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Chapter: 360

Although there have been many speculations before, Father Shen had been denying them all as he felt like those were just baseless rumours that were full of nonsense.

As a result, Shen Zhuhang’s act of shoving an entire report in front of his face came off as a shock to him.

Father Shen couldn’t help frowning when he saw the two reports in front of him. As he was reaching out to take the papers, Mother Shen had already grabbed them. After flipping through a few pages, she began to compare the values ​​carefully.

Mu Qingyao’s results ​​were completely different from each other when they compared the two reports. Even a layman could tell that the girl in Shen Zhuhang’s report was not the true daughter of Father Mu.

After reading it, Mother Shen was furious and she asked, "How could the Mu family do such a thing?"

Father Shen already guessed the results differed when he saw Mother Shen’s reaction. He picked the papers up and scrutinised over every single word. Then, he asked Shen Zhuhang, "Is this report real? You can’t forge fakes when it comes to matters like these."

Shen Zhuhang was determined to break off the engagement with Mu Qingyao. Now, he was really disgusted by the fact that he had Mu Qingyao’s contact information on WeChat. He felt like her serpent-like cunning personality that leeched off someone’s benefits and used them before tossing them aside was a behaviour that he couldn’t accept.

He nodded and replied, "Actually, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Mu Qingyi and Xu Xinduo were almost carved from the same mould. The heights of Mu Qingyao and the other members of the Mu family were not really compatible either. Mrs. Mu’s height was already more than 160 cm, so how could her daughter merely be 157 cm? Don’t you think it’s far-fetched?"

Mother Shen already believed her son without needing any further confirmation. She was so angry that she felt like she was going crazy. She scolded loudly, "Does the Mu family think of us as fools to toy with? Getting an indecent girl to be the daughter-in-law of the Shen family but marrying off the pretty one to the Tong family? A pipe dream, I tell you!"

Shen Zhuhang shook his head, "Mu Qingyao really grew up in the Mu family these years and it’s true that Xu Xinduo did have contact with the Mu family recently. However, her relationship with the Mu family was really bad all along, so she had left the family entirely now. Perhaps, Xu Xinduo was only recognised as a member of the Mu family not too long ago. My guess is that in concealing her identity from the public and discriminating against her, they hurt their real daughter through their actions. "

Mother Shen felt very appalled and asked, "How could they do such a thing? How are they capable of treating their own daughter like this, to the point where they don’t care about blood relationships at all?"

Shen Zhuhang replied, "For the sake of this engagement, I suppose; wasn’t the Mu family’s business supported by our family’s aid?"

Father Shen still found it difficult to accept this fact. He always felt that Father Mu, whom he had known for many years, would not turn out to be such a person. He hesitated for a while before saying, "Mu Wenyan shouldn’t be this absurd."

"Did Uncle Mu tell you about the divorce? It seemed like it was also because of this matter that Mrs. Mu divorced Uncle Mu because although she wanted to recognise her own daughter, he was against it. If nothing else, let mother make a call to ask about it. Instead of calling Mrs. Mu directly, try giving a call to the few women who frequently went to beauty salons with her. You can ask them about the divorce and we’ll know the truth."

Mother Shen immediately took out her mobile phone and called to inquire. Sure enough, she had access to information in no time.

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