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Chapter: 169.1

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

「Uro-san… She sure is a strange one.」 said Ain.

「Well she’s one of the Five Heavenly Mages after all. It’s natural that she’d come off as strange.」

Hearing me say that Ain’s eyes went round.

…So she really didn’t notice.

「Her full name is Urohime. She’s the Soul Heavenly Mage.」


「Yea. In addition to wearing foreign clothing, the two demons also called her princess. Even though she called herself Uro, there was no way I could have mistaken her.」

I’d seen pictures of the Heavenly Mages, but meeting one face to face was certainly different.

Meeting her sent shivers down my spine.

「So she was one of the Heavenly Mages… In that case, what was she doing here?」

「You’ve probably heard that some Dark Zells recently appeared in the Govnu Wetlands, right? She’s probably here to investigate that… That aside, Ain, there’s something that I’d like to try.」

「What is it?」 Ain inquired, her face beaming with anticipation.

A smile crept across my face as I saw her like that.

The thing that Uro had said just now, about not having more than one familiar was bugging me.

Having heard that an idea had come up in my head.

「For the time being, Ain, I’d like you to disappear.」

「Hmph… You and your strange requests…」 Ain said, complaining.

Despite this, she transformed into light and vanished. Okay, it’s all set up.

I cast Time Square. While time was stopped I cast Summon Servant and Red Glove.

Light burst forth and at the same time sparks danced around the air. From within the light Ain appeared, wrapped in a deep crimson dress.

「T-This is…」

「It seems like it worked.」

Just now Uro had said that she didn’t have multiple familiars.

This implied that the little demons had multiplied in some way.

Which gave me the idea to devise a Unique Spell that would increase the variations of my Summon Servant spell.

The familiar that Grain had used, all had the same air about them.

It’s only a guess at this point, but I suspect he utilized his Unique Spell, which allows him to steal other people’s spells, to steal already completed Summon Servants and tie them to himself.

「To put it simply, when time is stopped, if I cast Summon Servant alongside another spell I can make you stronger.」 「Amazing… I feel like my power’s about to burst out…!」 Ain said, admiring the power inside herself.

And just at the same time another Beast Zell appeared right next to us.

It looked at us and let out a threatening noise.

「Okay! Go get it Ain!」

「This time it’ll be different…!」

Ain dashed at the Beast Zell, putting out her fist.

As soon as her fist landed, the Beast Zell’s giant body twisted and exploded, turning into smoke.

「Whoa! Amazing! Gramps, this is amazing!」 Ain said, jumping up and down.

「Good job Ain.」 

With the help of the physical strengthening spell Red Glove, Ain’s power was leagues above what it was before.

A Synthesis Summoning using Time Square. It’s way more useful than I thought it would be.

「Since I’ve turned red, why not just call me Red Ainbell now?」 Ain proposed.

「Does that mean that you’ll change each time I use a different system and cycle between Red, Blue, Green and so on? I like the fact that it’s simple but your naming sense needs work… Since you’ll be changing colors often why not just call it, Colored Servant?」 I asked.

「Red Ainbell PUNCH♪」  

She’s not listening.

Ain continued to joyfully swing her fists left and right, unconcerned about what I had to say.

Well if she likes it then I guess it’s fine. Now then, I guess I’ll have to think of the various possibilities.

Summon Servant had a long chant, and the spells which I could use with it were limited.

Even though I could only use it with Intermediate Spells right now, there were still a lot of possibilities.

「Ain, we’ll be testing a lot starting now.」

「OKAYYY♪」 Ain said, as she happily raised her hand.

Her tension was through the roof. Probably because she was quite happy at the idea of transforming by using Colored Servant.

However, Colored Servant had the downside of it first needing Ain to disappear before it could be used.

Because Summon Servant and Spell Synthesis both required a lot of magic power, casting Colored Servant used up a third of my magic power all at once.

I would probably only be able to at most cast it twice in real combat.

「The most important part is using the best spell to combine with it depending on the situation.」

I proceeded to meditate to restore my magic power and once I was done I cast Colored Servant once more.

This time instead of Red Glove I used Black Boots.

A dazzling light burst forth once more, and Ain appeared from the inside.

She was dressed in a thin black cloth, coupled with knee-socks that reached her inseam, and rugged boots on top of them.

Getting kicked by her in this state would probably hurt a lot.

While jumping around, Ain constantly shot out kicks in the air.

So the Black Boots increase her speed and kicking power.

「WHOA! This one’s cool as well! BLACK AINBELL!」 

I was delighted she was having a good time, but I still had to see how useful it would actually be.

