

Father Mu also knew that she was taking advantage of the fact that the Shen family needed the paternity test and made such a request. He was enraged, but he couldn’t do anything about it besides accepting her terms.

After deciding to find someone to undergo the DNA test in Mu Qingyao’s stead, Father Mu did not choose to do a test with his son. He didn’t want Mu Qingyi to become even more disappointed with his father. Besides, he was afraid that the identification test would be able to tell the gender between the testers, so he might as well go to Xu Xinduo directly.

In his opinion, Xu Xinduo lived outside alone and was still working. The Tong family didn’t provide her with anything, so she definitely needed money. He came over with the intent to agree to an exchange of her DNA for a sum of money. With that in mind, he thought that Xu Xinduo would help him out rather happily.

But this request really caught him by surprise.

Father Mu began to deliberate his choices in his heart.

He knew that Mother Shen liked Xu Xinduo a little, but Xu Xinduo was obviously unwilling to accept him as a potential partner.  Moreover, she was uncontrollable as she was not as obedient as Mu Qingyao.

It would be better to continue to maintain the marriage contract between Shen Zhuhang and Mu Qingyao. That way, things could be carried out more stably.

Thinking about the losses of losing Xu Xinduo, father Mu didn’t think that he was at a disadvantageous position. She was just a wild girl, so once the brat from the Tong family was done toying with her, she would revert back to her low status again. She was also starting off well in her career, but she was just a small model and her future was still uncertain.

If Xu Xinduo didn’t marry a rich man, she would practically be useless to him in this lifetime.

I’ll hold onto the Shen family’s project first; anything else can wait.

After making a decision, father Mu replied, "Yes, I promise you."

"Well, I’ll find someone to help me write the agreement; only then will I cooperate with you."

Father Mu wanted to finish things quickly, so how could he delay it any longer? He was a little anxious and wanted her to remain, so he got up, intending to stall her.

Xu Xinduo got up and stepped back as if she was hiding from a virus. In an instant, she put some distance between them and said coldly to father Mu, "I will ask the lawyer to contact you."

"Lawyer?" Father Mu was stunned.

"Yes," After Xu Xinduo finished speaking, she turned and left the office.

Father Mu wanted to ask her about it and quickly made his way to the door of the office, but Xu Xinduo had already left.

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