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Chapter: 2866

Your Fate

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Our Zhengbai did not abandon her because of her abjection. He even tried to get her back after she wanted to break up. Unexpectedly, Lu Man hardened her heart. Back then, we felt it was strange too. Our Zhengbai was already a young talent in the industry. Why would Lu Man want to break up with

Zhengbai when she was in such a difficult situation?"

Yang Lin pouted in disdain. "We only found out afterward that she had already found her next home and was doing well with Han Zhuoli. Naturally, she would turn her nose up at Zhengbai. Our Zhengbai was stupid to feel guilty towards Lu Man.

"However, don’t think that Zhengbai can’t get over Lu Man. So many things had happened with Lu Man afterward, and our family and Zhengbai’s heart have been completely hurt," said Yang Lin.

"Then there’s Lu Qi. Our Zhengbai has no relationship with her at all. Lu Qi kept pestering him, but Zhengbai has a good heart and knew that he could not get together with Lu Man’s younger sister even after he broke up with Lu Man. He dated Lu Man before, after all. It’s because Lu Qi had been pressured

so much by Lu Man that she came to ride on our Zhengbai’s wave.

"Because of his relationship with the Lu family since he was young, although our Zhengbai is very dissatisfied with Lu Qi, he did not want to embarrass a young lady, so he did not bother with her."

Yang Lin sighed heavily. "Who would have expected that Zhengbai’s soft heart would be his weakness? He was misunderstood by the outside world and it became difficult for him to find a girlfriend. However, in reality, our Zhengbai is an extremely kind person."

Lu Qi even wanted to destroy the wall of the living room now.

She had witnessed the power of the He family members to distort the truth.

This whole family was shameless!

They were so good at lying through their teeth!

It was no wonder that they could bring up a son of a b*tch like He Zhengbai!

"Alright, let’s not talk about the past. Let’s avoid making Jingfei unhappy and cause a grudge between them," said He Qingyang.

"Look at me," said Yang Lin, full of regret. "Jingfei, I just wanted you to understand that the old rumors about our Zhengbai are all fake. Don’t take it to heart. Believe in him."

Sun Jingfei smiled and said, "Auntie, don’t worry. Rumors in the outside world are mostly passed on from person to person, so it becomes more outrageous every time it is passed on. No matter how much you heard, it’s not as good as seeing it yourself. I am with Zhengbai, and I have seen and understood

clearly Zhengbai’s behavior. I’ve seen what kind of a person he is and what his personality is. I won’t be affected by the rumors.

"Zhengbai was talked about so badly, but he has never come out to talk about Lu Man and Lu Qi. It can be seen how much of a gentleman he is." Sun Jingfei smiled and glanced at He Zhengbai, full of love. "They can talk about it all they want. What matters is living your own life. Because of the rumors, they

missed out on such a good person like Zhengbai. This gave me a chance, so I need to be grateful."

"This means that it is your fate!" said Yang Lin immediately, smiling.

"Mhmm." Sun Jingfei nodded shyly.

"Oh, right. When Zhengbai visited your house, how are you parents’ impressions of him? He wasn’t rude, right?" asked He Qingyang.

Sun Jingfei smiled and said, "How can that be? Zhengbai was extremely good, and my parents like him a lot."

"That’s good, that’s good," He Qingyang said as he smiled..

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