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Chapter: 168.2

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

「Okay. Next go after that one.」 I said, pointing to a grassy area where a monster was munching on something. It was a Beast Zell.  

It was a ferocious monster, which walked on all fours. It was the strongest monster within these wetlands.  

Ain began spinning her arms as she constantly gathered Magic Power.  

She’s probably planning to use some kind of spell to hit it like she did just now.

「Ainbell Punch!!」


As Ain yelled out her attack, charging, the Beast Zell saw her and easily dodged.  

Hmph. This fighting style probably doesn’t suit her. After all, she doesn’t have any martial arts experience.

「Hmph… Ainbell Chop!」

After recovering her balance, Ain attacked once more.  

Thankfully this time the attack hit and the Beast Zell’s body bent a bit… However, it didn’t seem like it had done any major damage.  

It was normal considering Ain’s spells weren’t that strong to begin with.

I guess this is as far as she goes.



With a loud roar the Beast Zell charged at Ain. Having been hit by the Beast Zell’s attack Ain flew back and fell on the ground.  

Hmmm. There’s not much left until the Heavenly Mage Festival and considering Ain’s fighting prowess and her martial arts I guess she won’t be that useful.  

As I was thinking that the Beast Zell turned towards me as if it had found its next prey.


「Good grief.」

You should have just left.  

I let out a sigh and dodged the Beast Zell’s charge.  

After dodging I buried my fist in its abdomen and cast Time Square.  

While time was stopped I cast Red Crash, Black Crash and Green Crash.

Triple Spell Synthesis: Volcano Crash.  

With a booming sound, lava burst forth from my hand and shattered the Beast Zell’s body into pieces.  

As its body turned into jelly I could feel power welling up inside me.  

Oh! It’s been a while since I’ve levelled up!  

I had levelled while crazy while fighting the black monsters, however, recently it had gotten pretty slow…  

I immediately cast Scout Scope on myself.  

Zeph Einstein

Level 89

Magic Level

Red: 60 / 62

Blue: 57 / 87

Green: 56 / 99

Sky: 60 / 89

Soul: 68 / 97

Magic Power: 3550 / 4456

I’m nearing the Red System’s limit…I guess that’s why the sensation of using the Red System was close to that of my heyday…

The Red System spells had a tremendously high attack power, and they were easy to synthesise. Which was why I ended up using them quite often.

「It appears that it is time for me to shift my concentration to another system.」

With the Heavenly Mage Festival approaching, it was the ideal time for me to concentrate on the Soul System, which had the highest limit after the Green System.  

And thanks to fighting the black monsters it seemed like a lot of my spells had levelled up as well.

「Either way, it seems like this as far as Ain can go.」 I said while looking down at the unconscious Ain.  

If a familiar’s fighting prowess was high they could be used in the Title Match, but with the Ain was currently…  

I need to think of something else it seems.  

For the time being I decided to help Ain regain her consciousness by casting the Assist Healing spell, which was used to heal familiars.  

Similar to Healing, this spell also required quite a bit of time in order to do its magic.

「… Ain, get a grip.」

「Urgh… Gramps there are a lot of pretty stars…」

I constantly pinched Ain’s cheeks in order to get her to get up. As I was in the process of doing that I felt a presence behind me.  

I promptly stood up and turned around. Standing behind me was a woman with black hair, dressed in a pure white kimono, wearing a hat.  

She had a blank expression on her face as she looked at me.

「You are…」

「You ignorant fool!!!」

The one who responded to my words wasn’t the woman.  

Small demons, one red and one blue, both with a horn on its head, came around the woman’s neck. Their roundish bodies made them seem like stuffed toys.

The one who yelled at me just now had been the red demon.

「Kagutsuchi, calm down.」

「But princess….」



The woman’s voice was quiet yet powerful. She promptly managed to shut up the red demon.  

She quietly looked at me, both demons sitting on her shoulders.  

This woman… I’ve seen her before.  

In order to make sure I cast Scout Scope on the woman standing before me. However, nothing appeared.  

She had managed to block it somehow.  

As long as one used Protection Spells, they could block most spells which did not cause any direct damage.  

