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Chapter: 381

Even after the Mu family’s company went bankrupt, Mother Mu never came to meet Father Mu.

But when Father Mu fell unconscious after being stabbed by Mu Qingyao, Mother Mu couldn’t sit still any longer. She bought the nearest high-speed rail ticket and went over. Due to the rush and abruptness, there were no available flights that could be booked last-minute.

After she came over, she shooed Mu Qingyi away and had him go to school. In turn, she would stay and watch Father Mu.

It was strange— originally, she was always timid and easily scared. If this had happened before, she would have definitely bawled her eyes out by now, probably screaming out loud that there was nothing she could do.

However, she was unusually calm at this time. Though, with the situation already as bad as it could get, she had to be strong even if she couldn’t.

She stayed in the hospital and contacted the Tong family to finalise the specific matters of the company’s acquisition.

Perhaps on behalf of Xu Xinduo, the Tong family didn’t take advantage of their troubled times to gain profit over this acquisition. The contract statements were very reasonable, detailing matters that concerned only Mu Qingyi. They also insisted that Father Mu had nothing to do with the company henceforth.

Afterwards, she visited Shen Zhuhang and Li Xinning. The parents on both sides were angry, but Mother Mu’s attitude was very calm and well-composed throughout the whole process. She carried herself well enough for the other parties to know that she wasn’t here to ask for sympathy as she only mentioned that she would bear their medical fees.

Since there was no mention of reconciliation during the whole process, naturally there would not be any difficulties. Mother Mu did not help Mu Qingyao find a lawyer either.

Whatever her verdict was, so be it— an act like this deserved punishment.

When Father Mu woke up, he saw Mother Mu sitting on the sofa in the ward, looking at a pile of contracts whilst calling the company’s old employees to verify the situation.

Father Mu’s company closed down. Many people were afraid that Father Mu would owe them their wages, so they had started to look for new jobs. This was human nature, so it was bound to happen after all.

Who would have thought that the dilapidated company became a branch of the Tong family’s industry in a blink of an eye. So instead, the company’s rank suddenly rose as the salaries and the treatment provided to the workers were better than the previous one. All the employees who remained were pleasantly surprised.

Some of the people who left also wanted to try to come back and the Tong family also accepted all of them. They said that they would send two personnel managers over there to discuss the salary arrangements with the employees again.

The company’s situation improved a lot in an instant.

Mother Mu was checking on the company’s situation at this moment. After understanding the situation, she would hand the reins over to the representatives of the Tong family.

While talking, she saw Father Mu wake up. She paused for a while before continuing the conversation. After finishing the necessary arrangements, she hung up the phone and went out to call the doctor.

After the doctor did a simple examination for Father Mu’s condition, he gave a few words of advice to Mother Mu and left.

Father Mu looked at Mother Mu. His lips trembled slightly as he called her name, "Yinxun…"

Mother Mu looked at Father Mu’s weak appearance before she said, "The Tong family is willing to buy the company and many things have been successfully negotiated, so you…"

Father Mu’s eyes lit up immediately and asked, "Can they… provide the funds? We will definitely make a profit after this project is completed…"

"They are only willing to buy it."

"Ask Duoduo to beg them!"

"Do you think Duoduo will help you? You have already broken Duoduo’s heart long ago, so tell me how is the Tong family going to be willing to do so?"

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