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Chapter: 167.1

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

「Hmph… So the black monsters really did appear in the East Continent as well.」 Yera said.

「That’s right. Here’s our report.」 I said as I placed a bundle of paper on top of Yera’s desk.

It contained information on our encounters with the black monsters, their unique abilities and how to fight them.

I had come here to the Sky Tower, alone, in order to deliver the report. After all there was no point in bringing everyone with me for something like this.

After looking over the report Yera nodded a couple of times.

「You’ve done a good job in writing this… It’s hard to imagine that it’s your first.」 she said.

「I’ve had some experience with writing them.」

In my previous life I often found myself writing reports on monsters or Dungeons, so I was quite used to it.

The Guilds and the Association would nitpick every minor detail, so I was obliged to learn how to write reports properly, even though I detested it.

For a former Heavenly Mage, a report of this quality was a given.

「I see no problem with it. By the way, how was your homeland?」 Yera asked.

「I managed to enjoy myself. I got to meet my mother as well.」

「Hmph. You sound like you’re on good terms with her. I’m so jealous! If only Silverie could be more like you and address me as Dear Mother or hug me every now and then…」 Yera said, letting out a deep sigh.

That’s one serious mother complex you’ve got there… And it’s not like I call my mom Dear Mother.

Yera proceeded to go over the report, ignoring my glare.

「Still the black monsters… There sure are a lot of different types. Their skills are also rather odd; thus no ordinary individual would be able to stand up to them… By the way, can you truly utilize the strategy you wrote here, where we can overlook their tremendous magical power and kill them as long as we demolish their mana-based outer shell?」

The thing Yera was asking about was Claude’s White Flash which was able to destroy the dark monsters’ outer shell and annihilate the body along with it.

After all, no matter how tremendous their magic power was, as long as one destroyed their main bodies the monster wouldn’t be able to live.

「It is, but it necessitates a significant amount of attack strength… I’m sure you already know, but the bodies of the black monsters are quite tough…」 I said.

It was precisely because it was Claude that she could do it. After all, with her Screen Point applied to her sword she could easily destroy the mana-based outer shell of the black monsters and annihilate them.

「Fufufu, don’t underestimate the Association’s magicians.」 Yera said, grinning.

Hmph… I guess the Heavenly Mages and some of the higher ranked Dispatch Magicians will be able to destroy the black monsters’ outer shell and kill them. To think Claude’s White Flash would turn into a method to fight them.

「By the way, I heard that recently there haven’t been any black monsters in the North Continent.」 I said.

「You’re right. There have been a few sightings, but they’ve all but vanished recently. After all they can’t continue to appear infinitely like the other normal monsters around the continents. The Association speculate that they may be monsters that came from somewhere else.」 Yera said.

「In other words, they won’t appear once they’re defeated?」

「The probability of that is high.」

In other words, it will be safe as long as we defeat all of them and they do not respawn at regular intervals. Come to think of it, it was Ilga who gathered the black monsters around Nanami. And after we defeated them they didn’t spawn anymore. Which means that Nanami should be safe for the time being.

On a separate note I was informed that the Dark Imp which I had blasted away with Vanishing Ball had been subjugated safely.

「So yea. This should take care of our strife with the black monsters for now. Which means that we’ll be able to hold the Heavenly Mage Festival without any problems!」 Yera said.

「You seem like you’re really looking forward to it. Kuku.」 I said, a smile creeping on my face.

After all, this year would be my first try at the Title Match. It was certainly an experience that would get one’s blood pumping.

「Hmph… You seem quite confident don’t you.」 Yera said.

「I wouldn’t say that. Though, I plan to give it my all.」 I replied politely.

「Haha. Well either way, I’ll be looking forward to it.」

「I’ll try not to let you down… Well then I have other matters to attend to so I’ll be going.」

「I’m expecting great things from you. And thank you for your work on this last case. I’ll have the reward sent to you later.」 Yera said.

After which we parted ways and I left the Sky Tower.

The Heavenly Mage Festival was just right around the corner and the whole town was in a festive mood.

There were even a number of people walking around in yukatas.

The yukata was a sort of foreign attire that we popularized in order to gain money. It was primarily worn during festivals. To think that it’d spread so much. It sure feels quite nice.

As I allowed myself to get carried away by my feelings, I made my way to Lydia’s shop. As soon as I arrived, I observed a large crowd.

At the centre Milly was dancing on top of a stage, wearing a yukata.

Her blond twin-tails moving across space beside the yukata gave her a really cute appearance.

What in the… When in the world did Milly become the shop’s mascot?!

「How about it, miss? Doesn’t the yukata look amazing? You would certainly look great in it!」

「Oh my, what should I do…」

「I can promise that you’ll love it! Come on in! I’m passing through!」 an employee said as she guided one of the women who had been watching Milly’s dance up until now.

It’s probably some sort of marketing strategy that Lydia came up with. She really is something else.

「Ah! Zeph-san, you’re back?」

I suddenly heard someone call out to me from behind.

Turning around I saw Shirushu wearing a yukata.

「So it’s you Shirushu. Is there something?」

「Could you help us run the store for a bit? Lydia-san is busy repairing your arm, so we’re short on people… And Silverie-san went to the Magician Association in order to help Yera-san with something.」 Shirushu said.

