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Chapter: 359

Father Mu looked at Mu Qingyao.

It’s all because of Mu Qingyao that their family would result in shambles and crumble like this. Now that he’s divorced and was separated from his wife, wasn’t it all because of her?

He had already defended Mu Qingyao enough before; in fact, keeping her identity a secret was what made things so bad. How could a girl who was supposed to grow up in the country, but lived in their house for seventeen years and even had a decent engagement, end up causing this misfortune?

He thought that Mu Qingyao was also lying, saying that the relationship between Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo was not good, causing him to misunderstand and misread the situation. Otherwise, why would he sign the contract so easily?

Thinking of this, Father Mu raised his hand and gave Mu Qingyao a slap, "Your mother already knows that you are a white-eyed wolf(1) so she refuses to contact you. For her to actually hate you with such a docile character, shouldn’t you do some self-reflecting?"

(T/N: Refers to someone who doesn’t have gratitude, especially towards those who have betrayed or backstabbed someone who once helped them)

Mu Qingyao was caught off guard. From her point of view, she was slapped suddenly as soon as she walked into the house. This happened even before she could have the chance to put down her school bag, and that surprised her.

Mu Qingyao covered her face and replied, "Mom knows that I have a better relationship with you. So if she were to tell me, she probably guessed that I would inform you, so maybe she’s putting up her guard against you?"

This angered Father Mu even more, causing him to pull Mu Qingyao’s hair and drag her into the house. Then, he slammed her head against the coffee table, "You son of a b*tch! You actually dared to talk back to me, don’t you? Your family’s roots are of subpar quality, so as expected, even if you weren’t raised by them, what’s inferior by the core remains inferior."

Mu Qingyao struggled hard and her fingernails scratched father Mu’s arm. Father Mu glanced at the newly carved wounds on his arm as he loosened his grip on her hair and kicked her far away from him.

Mu Qingyao fell to the floor and before she could regain her senses, she saw father Mu walking over to her side before he started kicking her fiercely. With one blow after another, he almost seemed like he wanted to kill her by violence.

Father Mu was becoming more insane as time passed. Since the company’s situation had gotten worse, his temper had also become unstable. After the divorce from mother Mu, he directly entered a state of rampage.

This was the first time Mu Qingyao had been beaten and she was in pain all over. She shuddered and begged for mercy as she cried so hard, but father Mu didn’t listen to her pleas at all. Instead, he was still badmouthing her and name-calling her with terms like ‘inferior product’, ‘garbage’ and ‘b*tch’.

He was acting like a lunatic.


The Shen family obtained the paternity test results.

Since father Mu got Xu Xinduo’s hair follicles, he did the personal identification test rather quickly. He couldn’t lose the sesame seeds even if the watermelon was lost(2).

(T/N: Refers to dealing with what you have or maintaining what you have even if you lost your opportunity to invest in something bigger)

Shen Zhuhang learned that his family had obtained the paternity test results and told them not to rush in signing the contract because he had something to say. The Shen family delayed signing the contract under the pretense of not looking like they were waiting for the proof from the test. It would be more natural to sign in a few days’ time, so they did so.

Over the weekends, Shen Zhuhang threw a paternity report on the table and said, "I pulled a few strands of Mu Qingyao’s hair after she fell asleep and this is the report of the test I did for her. Can you compare the two reports and see if the results are the same?"

After listening to Shen Zhuhang’s words, Father Shen was stunned.

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