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Chapter: 122

Chapter 122: flail

"Drive!" The cross-bauhinia knights marched into battle, and they would go forward to seduce the enemy.

"Form formation! Be careful!" Nyx pulled out a slender staff, and magic elements flowed around her staff.

"Everyone cheer up! Be careful, we are facing Dongyi people in chariots! They are ferocious, powerful, and well-equipped!" Grand Duke Nix sighed.

At this time, the Crusaders were not the only army with a total of 100,000 people in history. This army was composed of militiamen and professionals, and the number was only 5,000. Now they are about to usher in the first place with the Dongyi people. Collision!

"Huhu~" The heavy breathing of the cross-bauhinia knights came from under their visors. Seeing the enemy getting closer and closer, the cross-bauhinia knights pulled out the flails hanging on their horses one after another!

"Ka!" The round flail splashed with a puddle of warm blood, and a corpse with a sunken chest flew out of the car body. Moved!

A well-made flail is worthy of being an artifact of opening a can. As soon as it is opened correctly, it hits the leather armor, and the affected part is immediately dented and bruised. When it hits the iron armor, the fun is even greater! Scattered iron sheets and blood flowers will tell how wrong it was for them to flail directly with their flesh.

"Kill them all!" The chariot citizens who were suddenly beaten suddenly had blood red eyes, and they abruptly sped up their whips to operate their chariots and turned their heads to chase and kill the cross-bauhinia knights.

"They're here!" The knights looked back and found that the reconnaissance troop of the chariots had been seduced by them, and they reassured themselves to speed up their horses.

"The enemy is about to take over! Prepare to meet the impact!" The Cross Bauhinia knights who climbed over the hill shouted, and not far behind them were the chariotmen with chariots and spears.

"Maintain the lineup!" Grand Duke Nyx swallowed his saliva in a trembling voice.

"Kill!" The charioteers who rode the chariot crossed the hill and appeared in front of everyone.

"Raise the gun! Reject the horse!" Some grassroots officers spontaneously commanded the troops. Whether they were recruiting light infantry or professional soldiers, they all raised their long spears. On the other hand, steel or wooden shields were erected by the soldiers to block them in front of them. .

"Meet the impact!" The officers shouted in the face of the gigantic chariot roaring in. Only by successfully blocking the momentum of the chariot can they have hope of victory, otherwise the terrifying chariot can easily step on it. Shatter their lineups to drive them away and slaughter them.

"Boom~" Several chariots turned upside down, and the warhorses pulling the chariots slammed into the soldiers' shield walls. Suddenly, a piece of the shield wall was overturned by the terrifying inertia of the warhorses. The axles embedded on the wheels of the chariots The sharp blade cut through the armor of the soldiers on both sides. The soldiers in iron armor were fine, but the armor was cut open, and some professionals did not even break the armor under the protection of the fighting spirit, but the light infantry without armor was miserable! For a time, the armor was flat, and the blood was gushing! Immediately, dozens of light infantrymen clutched their wounds and wailed and fell into a pool of blood and struggled.

"Giant vines are entangled!" Grand Duke Nix's eyes flashed, and an emerald green light flashed. Several huge vines broke out of the ground and quickly wrapped around the frantically rolling wheels. Suddenly, under the action of huge tearing force The entire chariot was torn apart, countless parts scattered all over the place, and the three chariot citizens on the chariot also fell down with the broken chariot.

"Pfft!" Several ordinary soldiers wearing linen robes embroidered with cross-patterns went up to meet them, and smashed these chariot citizens who had just landed and were a little confused.

"Pfft!" A soldier raised the spear in his hand and fired a shot at a passing chariot citizen. The blood dripped down the barrel of the gun.

"Ah!" Several chariot citizens fell off the tank after being hit by arrows.

After the initial panic, most of the Crusaders reacted, and they re-arranged under the leadership of the grass-roots officers to surround all the chariots that accidentally broke into the crowd.

"Where's the shooter! Shoot the arrows!" Seeing that there were still many chariots hiding in the chariots and resisting, Grand Duke Nyx had to issue an order for a long-range attack. After all, for these crazy mortals, the soldiers' lives is extremely uneconomical.

"Shoot them! The boy let them see how good we are!" A knight responded, and with a wave of his hand, several archers brought bows and arrows.

"Ah!" The shrill screams sounded. How did the chariot people who were still stubbornly resisting the attack of the heavy archers, their thick leather or iron armor was pierced by the archers' long bows, and each of them Warm corpses fell under the chariot.

"Look to see if there are any living holes! Make sure there are no fish that slip through the net!" Finally, after the enemy was submerged by the arrow rain, the officers moved forward a little bit and ordered the soldiers to clean the battlefield and make repairs.

The crusaders who received the order were also smart people. They raised their spears one by one and flogged the already dead chariots from a distance.

"Sir! They are all dead!" The soldiers asked for credit.

Looking at the charioteers who had turned into blood gourds in front of them, the officers grinned, asking you to make up your knives instead of whipping your corpses! Look at the corpses that have been devastated...not even humanoid.

"What's wrong with the Grand Duke?" A knight of the Cross Bauhinia walked towards the silent Grand Duke Nyx.

"There are only a few chariots this time? This enemy has caused heavy losses to our soldiers, and it almost caused the collapse of the army... Now I have some doubts whether the Eastern Expedition was a mistake!" Ni The corners of Kex's mouth twitched, and the light in his eyes dimmed.

She originally thought that she would expel the enemy to restore her homeland as in the novel, and return to the land of the Principality of Nyx to rebuild the country, but the ruthless reality hit Nyx hard, and the encounter just now clearly made her understand that she This crusader under his command is really a mob! Probably nothing but comfort to Nyx in numbers.

"Your Highness, you need to believe in yourself! You also need to believe in us! No matter what, we will stand in front of you and fight for you! Until the last drop of blood is shed!" The knights said excitedly.

It's a pity that Nyx does not have a real general under his command. If Renault is here, he will order to cover up the traces of the war as soon as possible, and then the entire army will retreat and leave here, rather than going down this road! Because missing patrols always attract attention, soon a second, larger scout will follow along where they disappeared...

"Okay! Thank you for your trust! Then we will continue to fight! We will try to pacify the enemy as soon as possible!"

If Roland is going to cry here, this little girl is really a newborn calf and is not afraid of tigers. She probably doesn't know how many enemies there are in her destination. Not to mention the crusade with 5,000 militia soldiers mixed, it is a regular army. The Lagrang Legion will suffer a big loss!

"Clean up the battlefield! Tonight we will camp in front for the night!" Nix looked at the clean and open mountain pass in front of him and said.

"Okay, Your Highness!" Several knights rushed out to investigate and probe ahead.


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