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Chapter: 167.2

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

The following morning…

「Milly. Hey Milly!」


「Stop dreaming and get up! It’s morning!」  

To be more precise it was still early morning.

Because the sun had not yet fully risen, it was still somewhat dark.

I had made the decision to start getting up early every day starting today in order to conduct extra training for the title match.

Milly had expressed an interest in participating as well, but knowing her, I assumed she would oversleep, so I came to check on her, and lo and behold, it was exactly as I had predicted.

I pulled her blanket and threw it down on the ground.

Milly, on the other hand, tried to keep the warmth from the blanket by holding onto my body, rather than waking up.

「Urgh… It’s cold.」

「Good grief. Weren’t you the one who wanted to get up early and train with me? If you’re not gonna get up I’m going by myself.」


Milly finally let go of me and began undoing her buttons one by one, deciding to give up on keeping herself warm.

With each button she undid, her collarbone and small chest gradually revealed themselves.

She flung her pajamas away, leaving her only in her panties, and began searching through the pile of things littered around her for something to wear.

She didn’t like the outfit that she had quickly put together, so she began to mix and match all kinds of outfits.

「Hurry up!」

「Just wait a bit… You are so pushy Zeph…」

She slowly moved her head towards me, like a broken puppet, as soon as she uttered that.

Her face was bright red.

「What’s wrong? I’m waiting just as you told me?」

「Zeph, you idiot!! If you’re gonna wait, do it outside of the room!!」

「Okay, okay. But don’t dare fall asleep again, okay?」

「Get out!!」 she yelled out.

I dodged the pillow that flew at me and left the room.

―― There were multiple Isolated Spaces in the plaza surrounding the Soul Tower.

The Isolated Spaces were special environments which were used as practice grounds for magicians. Within them, if one of them were to fall prey to a spell, they would not suffer any physical harm, but instead lose their magical power.

When a person’s magic power completely ran out they would be unable to move, ending the fight, which made it a perfect place for safe mock fights.

However, with the Title Match being just around the corner they were usually packed, so we had decided to get up early in the morning in order to use them.

「I guess there really isn’t anyone this early.」

「Yeah right, morning… The sun isn’t even up…」 Milly said with a big yawn.

A door opened up after we placed our hands on the pillar in front of the Isolated Space, and we entered.

After both of us entered the Isolated Space, we created some distance between us and faced one another.

Milly shifted her gaze to me with a stern expression after slapping her cheeks to wake herself up.

I guess she’s finally ready.

「Well then, let’s begin.」 I said.

「Okay!!」 Milly responded with a zealous tone as she began to cast her spell.

A dazzling light came forth, and a white horse with wings appeared from within it. It was Milly’s Summon Servant: Uruk.

Although he was perverted, Uruk had high fighting prowess, as well as the ability to fly.

Originally Uruk was more suited to close quarters combat, but with Milly riding on top of him, she was able to attack from long range.

Because maintaining a familiar necessitated a significant amount of magic power, they weren’t well suited to long battles. Using them suggested that the caster intended to take advantage of the familiar’s superior combat abilities in order to complete the battle quickly.

And the times when battles ended quickly weren’t that rare. For example, the Title Match was one such example.

「Hm? Uruk, why do you seem bigger than usual?」 Milly tilted her head as she looked at him.

「We’re in the Soul Tower’s Isolated Space after all.」 I said.

Spells of the same class as the tower had their power considerably boosted in Isolated Spaces.

Since we were currently inside the Soul Tower, Soul System Spell, in other words Summon Servant was strengthened. Which was why Uruk had gotten a power up.

Typically, Soul System spells have a huge impact on foes who don’t have physical bodies, such as spirits and other such creatures. When confronted with humans, however, their impacts were dramatically reduced.

However, because most familiars lacked that flaw, they were seen as the key to triumph, giving them a significant edge in the Soul Tower’s Title Match.

In response to Milly I also cast my Summon Servant.

「Ain, come.」

「The spectacular Ain makes her appearance♪」

From within the blinding light a girl with blond hair and big wings appeared. It was Ainbelle Rubyeye.

My familiar.

Despite the fact that she was a loudmouth, her Divine Sword form had aided me on several occasions.

Unfortunately, my arm was still being repaired. And due to the weight of Divine Greatsword Ainbelle I wasn’t able to wield it with only one hand.

However, this was also the perfect opportunity to test how much Ain could do in her human form.

「…W-What is this place… I feel like my power is overflowing…!」

「We’re in an Isolated Space.」

「Amazing… It feels like I’m not myself…!」

Ain was completely flabbergasted at the power up from the Isolated Space.