「I see.」

I should apologize to Lydia later.

After all, just before the Heavenly Mage Festival, I had managed to destroy my arm. To top it off I had also asked Lydia to repair it before the Title Match.

In order to repay a bit of what she had done for me I decided to help out with as much as I could.

「So, is there something I can do to help?」 I asked.  

「Of course! We’d take all the hands that we can get.」 Shirushu said, her ears standing up in joy.

Too bad I only have one to offer but still. …

Even though the thought crossed my mind I didn’t say it out loud.

「Get hyped up everyone♪ The Heavenly Mage Festival is right around the corner! Come and buy your yukatas at the Blue Sky Pavilion!」 Milly said.

「「「KYAAA!! MILLY-CHAN!」」」 the customers yelled out as Milly waved at them from the top of the stage.

She’s quite the popular one. Well I have to admit that she’s somewhat cute, and the fact that she’s a bit of an idiot adds to her charm as well, so it’s no wonder she’s so liked.

The crowd was mostly filled with women and small girls, but upon further inspection I noticed a suspicious man.

I decided to approach him because he seemed suspicious. I got a better look at the man when I drew closer. He was borderline obese and wore glasses. He was always wiping sweat from his brow, and his breathing was hurried.

「M-Milly-tan, ha… ha…」

「Hey.」 I said.

「W-Who are you… Can’t you see I’m busy… Urgh…?!」

Before he could finish his sentence I buried my fist in his stomach.

Tsch. You damn lolicon. You make me sick.

As I looked down on the chubby man Shirushu rushed from the side, cold sweat running down her back.

「Z-Z-Zeph-san, what are you doing to our customer…」

「Don’t worry about it. So, did you think of what I could help out with?」

「W-Well… How about this…」 Shirushu said, heading towards the store.

I brushed aside the passed out fat-ass and pursued her.

As I went inside I was welcomed by Claude, who wore a yukata as well.

It seems like Claude’s in charge of dealing with the customers.

「W-Welcome… Eh! Zeph-kun?」

「Hey Claude. I’m here to lend a hand.」

「Ahaha. Well Lydia-san is quite busy after all… Ah! Welcome!」

She abruptly stopped her conversation with me and turned to welcome a customer. I caught a glimpse of her cleavage peeking through the yukata as she did so.

Hmph, it seems she needs a slightly bigger size.

Having noticed me, Claude fixed her yukata and smiled slightly.

「…Shirushu-san. Could you guide Zeph-kun to the storage in the back?」 Claude asked.

「Sure. Zeph-san please come with me.」 Shirushu said.


I followed Shirushu until we arrived at the back of the store.

There was a storage room in front of me that was crammed with various items. Various items were turned upside down, giving the impression of a total mess.

「This sure is something…」

「I told you that we’re short on people… We’re short on some items so could I have you look for them here. First there’s a large sized yukata with a large flowers pattern, then a Snow, Moon and Flowers patterned yukata and finally a Lapis Lazuli patterned yukata.」

「Got it. Is what I’d like to say but I have no clue what those are…」

「There are names written on top of the boxes so you’ll find them.」

I see.

Shirushu was right. Each box had the type and the size of the yukatas written on top of them.

Lily… No, this is not it.

I couldn’t find any of the items Shirushu was looking for as I rummaged through the boxes.

Looking back at her, she appeared to be spinning in circles, possibly utterly out of control owing to the stress.

You already checked that one didn’t you?!

She looked just like a dog, as she spun in circles. Seeing her like that I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

「Calm down Shirushu. I’ll organize the storage so you just take the necessary items over there.」


She dashed away, but tripped over one of the items on the floor and fell flat on her face.


「…Good grief.」

The goods heaped on top of one another began to come down as a result of her falling down, and she was about to be buried beneath them. I dashed forward as I saw that.

In order to protect her I jumped on top of her.

My back was in excruciating pain as the goods continued to fall down.


「Urgh…」 I let out a soft groan as I held on.

Suddenly a red something fell on Shirushu’s cheek.


「Shirushu wait!! Hold it in!!」

Shirushu blew off the surrounding items with a mighty roar and embraced me, and laid me down on the nearby sofa.

She then began to lick the wound on my head.

…She really is just like a dog.

Even though she had a good command of her beastfolk abilities, I believe she couldn’t handle the shock at the moment and went out of control.

「Shirushu, that tickles.」

「… Zeph-san, a-are yu aw rigt?」 she asked.

「I’m fine, don’t worry. It’s nothing serious.」

「A-Are you really all right?」

「I’m fine.」

So please just stop looking at me with that sad face.

I pinched her cheeks in an attempt to calm her anxiety, and she let out a mournful moan as I did so.


Immediately after that we heard Claude’s voice coming from the other side of the shop.

「Zeph-kun, Shirushu-san, I thought I heard something falling! Is everything okay?」 she asked.

I moved Shirushu from on top of me and adjusted my body to sit on the sofa.

「Everything’s fine. Some things just fell down. … Let’s go Shirushu, we still have work to do.」 I said, slapping Shirushu’s butt.


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