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Chapter: 2862

Central Air Conditioner

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

That way, Lu Qi would have resources, and the Lu family would not need to spend a single cent. Everything would be covered by the He family.

Xia Qingyang was plotting to take advantage of the He family.

The mother and daughter did it for different reasons, but their goal was the same.

They were taking different routes to the same destination.

However, Lu Qi did not know that a scum like He Zhengbai was a master in flirting.

He was Lu Man’s childhood friend, but he became her lover naturally.

Actually, in his whole life, he had never lacked any admiration from girls.

Was He Zhengbai really loyal to Lu Man?

A scum like He Zhengbai, how was that possible?

Even if he could not really have any developments with that person, he had to capture her heart and make her fall so hard in love with him.

He was like a central air conditioner, warming up the girls around him who were interested in him.

If he met one who was more open-minded and did not need him to take responsibility, he would have a round with her.

If it was the serious kind, He Zhengbai would just be considerate to her without going to the next stage.

‘What was the meaning of this?

It was interesting.

Even if He Zhengbai could not touch that person, he had to capture her heart completely so that he could feel a sense of accomplishment.

Facing such an experienced person, Lu Qi was no match at all.

He Zhengbai was also wholeheartedly good to Lu Man before.

However, after Xia Qingwei and Lu Qiyuan got divorced, Lu Man’s position in the Lu family became more awkward, and she was not loved.

He Zhengbai was reluctant to abandon his childhood friendship with Lu Man and Lu Man’s pretty face.

After all, Lu Man was more beautiful than Lu Qi.

However, He Zhengbai still had to give her up.

In the beginning, he had a foot in both camps, hiding Lu Qi’s and his relationship from Lu Man. This was not to protect Lu Qi.

Actually, he still could not get over Lu Man and had planned to enjoy having more than one partner.

It was funny that Lu Qi thought that she had taken He Zhengbai from Lu Man.

She did not know that in reality, He Zhengbai had Lu Qi’s heart on a leash.

He could see Lu Qi’s jealousy of Lu Man in her eyes, as well as her interest in him.

So He Zhengbai was purposely good to Lu Man in front of Lu Qi, being considerate, gentlemanly, and warm.

He made Lu Qi like him more.

As expected, Lu Qj fell into the trap and was hooked by He Zhengbai.

He even made Lu Qi feel like she was excellent in her technique and did not feel that He Zhengbai was a scum.

However, after Lu Man returned from the rebirth, she cleaned up her past.

She was like a bystander who had watched her whole past once before, and she saw things even clearer.

So she had seen through He Zhengbai’s nature.

If Lu Man knew about Lu Qi’s current situation, Lu Man would just smile without caring.

This was really good karma.

Lu Qi made her the one being cheated on.

Now, Lu Qi had the fate of being cheated on.

Lu Qi watched as He Zhengbai drove Sun Jingfei away.

Lu Qi secretly followed behind.

She wanted to see if she could take more pictures.

Lu Qi could not help but sneer.

Help arrived exactly when she needed it.

Before this, she could not think of anything she could use to negotiate with He Zhengbai.

After all, looking at the current situation, He Zhengbai had the upper hand.

He Zhengbai had a huge leverage on her. Although she wanted to discuss conditions with He Zhengbai, Lu Qi did not have much hope.

Who knew that she would be just in time to see He Zhengbai and Sun Jingfei?

The phrase that Lu Qi wanted to say now was "God is helping me."

Lu Qi carefully tailed He Zhengbai’s car.

She thought that the two were going out for a date. At this time, they must be going to a restaurant to eat.

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