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Chapter: 3109

"It’s okay." Wu Mosen didn’t care at all as he said, "Is your brother someone who would tell the public about our filming progress?"

"He definitely wouldn’t," Yan Zhiqing immediately answered.

"Then it’s fine," Wu Mosen said. "Lead them inside quickly. Aren’t there many reporters outside?"

"Director, thank you." Yan Zhiqing expressed her gratitude and hurriedly told Fang Qiaohan to follow the security officer.

She didn’t dare to show her face to the public anymore.

If she were to show up, the reporters would surround her and trap her there.

Wei Wucai was listening from the side. Without saying a word, he walked away.

Wei Wucai left very quietly. If he wanted to make his presence inconspicuous, it would be very difficult to notice him.

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing and the others did not notice Wei Wucai’s absence.

Fang Qiaohan followed the security officer to the entrance. When she saw the huge group of reporters, she was shocked.

She didn’t dare to go outside. She shouted through the gate, "Master Yan and Madam Yan!"

She had to shout as loud as she could.

Those reporters were talking one after the other, and the sound of all their voices were extremely noisy.

Yan Beicheng heard her and immediately walked towards the gate while keeping Lin Chu safe.

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The reporters didn’t dare to stop him.

When they reached the gate, the security officer, who was afraid of the reporters forcing their way in, only dared to open it a bit to let Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu inside.

Yan Beicheng stood guard over Lin Chu and had her go through the gate first.

After Yan Beicheng stepped inside, the security officer quickly closed the gate.

"Master Yan and Madam Yan." Fang Qiaohan hastily greeted the two. "As there are too many reporters outside, it is difficult for Zhiqing to step out. Therefore, I have come to lead the way."

"It’s alright. We know." Yan Beicheng didn’t care at all.

At this moment, the reporters outside saw Fang Qiaohan. They all knew that she was Yan Zhiqing’s assistant.

Even though they couldn’t get through the gate, they still shouted their questions. "Miss Fang, what is the relationship between Zhiqing and the man from last night?"

"They took the takeouts together. Did they dine together in one room?"

Yan Beicheng: "…"

He had answered so many questions earlier, but none of these people believed a word he’d said.

Yan Beicheng sneered. Without raising his voice, he said calmly, "I will remember every one of you."

The reporters: "…"

It suddenly became quiet.

No one dared to ask any more questions.

Fang Qiaohan let out a sigh of relief and proceeded to ignore the reporters who had asked those questions.

Inwardly, she gave Yan Beicheng a thumbs-up.

Unexpectedly, because of that one sentence, no one dared to ask any more questions.

Compared to the clamor earlier, it was very quiet now.

Amid the silence, a man’s voice sounded. "Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?"

Everyone was speechless.

They looked towards the source of the voice and saw Wei Wucai.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

"When… did you get here?" Fang Qiaohan asked in surprise. "Why didn’t I see you?"

Wei Wucai responded calmly, "I have been beside you since just now. Did you not see me?"

His expression seemed so natural, causing Fang Qiaohan to feel speechless.

"Why did you come out here?" Yan Beicheng felt the corner of his eyes twitching.

"I heard that you were here. Obviously, I have to come out to welcome you," Wei Wucai said.

"Let’s go, then," Fang Qiaohan said hastily.

She was scared that the reporter would be able to recognize Wei Wucai.

The photo posted yesterday did not show Wei Wucai’s face. However, Wei Wucai had a distinct body shape.

Wei Wucai nodded. Without hesitating, he turned and headed inside with Yan Beicheng.

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