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Chapter: 3113

Worried Sick Because of This Little Siste

Unexpectedly, Yan Beicheng countered the man who liked Yan Zhiqing using the schemes and tricks of an imperial concubine.

Immediately, Yan Beicheng was heard saying, "How pitiful that your hunger was not sated by the hotpot last night. Since that’s the case, you must eat more during lunch today."

While Yan Beicheng spoke, he threw multiple glances at Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Yan Beicheng ordered the hotpot and waited for the restaurant’s delivery.

They then went to Yan Zhiqing’s nanny van so that they could relax and wait.

While the others hopped into the van, Yan Beicheng didn’t.

"Elder Brother and Sister-in-law, why aren’t you guys going inside the van?"

Yan Beicheng took the chance and dragged Yan Zhiqing somewhere further away from the van.

Lin Chu followed at the side.

"You didn’t tell me everything clearly over the phone last night," Yan Beicheng said. "When I called you last night, you had just arrived in the hotel room. It was already very late. Doesn’t this mean that you had stayed in Wei Wucai’s room until very late at night?"

"Brother, I know this sounds inappropriate, but I didn’t think much about it last night. In addition, we are friends. He knows you all so well. We are like siblings. Do you not trust him?" Yan Zhiqing said.

Yan Beicheng was worried sick because of his little sister. He said, "Even if we know each other very well, he is a man. He’s not your biological brother. You, being a single woman, was alone with him, a single man, in a room late at night. If you were both in the right mood, something could have happened…"

"Brother!" Yan Zhiqing’s face turned so red. She stomped her feet twice and shouted, "What are you saying!"

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Lin Chu said, "Your brother is right that this is an issue. Even if you two are good friends and even if you two have feelings for each other, you still need to be careful."

Unlike Yan Beicheng, she was not against the possibility of a loving relationship sprouting.

However, Yan Zhiqing’s face turned even redder. "Sister-in-law, what are you talking about! Why are you saying that we like each other!"

Yan Beicheng gave a very straightforward reply. He took his phone out and opened the front-view camera without turning on the beauty mode.

He said as he showed the screen to Yan Zhiqing, "Look at yourself. If you don’t have any feelings for him, why would your face turn red?"

"No…" Yan Zhiqing tried to explain. "I am blushing because of what you guys said. It didn’t turn red because you were right about me. It just happened because I felt uncomfortable after hearing what you said."

"Anyway, whether it was Wei Wucai or someone else, it’s best to be careful," Lin Chu said. "You are simple-minded, which means that you probably won’t notice the schemes of a man. If you remain a fool, you might get taken advantage of."

She added, "I am not saying that you should have a very conservative mindset. When the feeling is right, those things can happen naturally." Back then, her relationship with Yan Beicheng was not platonic.

Therefore, Lin Chu felt that it was wrong to demand for Yan Zhiqing to remain pure.

"However, even if the feeling is right and things are happening naturally, whether something does happen should still depend on who he is to you. What if you don’t actually like him and it happened accidentally, but because you didn’t think it through, you fell into his trap? Well, I can’t really call it a trap. Anyway, what if you weren’t careful and was taken advantage of?"

Lin Chu went on, "Therefore, whoever he is, you still need to be careful. You usually work somewhere far away from home and away from us. If something happens, we can’t get to you immediately. We would be very worried."

Yan Zhiqing thought that Lin Chu’s explanation was much more acceptable.

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