Although I wasn’t certain, I assumed she’d used Shell Mist in the area. It was a spell that stopped most spells, apart from attack spells.  

Due to the spell’s inability to be stacked on top of itself, I, like many other magicians, chose to utilize Safe Protection, which could significantly reduce the amount of damage taken.  

Only a handful of people choose to use Shell Mist on themselves. The woman in front of me was more concerned about spells that could affect her mental state than spells that could harm her directly.  

Having noticed that I had tried to use Scout Scope on her, the woman looked at me with cold eyes.

「… I am not a fan of such acts.」

「I apologize. However, I hope you understand that being wary of someone who emerges suddenly behind you inside a dungeon is normal. Let’s just say that we’re even on this one?」

「Hmph… When you put it like that it certainly does make sense…」

After thinking for a bit, it seemed like she finally agreed.  

Good, I was able to fool her somehow.

「My name is Uro. These ones here are my familiars. The red one is Kagutsuchi and the blue one is Wadatsumi.」

「I’m Zeph. The one passed out over here is my familiar Ain.」 I said putting out my hand for a handshake, however, she just looked at it and didn’t take it.  

It seems like she’s cautious because of the incident just now.  

As I inwardly sighed to myself, Uro took a step forward.

「It seems like Ain-san has suffered an injury. Could you let me look at her?」

「I don’t mind…」

「Thank you.」

Uro sat down next to Ain and stretched out her hand. As she did, a dim light gently wrapped around Ain’s body. It was Astral Healing. However, it was more powerful than anything that I had ever seen before.  

Ain slowly opened her eyes, after quickly recovering.

「Urgh.. Where am I… Who am I…?」

「Thank god, it seems like you’re alright.」 Uro said.

「It seems like you’re fine, since you’re able to fool around like that.」 I said landing a chop on Ain’s head.

Having been hit by me Ain looked up with her cheeks puffed up.

「Gramps, you’re so mean! …Wait, who’s this person?」

「She’s the one who healed you. Her name is Uro.」

「Hmph… You ungrateful girl… You should thank the princess.」 The red demon, Kagutsuchi, said as she jumped down from Uro’s shoulder and glared at Ain.  

Ain, however, didn’t seem to be scared at all and hugged him with a bright smile.

「WHOA! He’s so cute!!」

「L-LET GO!! Wadatsumi! HELP ME!」

「You reap what you sow…」 Wadatsumi said, looking down as Ain squeezed the life out of Kagutsuchi.  

Hmm. Kagutsuchi and Wadatsumi huh. So Uro’s in control of two familiars. Come to think of it, Grain also had two familiar.  

After I had first encountered Grain I had also tried to summon a second familiar, however it hadn’t worked.  

And even though my Summon Servant’s level was currently on par with Grain’s it was still not working. This meant that an increase in the spell’s level didn’t always imply an increase in the number of familiars.  

How in the world did they do it? If I can do that as well, it will be really helpful in the title match… It’s a bummer that I’m not too knowledgeable about the Soul System.  

As I was thinking of a way to pull out the information from Uro, Ain suddenly approached her.

「Um, excuse me Uro-san. You have two familiars right? How’d you do that? You see, I want a younger sister as well!」 Ain said.

Good job Ain!  

Due to my mess up, Uro currently had her guard up against me.  

So that was why it was so helpful to have someone who could ask her so casually such as this.  

After thinking for a bit, Uro answered.

「Familiars strongly reflect the magician’s personality. I can’t tell you how to do it because the number of familiars changed depending on the caster’s qualities. And it’s not like I have multiple familiars to begin with…」

「Huh? But there’s two of…」

Just before Ain could finish her sentence, Kagutsuchi slipped out from her grip and climbed up to Uro’s shoulder, where he whispered something in her ear.

「Princess, we should wrap up our mission…」

「… Oh my, it’s already this late. …I apologize, but I’ll be leaving now.」

「You’re going already?」 Ain asked with a sad expression.

「Yes, but don’t worry, we’ll probably meet again.」 Uro replied with a friendly smile and then gave me one last look.

Her expression conveyed some sort of meaning.  

She then cast Teleport and vanished as her familiar urged her.

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