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Chapter: 3107

However, the reporters stopped at the right time.

All of them left Lin Chu enough space.

Yan Beicheng was very satisfied to see this.

Although the several remaining newcomers did not know about it, they did not have enough experience, so they were unable to squeeze in toward the inner circle of the crowd anyway. As such, they could only stay on the outer edge of the crowd.

Fortunately, they had followed their seniors here.

The senior reporters responsible for leading the newcomers had already rushed toward the inner circle, so they had nothing to be anxious about.

"Young Master Yan, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you," a reporter said. "Have the two of you been well recently?"

"We’re doing very well. Thank you for your concern," Yan Beicheng said with a smile.

However, these reporters who had been keeping watch here were not from the finance and economics section; they were all entertainment news reporters.

As such, the emphasis was still placed on Yan Zhiqing. "Young Master Yan, are you here today because you saw the news on the internet last night?"

"We’re here today simply to visit Zhiqing on the set," Yan Beicheng said. "In the past, she was always filming overseas. It’s so rare that she’s filming so close to home, so we naturally have to come over to visit her."

"Have you seen last night’s news?" another reporter asked.

Even if Yan Beicheng had not seen it, the reporters would still totally persistently return the conversation to this topic once again.

Thus, Yan Beicheng replied, "I’ve certainly seen it, but that kind of thing where a photo is used to tell a story, spinning it into gossip, spreading falsehoods… How can it be called news?"

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He raised an eyebrow and continued, "As news reporters, you should be even more stringent in this aspect. How can this unverified matter be called news?"

Yan Beicheng then asked a rhetorical question, "Haven’t you reported news before?"

The reporters: "…"

Yan Beicheng had truly gotten increasingly harder to interview.

"Yes. Yes, I misspoke," that reporter said hurriedly.

"What’s your opinion regarding last night’s gossip?" yet another reporter asked. "Do you perhaps know who the man is? How much do you know about Miss Yan’s dating life?"

After patiently listening to the reporter speak, Yan Beicheng smiled. "I do indeed know who he is."

When the reporters heard that, they were immediately invigorated. "Well, then, Young Master Yan, can you tell us who he is?"

"That man is my friend. To be precise, he’s among a few of us brothers who all know each other and are good friends," Yan Beicheng said.

There were a select few whom Yan Beicheng would call "brothers."

Aside from the people from the eight great families, there was Nan Jingheng, Mo Jingcheng, and so on. Every one of them was a person with an extremely renowned reputation.

Since that mysterious man from last night’s news was someone whom Yan Beicheng could refer to as a "good friend," he had to be an extraordinary person.

"You know him?" the reporter said, feeling so pleasantly surprised that their eyes lit up. "Then is he… Are he and Miss Yan…"

"They are just good friends. After all, all of us have known each other for a very long time. We’re all just good friends. That’s not the first time the two of them have met each other. It’s just that Zhiqing was always filming overseas, so you reporters weren’t able to snap photos of them when they met normally."

Yan Beicheng continued, "Last night, he just so happened to come here for work. Additionally, he was coincidentally staying at the same hotel."

Inwardly, the reporters were rolling their eyes.

How could it be that much of a coincidence?

Who was he trying to deceive?

Unexpectedly, Yan Beicheng seemed able to figure out what they were thinking. He added, "You’ve been keeping watch here all this time, so you should know that this hotel is the only decent one around here. As it happens, we intend to return home tomorrow after coming here today. So we’ve also made a reservation at that same hotel as there are no other options to pick from."

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