「Ain, there’s a Treant Zell over there. Go get it.」

「Okay!! Leave it to me♪」 Ain said, putting an end to her fooling around.

She then lowered her body to the ground.

After which she kicked the ground and flew forward with tremendous speed.


She let out a frightening kick.

Her speed was spectacular. She seemed to be moving as fast as the wind.

Without being able to dodge, the Treant Zell was met with Ain’s kick.

I don’t think that was a wise idea, Ain.

Treant Zells were basically huge trees. They were monsters who fought by letting a great number of Zells, which were normally found in their upper parts, fall down and fight.

Ain’s kick shook the Treant Zell’s head and numerous Zell fell to the ground. Or at least that’s what I thought would happen.

Before the Zell could fall to the ground they were blown into oblivion by Ain’s storm of kicks.


Her kicks blew away the Zells that resided in the Treant Zell’s head, and her voice shook the surroundings.

And without stopping she then proceeded to attack the Treant Zell.

Isn’t she way too hyped up? It feels like she’s turned into a completely different person.

「FINISHING KICK!!!」 Ain yelled out, kicking with her whole body.

The Treant Zell’s body let out a cracking noise and its body split in two, completely disappearing.

It lost without being able to put up much of a fight.

Black Boots huh. This one is quite strong as well. I’ll be able to use it.

「Phew… I’m beat.」

「…I guess the problem is her stamina.」

Both her arms and legs looked like boiled spaghetti. It didn’t seem like she would be able to maintain that fighting style for a long time.

「You’ve been slacking Ain!」

「What do you expect! Up until now you were just swinging me around everywhere Gramps!」

She had a point. Up until now I had only swung her sword form.

In her human form she was no better than an amateur when it came to fighting. And the Title Match wasn’t so easy that we’d be able to win with the way she was now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to train Ain.

I guess I’ll have to use the Synthesised Summoning sparingly.

「Oh yea, I wonder what’ll happen if I use a spell apart from the strengthening one… Let’s give it a shot. Ain, disappear for a sec.」

「Really… Why does it feel like you’re up to something nasty again…」 Ain complained, but disappeared nonetheless.

After restoring my magic power with meditation I cast Time Square.

While time was stopped I cast Summon Servant and Green Sphere.

A blinding light appeared, and a silhouette of a ball appeared from within it.

The light died down, and a completely round Ain appeared in this world.

As soon as she took a step forward the ground shook. She’s huge, and heavy…

「Um… Ain, that’s you right?」

「Urgh… What in the world is this!」 she said, with an expression of complete disbelief as she looked over herself.

She was about to burst into tears at any moment.

I guess she really doesn’t like how she looks… Though to be honest it’s quite funny.

「I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! GRAMPS YOU’RE A MEANIE!!」 she yelled out, hitting me with her sausage-like arms.

Hmph. Even though she’s only tapping me lightly it actually packs quite the punch. \

Green Sphere was a spell that created a magical sphere the size of a massive boulder.

And having been influenced by that, Ain was blessed by a round and heavy body.

This meant that attack spells influenced her by applying their characteristics to her rather than making her stronger.


「…I’m sorry but I’m out of magic power. That aside. Look over there Ain. A new monster appeared!」

「You’re lying! Just look at the grin you have on your face!」

「Kuku… If you defeat it, I’ll turn you back.」

「Ugh… You demon!!」 she said glaring at me, but despite that she headed towards the Mad Zell that had spawned close to us.

Even though Ain desperately swung her short arms and legs, the Mad Zell, who wasn’t particularly fast, managed to play with her until she was out of breath.

On the bright side however, the Mad Zell’s attacks weren’t working at all.

It seems like her defense has risen quite a lot.

「Ha… Ha…」

「Go, go!」


After catching her breath Ain returned to the Mad Zell in an attempt to take it down, but she was unable to do so.

Good grief. This will go on forever if left like this.

I guess this was a bad opponent for the Green Sphere synthesis.

Guess there’s no helping, I’ll take it down.

I slowly got closer and cast a Red Crash, completely annihilating the Mad Zell.

「T-Thank you…」

「No problem. Let’s go look for another monster.」

「You’re still planning on keeping this up?! …The thing about being out of magic power was a lie, wasn’t it!!!」

「I managed to recover it. Come on, come back Ain.」

「Gramps you idiot!!!」

With the rest of the day at my leisure, I continued to play with Colored Servant, using Ain as my guinea pig. As a result, I was able to discover a slew of new ways to utilize the spell.

I’m looking forward to the Title Match.

◆ ◆ ◆

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