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Chapter: 123

Chapter 123: shadow of war

"Why do I feel uneasy?" Knight Commander Lavian among the Cross Bauhinia Knights frowned while walking in the camp with the long sword at his waist.

"Sir, don't be suspicious! With so many troops on our side, why do the barbarians from the East beat us!" A cross-bauhinia knight rolled up the delicate cloak behind him.

"I am very worried about the alien races driving chariots today. As you can see, they can break through our 5,000-strong army with only a few dozen people! And our casualty ratio is actually higher than them!" Ravi An worried that he had discovered the inappropriateness of this Eastern Expedition, they knew nothing about the enemy!

"Okay! Don't sleep! Go investigate with me! We have to go far!" Lavian put on his helmet, his eyes full of determination.

"No! Lord Knight Commander... We fought and walked for another day..." The corner of the mouth of the Cross Bauhinia Knight, who was bred by Laviana, twitched instantly.

"Where's the nonsense! Follow me!" Lavian picked up the knight's collar.

"If the Archduke wakes up later, remember to tell her, I'll take a knight to investigate, you guys pay attention to your defense!" Lavian warned carefully.

"Grey Pan River!" Lance looked at the wide river in front of him excitedly.

"My lord! Going down this river is the Anduin River!" The Lagrand heavy cavalry next to him spread out the map in his arms.

"Okay, guys, we need to find a boat to cross the river!" Lance looked at the wide river. It would be perfect if he could go down the river all the time. After all, the waterway is convenient and fast!

"As ordered!" Everyone quickly dispersed to look for possible villages.

Although there are few humans in the north, and it is even more inaccessible here, it does not mean that there are no humans living here, there are still humans living here under the protection of Druids.

"Maybe we should try our luck at Karyan!" Jesse Ava rubbed her hands.

"Maybe you're right!" Lance glanced at Jesse Ava, then turned his horse's head and ran north. Indeed, if there were no ferries at the Car's Rock Ferry, then the entire upper reaches of the Anduin River would find them in the Ashpan River. There is no ferry.

"I hope there are druids at Kalyan to stand by!" Lance sighed. The entire northern population was withered, and it was really not easy to find a few humans.

"I see little hope. After all, the entire north is rotten and disfigured, and the Druids won't stay there waiting to die!" said a ranger from Lordaeron.

"At least we have to go and see! If they have left, we have to find another way. Hope they don't! We need them!" Lance sighed, to be honest, even if this druid had migrated to Lance I can't blame them, it's just that the north is so rotten, it's not easy for these Druids to persist here for so long.

"Speed ​​up! Let's go to Carryan Ferry!" Lance whipped his whip.

"It's an eventful time!" Roland vented to Caslow, who was sitting on the back of a horse, quietly watching the busy people in the distance.

"The battle of the world! Each of us is a pawn! If we don't want to be out of the game, we can only fight!" Kaslow saw it clearly.

"My lord, believe in yourself! Believe in the soldiers under your command! Lagrand's glory will follow you and me!" Caslow said humbly.

"Haha, now I just want to finish this year's spring ploughing quietly, don't let me dance with knives and guns! And let those cooks take the food of those ghosts away from me!" Roland said angrily.

"By the way, sir, is it time for your castle to be expanded?" Caslow pointed to the lord's castle, which seemed extremely cramped, knowing that King Roland now lives in the open space between the castles.

"Let's wait until the spring plowing is over. It's not too late to expand the castle when everyone is free. The main task now is to hoard food!" Roland felt uneasy for some reason.

"You are afraid of the famine. There should be no enemies now. After all, the orcs also need to rest and recuperate. The orcs we killed in two battles are enough for them to rest for a while! Even the orcs can't organize a few times. A large-scale attack!" Kaslow smiled, he felt that Roland had made a big fuss.

"Okay! Caslo! Seriously! Your Highness isn't joking with you! We can't take it lightly! Don't forget that the tentacles of the northern orcs going south were cut off by us, but don't forget that they are far from injured. They can organize tens of thousands of troops to go south at any time!" Renault scolded, Kaslow looked down on the orcs in the north too much!

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