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Chapter: 358

The lawyer deliberately mentioned that Yin Hua liked Xu Xinduo and Tong Yukai would agree to the union of the duo. That was because he wanted to let him know about the events of what would happen henceforth to prevent him from being involved in these matters anymore. Tong Yukai was no regular beast to toy with.

Father Mu replied with a dry laugh of his, voice trembling slightly as he asked, "For a few strands of hair, I am to sever my relationships to this extent? My daughter can just marry into the Tong family just like that?"

After hearing this, the lawyer seemed to be very puzzled, "What do you mean by that? You have no relation to Miss Xu at all. Or do you want to obtain something from her? Do you think you can just marry Miss Xu into your family and gain some form of benefit? Do you perceive the lady as a mere object?"

Father Mu was stunned as if he was struck by lightning as this remark impacted his heart dreadfully. To him, the Xu Xinduo who was gradually rejected by Tong Yan, had a completely different value from the Xu Xinduo who would marry into Tong’s family.

If it was the former, Father Mu felt that it didn’t matter even if he gave her up as long as he could stabilise the situation with the Shen family; if it was the latter, then he had given up a golden mountain in order to get a red brick.

Now, although the mountain of gold was only a few hair strands away from him, he had no means to regain it any longer. The blood in his chest was surging as he felt like he had some difficulty breathing while his blood pressure increased. There was a sudden pain forming in his head and he felt that his ears were ringing painfully as if a bell was ringing in his brain. Everything was clear to him as he processed his situation, which was why he felt the unbearable pain.

Xu Xinduo, whom he thought was unworthy of mentioning just this morning, had become unattainable in an instant.

What sort of joke was this?!

Wasn’t Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo’s relationship not that great? Was Mu Qingyao lying to me all along?

The lawyer couldn’t keep chatting with Father Mu, so he left with the contract and the documents after issuing the warning. Father Mu wanted to chase the lawyer and tear up the papers that he had signed just now. However, he also noticed that the lawyer had an assistant with him, so he probably wouldn’t be able to do so even if he wanted to.

He also didn’t want to provoke Tong Yukai.

Father Mu returned home unwillingly, sitting at home in wait for Mu Qingyao to finish school and return.

Mu Qingyao had been living on-campus recently. Father Mu had been very busy recently and never really cared about his children’s affairs, so he forgot about the fact that she was living in the school grounds. He even thought that Mu Qingyao no longer wanted to return home, so he got even more aggravated.

He only found out that the two siblings were living on-campus when he asked the servants in the house.

So, he held back his temper and waited until Mu Qingyao returned from school on Friday.

Mu Qingyao was the only one who returned home, so father Mu asked with a sullen face, "Where’s Xiaoyi?"

"He probably went to mother’s place."

"You still don’t know where your mother lives?"

"Mm, mother has never contacted me."

Father Mu was already angry, but with Mu Qingyi’s actions implying that he didn’t want to return home because he wanted to stay with his mother, it enraged him even more.

Father Mu looked at Mu Qingyao.

It’s all because of Mu Qingyao that their family would result in shambles and crumble like this. Now that he’s divorced and was separated from his wife, wasn’t it all because of her?

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