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Chapter: 168.1

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

After finishing our training, me and Milly went back home. After resting for a bit I slumped down on the sofa and rested while I drank tea.  

It was currently around noon. Right next to me, Silverie was resting as well.  

Milly, on the other hand, had gone to bed immediately after we got back, probably due to waking up so early.  

Because Lydia was fixing my arm, Shirushu and Claude were currently helping out at her store, which meant that it was currently only me and Silverie.

「Silverie, aren’t you participating in this year’s Title Match?」

「… I’m too busy helping that hag. The fatigue is getting to me.」 she said with a frustrated look, while she cracked her neck.  

She spent the bulk of her time within the Sky Tower over the previous few days.  

She did come home from time to time to rest, but it was clear that the fatigue was getting to her.  

Yera’s definitely working her to the bone… I should do something for her.  

I stood up and placed my hands on Silverie’s shoulders.


「Let me massage you for a bit.」

「T-That’s not necessary…?!」

As I pulled down her black coat, the nape of her neck was slowly revealed.  

I dug my fingers under the gaps of her shirt and began to massage her. Each time my hands moved Silverie let out a pleasant moan.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」

「Uh… I wouldn’t say th… Ah?!」

Before she could finish her sentence her body shook all around, and she squeezed her fists.

It seems like I was a bit rough just now. Come to think of it, she was quite the sensitive one, wasn’t she?  

I once again began to gently move my fingers. As I did so Silverie managed to relax once more and closed her eyes.  

After massaging her for a bit, Silverie’s body grew warmer and even her cheeks were beginning to redden.  

I finally remembered what I should do to make her feel good.  

In my past life, each time Silverie went overboard, I had massaged her like this.  

It should be around here… I think?


「Ops, my bad… Kuku.」

As soon as I touched her Silverie let out a cute moan. Her face flushed, and her breathing became choppy.  

My sadistic desires welled up as I noticed an expression she didn’t typically display.

「By the way, you’re helping with the Heavenly Mage Festival, correct? Didn’t you find some juicy intel while you were at it? Like for example, Urohime’s weak points or something?」

「Hm…There are no such things, and even if I did know them there’s no way I would tell you!!」 「Since when were you so stubborn? Fufu, if you tell me I’ll put you out of your misery you know?」

「W-Wait… Stop…!」

Each time I applied a bit of force to her shoulders, back or even nape, Silverie let out a cute moan and glared at me.  

Despite the fact that she was glaring at me, her petite chest was just barely exposed, which made her appear even sexier.

…Seeing you like this makes me want to tease you even more you know!

「Hey, I’m back!!」 Lydia said as she suddenly entered the house.  

Phew, that was close.  

Silverie swiftly put her coat back on and straightened her clothes once I let her go.  

Right as Silverie managed to fix herself up Lydia entered the room.

「Hm? It’s just you two huh.」 Lydia said.

「Yea…」 Silverie replied.

「Se-chin, your face is slightly red, did something happen?」 Lydia asked.

「Y-You’re seeing things!!! I-I-I must go!!!」

Lydia only gazed at Silverie with a puzzled expression as she tried to flee. Lydia then smiled as she turned to face me, as if she had grasped the issue.

「Fufu. Zeph-chi you should sexually harass Se-chi like that.」

「I just massaged her shoulders, that’s all.」

「Oh! How about massaging mine as well then?」

「Sure thing.」

Lydia proceeded to sit where Silverie had just been, and just like before I placed my hands on her nape.  

Hmph, she’s quite stiff… I guess it’s no wonder considering how busy she is.  

Her two hills went up and down a lot as I caressed her shoulders.

「Ahh… Zeph-chi you’re quite good at giving massages!」

「I’ve had a lot of experience.」

「Experience of massaging beautiful women’s bodies right?」

「Don’t be stupid.」

「Auch!! That hurts…」

I decided to increase the force in my arms as retaliation for Lydia’s nasty statement, while Lydia simply stuck her tongue out in a cheeky fashion.  

She likes teasing me just as always. She’s definitely got a screw loose or two.  

I let out a sigh, deciding to change the subject.

「… How are things going with my arm?」

「It’s going smoothly. I might be able to incorporate some new functions as well.」

「I’ll be looking forward to that then.」

Apparently she would be able to use the information we got out of the protection barrier’s magic circuit to incorporate some new features to my arm.  

