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Chapter: 379

When Mother Shen saw that her dear son was injured, she went insane. Regardless of the fact that Father Mu was still in a coma, she started swearing and yelling when she entered the ward.

Mu Qingyi initially apologized, but after that, he didn’t say a word.

"Look at what kind of crap you have in your family; you raised your child like this! She’s a snake indeed— the moment things don’t go their way, they bite back!"

"Hurting others after breaking off a marriage. If this kind of snakelike scorpion was to truly wed into my home, wouldn’t my entire family be killed should a fight occur?"

"What are you looking at me like that for? What do you mean by sighing? You were also raised by them. A house that doesn’t recognise their own birth daughter and one that raises garbage children is truly despicable! You’re no better off either since you grew up there!"

"He was also attacked? Haha! He deserves it! He should suffer from it! He tried to shove a ‘tumour’ into my house, but I guess he got the punishment he deserved, huh?"

The medical staff at the hospital also came to persuade her, hoping that Mother Shen could keep quiet and not disturb the other patients. But the irrational mother was so angry that she didn’t want to retain any sort of image; she just wanted to scold them with all her might to relieve her anger.

Mu Qingyi also stood in the ward and clenched his fists tightly to the point where the veins on his forehead were showing themselves.

At this time, Shao Qinghe came in and greeted Mother Shen. He then said, "I have heard everything and this Mu Qingyao is certainly too much. But Xiaoyi is also helpless about the situation— he had long been tired of his sister’s antics, but he couldn’t drive her away either. Hence, he had to tolerate it."

Mother Shen snorted coldly when she saw Shao Qinghe and said, "It’s the sins of their Mu family— he deserves to go bankrupt and also deserves to be separated from his wife!"

Shao Qinghe nodded and said, "Who’s denying that? Well, it was truly odd that Uncle Mu didn’t bother much about her once he was declared bankrupt, but Shen Zhuhang hit her before. After that, he even angered her by cheating on her before their agreed marriage. With so many things pushing her to her limits, it’s such a shame for things to turn out like this…"

Mother Shen was finally stunned to the point where she couldn’t say anything. Her eyes were wide open and she didn’t speak for a long time.

Shao Qinghe continued in a low voice and said, "Aunt Shen, it’s better if you do not speak of the reason as to why Mu Qingyao made her attack. Look, if this is spreaded out, others might say that your Shen family forced her to take such actions. Shen Zhuhang committed violence and cheated on her. Then, he forced her to break off the marriage, causing Mu Qingyao to become angry and drive her to injure others."

"Nonsense! We broke off the marriage because the Mu family deceived us!"

"I am aware, but there are strange voices in our school saying that Mu Qingyao did so to end a scumbag; it’s quite an interesting story."

"Does that even make sense?"

"Words of the human tongue are truly terrifying!" Shao Qinghe said before he looked at the onlookers, "So do you still want to make a fuss? After all, you used to be in-law’s— it wouldn’t look good for you if you continue stirring trouble."

Mother Shen was trembling with anger but she finally left.

Mu Qingyi also looked at Shao Qinghe and whispered, "Thank you."

"Alas, at this time, no matter what you say, Aunt Shen will ignore you and will only tell you off out of spite. Only a bystander like me can persuade her to do something else."

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