If only her personality could power up as well… I don’t expect much from her, even though she can use magic, but let’s give it a shot.

「Okay Ain! Go!」

「Leave it to me… HUHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!!」

Ain ran in with vigour at first, but once Uruk kicked her lightly, she was blown away very far

…An instant kill huh, this is even worse than I imagined.

「Nihihi♪ I’m sorry to say this but, it seems like you won’t be getting a hold of the Heavenly Mage title this year Zeph.」

「Why do you say that?」

「That’s because I’m going to wi…?!」

Just before Milly could finish her sentence Uruk dashed at me.

Due to the sudden shock, Milly ended up biting her tongue and mumbling her words. She held her mouth with both hands, and tears began to well up in her eyes.

I dodged Uruk’s charge to the side and immediately cast Green Sphere.

A megalith-sized green magic ball emerged in front of my palm and flew towards Uruk, as if to smash him.

「Uruk!!」 Milly yelled out.

「NEIGHH!」 In response Uruk let out a powerful neigh and split the magic ball in half.

He had been able to split Green Sphere in half with the horn sticking out of his forehead.

「Fufufu♪ Uruk’s horn is made out of a high purity magic crystal. It’s able to block all kinds of attacks!!」 Milly explained in a boastful tone.

However, she soon noticed that I wasn’t even there to listen to her.

I had used the slowly moving Green Sphere, and had hid behind it. After which I had circled around and was currently standing right behind Milly.

Uruk immediately yelled out in order to let his master know that.


「B-Behind me!?」

Uruk tried to kick me with his hind legs, but I dodged and used his hooves as a stepping stone to jump up and land behind Milly, assaulting her.

Milly quickly turned around and lifted her hands in an attempt to stop me.

「Blue Gale!!!」

As soon as she turned around she immediately cast her best spell, the Great Spell Blue Gale.

However, since Great Spells had a long cast time, they were weak, and fragile at the start of their cast. Even a Primary Spell could be used to offset them if their cast hadn’t been fully completed.

I used a Red Crash to pierce through Milly’s Blue Gale, and place my hand on her chest.

「So frail…」

I cast Time Square and stopped time.

While time was stopped I cast White Crash and Red Crash. Double Spell Synthesis: Nova Crash!

A white flame burst forth starting from Milly’s chest and just like a snake, it wrapped around her whole body.

In the next instant the flames exploded.

「KYAAA?!!」 Milly screamed in agony and collapsed from Uruk, falling face down on the ground.

Immediately after that Uruk disappeared, popping like a balloon.

After all, a familiar couldn’t continue to exist after the master had passed out.

Due to hitting her head on the ground, Milly looked like she had passed out.

「Hey! Get yourself together!」

I quickly ran up to her and cast Healing.

True, Isolated Spaces prevented physical harm from spells, but this did not apply to falls or other types of impacts; in other words, physical damage could not be negated.


「You’re finally awake. Are you okay Milly?」

「I think…」

After casting Healing on her for a while Milly finally opened her eyes.

She had yet to completely regain her senses, but thankfully it didn’t seem like anything serious.

「Since you’re up you better restore your magic power fast. We’re short on time. We need to have another match.」

「… I know, good grief!!」 Milly said, standing up and beginning to meditate.

As she stood with her eyes closed and took deep breaths, I could feel her magical power quickly recharging.

It was impossible to achieve such a level of mediation without extreme focus.

After waiting for a bit, Milly’s magic power recharged completely and she glared at me, ready for battle.

If I’m to be honest, it’s quite amazing for her to be able to recover so fast despite using Blue Gale just now. Geniuses really are something else.

「…Phew. I’m done.」

「Good. Come then.」

 「You don’t have to tell me…」

――Following that, I continued to fight Milly for a few more times until she was absolutely fatigued. Our training came to a close just as the sun was about to completely rise.

The score ended with 15 – 0 for me.

While we were eating the breakfast that Claude had cooked for us, Milly wouldn’t stop whining.

「Why can’t I win!!」

「Your output is definitely on point, but you’re not aware of your surroundings at all. You always charge in foolishly which makes you easy to read. … Like this.」

「AH!! MY EGG!!」

「Ahaha… Milly-san, I’ll give you mine so don’t cry.」 Claude said, trying to cheer her up.

Still I didn’t think that Ain’s human form would be so disastrous. Milly aside, I don’t think that I’ll be able to win against Urohime without a familiar. Good grief. I must think of something.

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