When she first started repairing my arm I was there to help her, but currently she was working on it by herself.  

Well she did tell me to look forward to it, so I guess I’ll go when she gives me permission.



Lydia fell asleep without me noticing

She must have been quite tired.

She flopped down on the sofa as soon as I let go of her.

「Good grief. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here.」

Furthermore, she was just wearing her usual light outfit, so it was destined to happen.  

I went into Lydia’s room to get a blanket and put it on top of her. I was compelled to stroke her hair as I gazed at her serene sleeping face.  


「What are you planning by bringing me to this place gramps?」

「You’ll be training her, Ain.」


Me and Ain were currently at the Govnu wetlands, located close to the capital of Prolea. It was known as a Dungeons which was inhabited by various kinds of Zells.Ain had a strange expression as she stood next to me.

「Don’t huh me. Didn’t Milly beat the crap out of you the other day? Aren’t you frustrated?」

「I am but…」

「In that case, no more whining… Relax, I won’t make you do anything crazy. Kuku.」

「Why do I feel like you’ll only make me do crazy stuff…」

There were various methods to make the familiar grow depending on the sort of familiar. Fighting monsters was, however, a common theme in all of them.  

However, before that I had to first get a grasp of Ain’s general combat prowess.  

After all, Ain was a familiar which specialized in abilities, and up until now I had mostly used her in her sword form. I didn’t have a clear grasp of her combat prowess while she was in her human form.  

Well either way, the best way to find out is to have her fight.

「Let’s start from there.」

I pointed to a certain location of the wetlands. A brownish monster emerged from the wetlands near the location where I had pointed at. It was a Mad Zell.  

I looked at the Mad Zell and cast Scout Scope.  

Mad Zell

Level 38

Magic Power 2561 / 2561

The Mad Zells were monsters made out of the wetland’s mud. Their fighting ability was on the lower end, and they were one of the weaker monsters that appeared in the area.

「Try taking that down.」

「Ehhh… But it’s gross…」

「Just go.」

「Okay, okay…」 Ain replied nonchalantly as she headed towards the Mad Zell.  

She lowered her posture, readied her fists and fixed her gaze on the enemy.  

As I suspected. She fights with only her bare hands.  

At first I had wondered whether it would turn out okay, but it seemed like I had nothing to worry about.


As it stretched out its jelly-like body into a tentacle, the Mad Zell let forth a tremendous screech.  

Ain dodged it by jumping, and after flipping mid-air she aimed her foot at the Mad Zell.  

As soon as she stretched her foot out, Ain’s leg shone in red light.

「Ainbell Kick!!」


The Mad Zell let out a horrible cry and puked forth mud after being kicked, following which it melted into the earth and vanished.  

Whoa! She won easily. I’m surprised. I even expected her to fail.

「Did you apply a spell to your attack?」 I asked.

「You’re quite skilful it seems. You were able to notice that.」 Ain said, boasting.  

Before attacking, Ain had focused her magic power on her leg.  

After all, it wasn’t possible for a normal kick to create that much of an impact.  

And flames had even burst out for a second which probably meant that she had used Red Crash.

「There are some special cases where magicians can increase a spell’s power by performing special actions. There are even some guys who unnecessarily approach their opponent in order to cast a spell.」

「What do you mean by unnecessarily!! It’s cool isn’t it!」 Ain frowned, probably assuming I was referring to her.

「…Apparently a strong feeling or rather the person’s belief is needed for that to work. Therefore, there’s only a small number of people who can pull it off. I think it’s amazing that you can do that Ain.」 I said, nodding her head.

「Hmph… Why do I feel like you’re just trying to trick me…」 she said, agreeing somewhat reluctantly.

Apart from some spells which had a small range of effect, the distance at which a spell was shot wouldn’t impact its power.  

However, there are some magicians who perform special actions before casting their spells. There’s also a popular method that entails executing a ritual before casting the Summon Servant spell, allowing the magician to summon a powerful servant that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to summon.

…But using that takes too much work. It’s more efficient to just use magic power normally to cast the spell.  

At the very least, methods like that were definitely impossible for me. 

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